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As spring rolled into summer everything got more hectic and busy as the wedding of Prince Arthur to Lord Merlin was arriving. They were to marry within a week. Merlin and Arthur were currently in the lake. If Arthur wasn't getting it from Ygraine and Morgana about the wedding then Merlin was getting it from Hunith and Freya.

They woke up in each others arms that morning and decided to escape for a little while and have a morning to themselves. No interruptions or anything and it was perfect. Merlin thought as he found himself wrapped in his Princes strong arms as they were in the lake. They had yet to have sex. Both of them wanting to wait for their wedding night and for Arthur it couldn't come soon enough as he was wanting to finally have Merlin his. Mind, body and soul.

"What are you thinking?" Merlin said quietly as he placed a small kiss on Arthur's chin.

"Our wedding night."

Merlin chuckled. "You are only now just thinking about it? I have been thinking about it since the day you asked me to marry you."

"You have?"

"Oh yes Arthur. I absolutely love the fact that you will be my first, only and last." Arthur smiled and ran his hands down Merlin's side, disappearing under the surface and moving round to the back to cup the brunets bum. "Arthur." Merlin gasped as Arthur held Merlin tighter and lifted him up, letting Merlin wrap his legs around Arthur. "You know, I will be your first and you will be mine so it doesn't really matter when we finally have sex."

"I thought you would want to wait Merlin to make our wedding night all the more special."

"Arthur our wedding night will be one to be remembered whether it will be our first time together or not. So what do you say? Sex now?"

"Okay." Arthur answered and crashed his lips upon Merlin's.

Merlin held on tight to Arthur as he deepened the kiss, legs locked tight round the Prince, Merlin started to frot against Arthur, up and down, erections trapped between them as Merlin got faster, breaking his lips away to throw his head back giving a loud moan when he felt Arthur part his cheeks and two wet, slick fingers enter him. "Gods Arthur. Finally."

Arthur hand one arm tightly across Merlin's back whilst his fingers worked in and out of the man he loved. "I love you Merlin."

Merlin opened his eyes and looked Arthur in the eyes. "I love you too Arthur- oh!" Arthur smiled when he found Merlin's prostrate with his fingers. "Gotcha." Arthur gasped as he sped his fingers up. Merlin gripped tight on Arthur's shoulders and started to bounce up and down more.

"Cum baby."

And Merlin did, spilling all he had between them and let his head drop forwards onto the blonds shoulder.

Arthur kissed Merlin's temple and carried him to the bank and laid him on his back in the sun and sat next to him, his arms behind him as his hands lay flat out as he leaned back and looked up at the sky, closing his eyes as the sun was bright.

After a few seconds Arthur jumped when he felt a hand close around his cock. He dropped his head forwards and opened his eyes to see Merlin on his knees, his bum cheeks touching the heels of his feet as he started to stroke Arthur to completion.

Arthur sat up and faced Merlin, bringing his legs up and spreading his knees as he wrapped his legs around his sorcerer, their feet touching. Arthur cupped Merlin's face and started to kiss him, getting more passionate the faster Merlin's hand got. Soon Arthur was cumming, screaming into Merlin's mouth.

"Well aren't you just happy the Queen sent us to look for you both instead of her coming herself." said a voice.

Arthur and Merlin broke away from each other and Arthur looked up and Merlin looked over his shoulder to see a smiling Gwaine and Percival.

"Mother was going to come and look for us herself?" Arthur asked as Merlin use his magic to summon their clothes.

"She was, but Gwaine managed to talk her out of it as he said he had a good idea of what you will be doing." Percival said and turned around with his back to them when he knew they needed to put their breeches back on, seeing his husband still standing there watching, Percival grabbed Gwaine's arm and spun him round so his back was against his chest.

"We are decent now Percival, thank you." Merlin said. "We just wanted time to ourselves for a while."

"I understand, but you have fittings today and we were told not to return unless you both were with us."

Arthur sighed and kissed Merlin. "Alone time was nice whilst it lasted baby."

Before they knew it their wedding day had arrived and even though people had said to not let their nerves spoil it, they didn't as all Arthur and Merlin felt was excitement. How Merlin and Arthur looked at it was that today was the first day to the rest of their lives. They had surprised everyone when they announced that once they said I do then they would leave for their honeymoon. Uther, Ygraine, Balinor and Hunith tried to get them to stay for their reception and celebrate their wedding with a feast but when Arthur said there is only one way he wants to celebrate his marriage, Uther coughed awkwardly and said no more.

Merlin spotted how Percival and Gwaine had acted with everything to do the wedding and how hurt they looked when they overheard people talking about his and Arthur's honeymoon.

After asking Arthur, Merlin learned when Gwaine and Percival got married it was just them two and Arthur, Morgana, Lancelot and Gwen as witnesses and never had a honeymoon. Merlin sad for his two friends went to talk with Uther.

Arthur was stood at the front of the hall that was decorated all up for the wedding, he looked ahead of him and saw his father smiling and his mother holding on to her husband's arm, beaming at her son.

The doors opened and Arthur looked at his mother who knew what he was wondering. "Morgana and Freya. Merlin will be here soon son."

Arthur took a deep breath out and turned when Morgana and Freya reached him and smiled at them who smiled and gave him a reassuring wink in return. Arthur looked at his mother. "Is he in view?"

"He is love."

Arthur turned and watched as his friend, lover, his destiny made his way towards him. Merlin had his father on one arm and his mother on the other but Arthur didn't see them, his eyes were locked on Merlin's and he felt his smile getting bigger as his love got closer.


"Merlin." Arthur put his arm around Merlin and kissed him before walking them both forwards to Geoffrey the monmoth who was standing waiting with a smile on his face.

Merlin's and Arthur's eyes never wandered from each others as they repeated the loving words to each other and finally, finally, said 'I do.'

Arthur took Merlin's hands in his and pulled him close, crashing their lips together and smiling when they heard whistles and cheers.

Uther stood and announced that Merlin and Arthur were to be leaving right away if they are to make it to where they are going by nightfall. Merlin and Arthur, never leaving each others side or letting go of hands, they made their way through everyone, smiling and thanking them all for coming.

Uther took Merlin and Arthur into a side room. "Have you told Arthur Merlin?"

"Tell me what?" Arthur asked.

"Gwaine and Percival never got a honeymoon or a proper wedding so I thought because the castle we are going to will be so big, we can have one half whilst they have the other. We won't be bumping into them as they will want to spend as much time with each other as we will."

"Our honeymoon and you are still wanting to help others. I love you." Arthur said as he kissed Merlin.

"Is that a yes to them coming then Arthur?"

"It is."

Uther smiled. "They are being told now, all four of you, your things have been packed and we don't want to see the four of you for two weeks." Uther stated.

The sun had not long set when all four of them reached the small castle. On the journey they had decided that Merlin and Arthur were to have the west of the castle and Gwaine and Percival had the east. They agreed to meet for dinner but that was it as Arthur wanted Merlin all to himself just as much as Merlin wanted Arthur and Gwaine and Percival wanted each other.

They split up when they entered the castle and Arthur who had been coming here a lot over the years, picked Merlin up and carried him to the biggest chambers in the west wing. He wanted a big bed for himself and Merlin.

Arthur carried Merlin through the chambers doors and smiled when Merlin commented on how big their bed was.

Merlin started to undress Arthur as Arthur started working on Merlin's trousers after quickly helping Merlin off with his top. Soon they were both stood there naked. Arthur started to kiss Merlin which quickly turned passionate. Arthur grabbed hold of Merlin and lifted him up again. Merlin wrapped his legs around Arthur's waist as his fingers kept running through Arthur's hair.

As Arthur blindly made his way towards their bed, he slid his hands down and parted Merlin's cheeks, he found Merlin's entrance and pushed a finger in.

Merlin broke the kiss. "Ar-Arthur." he moaned.

"You like that baby?"

"Gods yes."

Arthur slipped in another finger which was slowly followed by a third. As Arthur started fucking him with his fingers, he knelt on to the bed and went to sit with his back against the headboard as Merlin let go of Arthur's waist with his legs. "Ah.. Arthur... More...Please."

Arthur removed his fingers and pulled Merlin up a bit before lowering him on to his straining cock. "Oh... Yes Arthur... Gods I love you...AH." he cried out as he felt Arthur hit that spot inside him that tips him over the edge. Merlin started to move up and down on Arthur's hard cock, faster and faster as he could feel himself coming.

"Oh Merlin." Arthur moaned as he took hold of Merlin's hard cock and started to pump it.

"Ah Arthur... I'm...gonna...cum...AH." he cried for the second time as he came all over Arthur's hand and chest. Arthur followed seconds later spilling all inside of Merlin.

Merlin dropped forwards and Arthur rolled them both onto their sides so they were facing each other. "I love you. Husband."

Merlin chuckled. "I love you too husband of mine."

Arthur wrapped his arms around Merlin and held him close as Merlin rested his head on Arthur's shoulder and fell asleep in his husband's arms.

Over in the east side of the castle Percival and Gwaine were standing naked looking at the object in front of them. Percival shook his head. "This is your fault you know Gwaine. How are we going to explain this to Arthur?"

"My fault?" Gwaine asked, looking incredulously at his husband. "You are the one who fucked me so hard which caused the table to break in the first place. If you wasn't so rough the table would still be in one piece."

"You love it rough and told me to fuck you on the table because the bed was too far away."

"And you always do what I tell you."

"When you are standing naked in front of me whilst stroking yourself then yes I do."

The next morning Arthur awoke first and smiled when he saw Merlin still asleep in his arms, a small smile on his face. Arthur knew that him and Merlin had agreed to meet up with Percival and Gwaine for lunch but Arthur wanted to spend the day like this, happy, warm, comfortable and with the man he loves in his arms.

Just then Merlin moaned in his sleep and kicked the sheets off him and turned on his front showing Arthur his arse.

Seeing his husband's bum, Arthur smiled as the idea of how to wake Merlin came to mind.

It had just gone noon and Merlin and Arthur had met Gwaine and Percival at the stables. The four of them were to go for a horse ride and have something to eat before splitting and spending the day with their husband. Gwaine and Percival were already on their horses. Arthur helped Merlin up and then got on behind him, wrapping his arms around the front and holding Merlin securely, the sorcerers back to his chest. A nod from Arthur and they all set off and enjoyed their horse ride in silence, apart from the slight giggle from Merlin whenever Arthur kissed his neck or tickled him with his tongue, before long, they came to a small lake and dismounted and Merlin set about getting things set up for them to eat.

"We were surprised when the Queen told us we would be coming with you." Percival said, his arms around Gwaine whose back was to his chest, Merlin and Arthur in the same position with Merlin in Arthur's arms.

"I saw how upset you both were whenever our honeymoon got mentioned and after asking Arthur who told me you never got to have one I went to talk to Uther."

"We can't thank you enough. Our room is really spacious and the bed." Gwaine said.

"Ours is the same."

Percival cleared his throat. "The room has some nice things in there, some of the furniture looks really old and you can see that it has been well looked after."

Gwaine nodded, agreeing with his husband. "Was the furniture expensive or has it been in your family for quite some time?"

Arthur narrowed his eyes. "What have you done?"

"It was Gwaine's fault." Percival blurted out, earning him a slap on the arm from his husband.

"You broke the table?" Arthur asked. All four of them were standing in Gwaine and Percival's chambers. Arthur staring at the table and Merlin standing next to his husband with a smile on his face.

"It was Gwaine's fault."

"And I told you Percival it wasn't. You was too rough with me."

"You wanted it rough and asked me to take you on the table because walking to the bed is too far away."

"Too far away? It is eight feet away Gwaine." Arthur said.

"Percival was the one who was impatient, he walked in, saw me and jumped."

"You were stood there naked, stroking your cock telling me to take you. Am I going to ignore you."

At this point Merlin started laughing out loud. "What are you two like? I can fix it." Merlin whispered and incantation and the table repaired itself.

That night Arthur stripped down to nothing and looked at a naked Merlin on the bed who lifted his finger, silently calling Arthur to him. Arthur laughed and ran forwards and jumped in the air and went to land on Merlin who shrieked and moved out the way just in time. "Why did you move?"

"You would have flattened me, you are heavier than me."

"Are you saying I'm fat?"

"No. Well..."

"I am not. Fat."

"I didn't say you were."

"Not in so many words. But know that now I am married I will be getting plenty of exercise in the morning and at night and the best part about it is, I never have to leave our bed."

Merlin went red and drew Arthur to him, rolling them both over so Merlin was on top and devoured Arthur's mouth as his hand moved south to wrap his long slim fingers around the blonds cock.

Arthur broke his mouth away from Merlin's when he felt the grip around his cock tighten. "Oh Merlin."

"Make love to me Arthur."

The next two weeks were filled with horse rides, picnics, swimming in the lake with just the moon for light. However much Merlin had enjoyed his honeymoon with his husband, he was looking forward to going back, the only reason being was that he needed some salve, he couldn't blame Arthur for being so vigorous in bed as he encouraged Arthur.

He actually surprised himself of how much he enjoyed sex with Arthur, morning and night and sometimes after lunch he would want Arthur to make love to him, a few times were rough and Merlin couldn't decide what he loved more, the rough sex or the gentleness of Arthur making love to him.


Merlin blinked and turned to see Arthur looking at him. "What are you thinking about to put that gorgeous smile on your face?"

"I can't wait to get home as I need some salve as I am sore. The reason I am sore has put the smile on my face."

"We are leaving today and should be back by nightfall. Are you alright riding?"

"I will be. As long as you help me forget the pain by doing other things." the look of confusion on Arthur's face had Merlin explaining. "I will be sharing your horse Arthur."

"Then I will do my best to take your mind off your sore baby."

Merlin smiled and wrapped his arms around Arthur and kissed him, but before the kiss could deepen, they were interrupted. "Are you both ready to leave?" Percival asked.

"We are." Arthur helped Merlin onto the horse and got on behind him. "I know we are going home baby but we will be coming here again and it will be just the two of us." Arthur whispered before placing a kiss on the shell of his husband's ear.

With a final look back at the castle, Merlin and Arthur set off back to Camelot to live the rest of their lives.

The end.

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