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Thayer paced nervously in the hall outside of Emma's hospital room in the ICU wing. According to the attending she had a fractured skull, seven broken ribs and lots of internal tissue tears. They had also decided to order a rape kit.

Bile rose in Thayer's throat as he thought of someone touching – No. Forcing themselves – on Emma. He knew well enough Emma wasn't weak and helpless but he couldn't help but think that if he had been there sooner he could have prevented all of this.

Thayer was staring at the closed blinds in Emma's window when he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder. Turning his head he saw Ted eying him warmly. "Why don't you go get some coffee? Kristin and I will take over and we'll let you know if anything changes." Ted offered. Thayer shook his head stubbornly. "No, I want to be here when the doctor comes out." He said, as he resumed pacing. "Thayer. THAYER look at me." Ted called sternly. Thayer stiffened but turned to face Mr. Mercer. "The doctor won't tell you anything. You have to be next of kin. He may not even tell US anything. I'm sorry." Ted apologized.

"This is bullshit!" Thayer yelled, as he roughly backed up against the wall opposite of Emma's room. "She doesn't deserve this! She doesn't deserve any of this!" He couldn't hold in his tears anymore. He cried out of fear, frustration and love. Thayer slid down the wall and collapsed into a helpless heap, angry at himself for what he hadn't done. "Please just let her live long enough for me to tell her that I love her." He whispered to himself, keeping his voice quiet so that the Mercers' didn't hear him.

"I wonder where Sutton is." Kristin said, as she tried to keep herself from staring at Thayer. "You think she should be here?" She asked her husband.

"Sutton's with Ethan. And no. She shouldn't be here, it's too dangerous for the both of them." A voice answered. Ted and Kristin turned around and even Thayer lifted his head up.

Dan Whitehorse came into view dressed in his full 'boys in blue' getup and he had a badge on his hip to match. "How's Emma doing?" Dan asked, directing his question to Mr. and Mrs. Mercer. He didn't know whether or not he should trust Thayer's mental state at the moment, plus Ted was a doctor. He would get the truth from him.

"She's in critical condition. They're prepping the O.R. right now. We should know more in a couple hours." Ted answered, but then he thought of something. "Wait. You knew about the whole Emma/Sutton situation and you didn't tell us? Don't you think we had a right to know?" He spouted off.

"No. I don't think you had a right to know." Dan answered truthfully as he hauled Thayer to his feet. "You don't know the whole story. The night of the big birthday bash, someone tried to kill Sutton. They ended up sending Emma a threatening note saying if they didn't keep up the illusion that Emma was Sutton, Emma would die next. Sutton wasn't dead of course but Emma's life was still on the line. She was trying to keep you both safe." He explained heatedly. "Don't take this out on me. YOU should have realized the girl sleeping in your house every night wasn't really your daughter. Emma and Sutton are nothing alike."

Ted opened his mouth to argue but his wife cut him off. "You're right. We should have known. Emma is everything Sutton's not and Sutton is our daughter." Kristin said sadly, wiping a hand over her face tiredly.

Ignoring Kristin, Dan turned to Thayer. "You need to get it together Thayer. When Emma recovers she going to need you." He said. Then he lowered his voice to a whisper for Thayer's ears alone. "We got a call in to the station from the hospital. They reported a positive rape kit in a minor. It was Emma." Dan said morosely, the corners of his mouth turned down in a worried frown.

Thayer nodded and wiped at his eyes. He knew he had to be strong for Emma. He had almost composed himself completely when he heard a disgustingly bitchy voice whining at someone else.

"There was blood all over my floor. It was disgusting! She'd better be dead or else she's going to have to answer to me." Sutton Mercer complained to her boyfriend Ethan Whitehorse as they rounded the corner.

"Sutton Mercer watch your mouth!" Ted Mercer boomed, startling Sutton. "D-dad! What are you doing here?" She asked a little to sweetly. Thayer narrowed his eyes in their direction.

"A better question would be what are you doing here?" Thayer asked sharply. "You don't care about anyone but yourself, so why would you be here for Emma?"

"Emma? I'm not here for Emma. I'm here for Char, her mom's in here. Wait. Why is Emma here? What happened?" Sutton asked, though she sounded more curious than she sounded worried or concerned.

"Like you give a shit. Just leave Sutton. And if you even THINK about blaming Emma for the blood on your floor you're going to have to answer to me. Ethan can't protect you from me." Thayer said menacingly, although the effect didn't stick because he still had tear tracks on his cheeks.

"You can't do anything. You just openly threatened me infront of a police officer and my parents. That would be stupid and not even your ass kissing daddy could get you out of that mess." Sutton said, just as nasty.

"I don't know what you're talking about Sutton, I didn't hear anything." Dan said stubbornly. "What the hell Dan? This is my girlfriend for God's sake. Don't be an dick." Ethan finally stepped and defended his girlfriend to his brother. "She may be your girlfriend but she's treated you like crap. She made you hide the fact you two were dating! You'll realize you're better off without her eventually." Dan retorted angrily.

Ethan was about to respond but was interrupted when the door to Emma's room suddenly swung open and they all saw Emma's bloodied, broken form being rolled out on a gurney.

"She's gonna have a hell of a time cleaning up my floor." Sutton muttered. Imagine her surprise when her own mother stepped up and slapped her so hard she tasted blood.