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"Emma?" Thayer yelled. He let himself in through Sutton's bedroom window, hoping to catch her before she went to bed.

The lights were all out and no cars were in the driveway, he assumed Mr. and Mrs. Mercer were out late tonight. He tried calling for Emma again, "Hey Em, it's Thayer."

Still, no one answered. He made his way to the light switch on the other side of Sutton's room and flipped it. What he saw rocked him to his core.

"Emma!" Thayer yelled as he dove down next to her. Emma's hair was matted, her left eye was black, her lips were swollen and cracked.

She had a hand print tattooed on her cheek, and there were deep purple bruises on her neck and wrists. But that wasn't the worst part.

What made Thayer cringe and ball up his fists was the rest of her. She was completely naked, and it seemed as though every part of her body was covered in purple or green.

Every part except for what was covered in blood. Slick blood covered Emma's thighs and Thayer could see deep gashes to accompany the blood.

Thayer was going to whip out his phone and dial 911, but he stopped and thought of what Emma would want. Would she want to be taken to the hospital? Does it matter?

Luckily for Thayer he didn't have to weigh his options much longer because he heard the clacking of high heels on the floor. He ran down the hallway into the foyer to find Mr. and Mrs. Mercer staring at him.

"Mr. Mercer! Emma needs help, but I don't think she'd want to go to a hospital. You have to help her! Please! She's hurt, you have to help Emma." Thayer rambled quickly.

"Woah, woah. Who's Emma?" Ted Mercer asked, his eyebrow quirked. Ugh. Thayer felt stupid. Of course they wouldn't know. Well cats out of the bag now.

"Emma is Sutton's identical twin sister. She was put into the foster system at birth and came to pretend to be Sutton when Sutton went to find their biological mother. She has been living here for months."

Thayer was starting to get antsy, he didn't like leaving Emma alone right now. Even if she was unconscious.

Ted and Kristin's mouths dropped open. Thayer's patience was wearing thin, "Come on! Emma doesn't have time for this! Grab your doctor bag or whatever and come help her!" he yelled.

"Alright, alright. Take me too her. Kristin get my bag please?" Ted followed Thayer to Sutton's room and stopped before stepping over the threshold.

"It's Emma not Sutton. I promise." Thayer said, feeling sick. They should love Emma as much as they love Sutton, if not more. She had been the one living with them for months.

And Emma wasn't the spoiled brat that Sutton was. She was sweet, lively and always grateful. He had watched as the Mercer's fell in love with her even quicker than they did Sutton.

Emma groaned on the floor, Thayer ran to her like he did just minutes before. "Emma? Emma!" he shouted.

Thayer was appalled when Emma flinched away from him. "Emma, it's me Thayer." he said timidly. Why would she flinch away from him?

Hearing his name, Emma slowly opened her eyes; "Thayer?" she croaked. Thayer sighed in relief, "Yeah, it's me. I got you some help, you're gonna be okay. I promise."

"Thayer, I'm getting blood all over the floor." Emma rasped. She jumped when she heard Kristin speak "Don't you worry about that. We needed to replace the carpet anyway." Kristin said reassuringly.

Emma looked over to Thayer, wincing at the pain the movement caused her.

"I had to tell them." was all Thayer said.