Poor screamer

Thundercracker's POV:

Alrighty then! Most; as in 99.1% of the time, Starscream has got to be one of the biggest pains in the gear shaft that I have ever had the displeasure to know. At times I'd rather the company of the autobots than that fragger. I don't blame Megatron for the tortures he inflicts onto that idiot. However,and take note of this cause I'll never say it again; SOMETIMES, I think the boss pushes it too far. Like last night...

It had been a good week since Starscream had done anything to annoy us. Other than his screechy voice, which is where I am going with this, actually. Megatron had stormed into his throne room, infuriated that we lost a battle against the Autobots. He called for Starscream. So, our Air commander went to him. Than he called for Skywarp and myself.

"Yes, Lord Megatron?",I asked.

"Thundercracker, Skywarp. Hold Starscream firmly in place.",Megatron commanded.

So we did just that.

"...Are you...going to deactivate him, my liege?",I asked, confused.

"No. Although, I sometimes think I should. Nothing to add to that, Starscream?",Megatron said, with a smirk.

"By the way Screamer. Why have you not opened that big voice processor of yours yet?",asked Skywarp.

"His processor was disabled in our last should repair in a few days...unfortunely for us",said Megatron,"Now. Lets begin shall we?"

All our optics went huge when our leader pick up this rod with an electrical beam at the end. Slowly he brought it towards Starscream's neck. Not really processing what I'd do next, I quickly pulled Starcream out of the way, just in time. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?...If you don't mind my asking, my Lord?", I asked.

"I lost that last battle, Thundercracker. I have to take my anger out on someone. Or rather...someTHING. So, why not this fool? Everyone wants him offline anyway", responded Megatron. I could tell that hurt Starscreams feelings, but said nothing.

"Why Thundercracker?Do you wish to take his place?"asked Megatron.

"NO WAY! No...No, my Lord."

"Lets continue than."

I pulled Starscream away once again. The beam came just inches away from Skywarp's faceplate, as he let out a squeak of terror.

"What NOW Thundercracker?",asked Megatron, clearly irritated.

"Well,its just well, Starscream didn't do anything wrong this time, so maybe...you should...let him go...?"

I couldn't see, the others expressions, but I got a punch in the armplate by Skywarp.


"I guess, I'll just...shut up ,"Skywarp tipped his head a polite manner.

"I TOLD you Thundercracker, must I repeat myself? You know how much I hate repeating myself.",said Megatron.

"No, my Lord.I remember what you have said. Its just that,well-"

"Do you CARE for this fragger?",insisted the boss.


"Just. Hold him."

So, Megatron brought the beam to his neck and held it in place. For a good two minutes. How painful! Finally when he removed the beam there were damaged wires that could be seen where the beam had melted a little bit of a hole into his neck. What I didn't understand, is why he did not struggle? The bot truly was stupid. Or just upset about what Megatron was saying. And...we were all kind of giving him a hard time this week. Even though he hasn't done anything to annoy us...yet.

"Now, remove this fool and tend to him. We wouldn't want our beloved second in command to go offline now would we?",said Megatron with sarcasm in every word.

As I carfully helped Starscream up, Skywarp asks," Yeah, I really don't understand why Screamer here is second in command AND air commander.I mean him?C'mon, ya gotta be kidding me!Lord Megatron!"

"I have my reasons,Skywarp WHY,I chose this degrading excuse of a decepticon over you or Thundercracker or any other decepticon. Which it is not any of your concern. Now leave!"

Yes. There had to of been good reason why he placed Starscream with such high ranks. Maybe there was something we did not know about screamer. We'll that'd be another story.