Never Let Go 2: Prince Caspian

Summary: Sequal to Never Let Go. After their last adventure in Narnia, the Pevensie siblings return to Narnia, only to find it a darker place than they previously thought. Making new friends and helping Prince Caspian to reclaim his throne, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy will have to overcome obstacles that may drift them apart in order for Narnia to be at peace again. Evil is growing and love is blossoming. Will they be able to stop the evil from taking over Narnia? Edmund/Lucy and Peter/Susan.

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- Star wars revenge of the sith/ Battle over Coruscant (Star Wars Revenge of the Sith soundtrack)

- Raid on the castle (Narnia Prince Caspian soundtrack)

- Anakin's Betrayal (Star Wars Revenge of the Sith soundtrack)

Chapter 5: The Night Raid

After three hours worth of planning, the Narnian army, Caspian and the Pevensie's, except for Lucy got ready for battle. Before they left, Lucy was saying goodbye to her siblings when Edmund pulled her aside, away from everyone else. Lucy was glad because she hugged him tightly and cried into his armoured chest. Edmund buried his head into Lucy's hair and breathed in her scent.

"Stay safe Edmund," she whispered.

Edmund smiled. "I will," he said as Lucy tilted her head to look at him. "Love you Lu," he whispered, kissing her forehead, letting his lips linger for a moment.

Lucy kissed his cheek. "I love you too, Ed," she replied and they hugged one more time before the signal flared that it was time to go.

Lucy watched her siblings, the Narnian army and Caspian walked out of the How, feeling hopeless. Please, Aslan, keep them safe she thought.

When night started to fall, a griffin was carrying Edmund as they flew towards Miraz's castle. Peter, Susan and Caspian were being carried by other griffins. When they got to the castle, it was night. Night guards were patrolling the castle, like Caspian said. They landed on top of a tower and leaned against the roof, so they were out of sight from the guard. The guard looked up and frowned as he thought he heard something. He looked away when suddenly the griffin that carried Edmund, grabbed the guard and hurled him upwards as Edmund jumped down in the guards place.

Edmund grabbed his torch and turned it on to signal the others. He looked up at the sky to see Peter, Susan and Caspian, carried by the griffins, flying towards the castle and landed on the bridge. Caspian is flying low and he killed a soldier that stood in the way. Unknown by Edmund, a Telmarine soldier had spotted him signalling the other Narnian's who were hiding in the forest and held his crossbow, ready to shoot Edmund. Susan however was quicker, having a decade to practice, shot him in the heart, and the soldier fell down dead. When Caspian, Susan and Peter landed, Peter drew out his sword and beheaded a soldier who was standing on the bridge as well.

At another part of the castle, a minator named Asterius silently walked down a long corridor when a soldier turned around and drew out his sword when he saw Asterius. Asterius smirked and put a finger to his lips.

"Shh..." he whispered and Nikabrik, who was behind the soldier, knocked the soldier unconscious with the hilt of his dagger with a smirk on his face.

Under the castle, led by Reepicheep, the army of mice climbed out of the drain and into the castle and scurried across a rope that was across the bridge and into the castle. They snuck through corners and Reepicheep halted his army when he saw a ginger cat sleeping by the window. He drew out his sword and smiled mischievously as an idea came into his mind.

Caspian led Peter and Susan through several corridors and threw down a rope, tied onto a pole. They climbed down the rope and onto a ledge. Caspian knocked on a window quietly.

"Professor?" He asked quietly.

Caspian opened the window quietly as Susan and Peter came down the rope as well. Caspian stepped into the room and Susan and Peter followed. The room was completely empty and it looked like Cornelius hadn't been in here for a while. Caspian walked over to a desk and picked up the professors glasses.

Caspian looked at the High King and Queen. "I have to find him," he said quietly.

Peter shook his head. "You don't have time," he protested. "You need to get to the gatehouse," he added.

Caspian pursed his lips. "You wouldn't be here if it weren't for him," he snapped quietly and Susan and Peter glanced at each other. "And neither would I," he added.

Susan looked at Peter and sighed. "You and I can deal with Miraz," she said and then smirked. "After all, we've done this sort of thing before, 1300 years ago," she joked.

Caspian looked like he was going to beg. "And I can still get to the gatehouse in time," he added.

Peter pursed his lips and the look in Susan's eyes made him give in. "Alright fine," he agreed and Caspian ran off.

When we left off with Reepicheep, a Telmarine soldier was walking around the same area and spotted the ginger cat tied up. The soldier looked around suspiciously and drew out his sword. Reepicheep slid down a rope, upside down, and drew out his sword as well. The soldier turned around and opened his mouth in shock.

Reepicheep sighed. "Yes, I'm a mouse," he said, as though he said it a thousand times. Reepicheep slit the soldier's throat with his sword. He jumped down and signalled his army. They all jumped onto another soldier a knocked him unconscious. They ran over to the door and climbed onto each other's back and Reepicheep opened the door. Trumpkin stood outside and shot a soldier who snuck into the room, dead.

Reepicheep looked Trumpkin up and down. "Ah, we were expecting someone, you know, taller," he said.

Trumpkin looked down at Reepicheep annoyed. "You're one to talk," he grunted as he shut the door.

Reepicheep looked confused. "Is that suppose to be irony?" he asked, sheathing his sword.

Caspian snuck around the castle, ran down flights of stairs and finally found the dungeons. He knocked the guard unconscious and grabbed his keys before he saw his old professor, lying asleep in his cell.

He opened the door and Cornelius woke up and looked shocked when he saw the young prince again.

"Five more minutes?" Caspian asked sarcastically as he unlocked Cornelius' chain bounded hands.

"What are you doing here?" Cornelius asked as he got up stiffly from being on the ground for so long. "I didn't help you escape just so you could get captured again. You have to get out of here before Miraz learns you're here," he pleaded.

Caspian shrugged. "He'll learn soon enough," he said. "We are giving him your cell," he added as an afterthought.

Cornelius shook his head and grabbed Caspian's arm to force him to stop. "Don't underestimate Miraz as your father did," he warned.

Caspian's eyes widened but his face was full of anger. "What are you talking about?" he hissed.

Cornelius looked down. "I'm sorry," he apologized and Caspian shook his head and ran out of the cell, leaving the doctor behind.

Miraz was sleeping peacefully with his wife when he felt something cold and metal pressed in his neck. He snapped his eyes opened and chuckled when he saw who it was.

"Thank goodness... You're safe," he whispered.

Caspian glared. "Get up," he hissed.

Miraz climbed out of bed and woke up his wife.

Prunaprismia woke up and looked confused for a second before her gaze fell on Caspian. "Caspian?" she asked softly.

Caspian turned his glare to his aunt. "Stay where you are," he said as he held his sword to his uncle's neck.

Prunaprismia still looked confused. "What are you doing?" she asked.

Miraz glanced at his wife. "I should think it's obvious, dear," he answered before he turned his gaze to Caspian. "You know, some might consider this as inappropriate behaviour," he mocked.

Caspian snarled. "That doesn't seem to have stopped you," he growled and pushed Miraz to the wall with his sword.

Miraz smirked. "Well, you're not like me are you?" he asked and then shrugged. "It's sad, the first time you showed any backbone, and it's such a waste," he said, almost disappointed.

Prunaprismia, while Miraz was speaking, snuck quietly to grab the crossbow that was above their bed and aimed it at Caspian. "Put the sword down now Caspian," she said. "I don't want to do this," she added.

Just then Peter and Susan barged into the room, drawing out their sword and bow and arrow. Susan aimed her bow at Miraz's wife.

"We don't want you too, either," she snapped.

Miraz sighed irritated. "This used to be a private room," he said.

Peter looked at Caspian, angrily. "Caspian, what are you doing?" he asked. "You're supposed to be at the gatehouse," he added.

Caspian shook his head. "NO!" he snapped making Peter and Susan take a step back, startled. "Tonight for once, I want the truth!" he said to them before he turned to his uncle. "Did you kill my father?" he growled, pushing the sword in his uncle's neck.

Miraz smirked. "Now we get to it," he said.

Prunaprismia lowered the crossbow a little, shocked at the confession. "You told me your brother died in his sleep," she recalled.

Miraz shrugged. "That was more than less true," he admitted, unconcerned then turned to his nephew. "We Telmarines would have nothing if we not taken it. Your father knew that as well as anyone," he said.

Prunaprismia looked disgusted. "How could you?" she whispered.

"For the same reason you would pull that trigger," Miraz growled at his wife and started to walk towards Caspian. "For our son!" he snarled and Caspian took a few steps back.

Susan moved her aim towards Miraz and then back towards Prunaprismia. "Stop! Stay right there!" she shouted, but Miraz didn't listen to her.

Miraz, sill looking at his wife said, "You must choose. Do you want our child to become king! Or do you want him to be like Caspian here? Fatherless!" he snarled.

Prunaprismia released the arrow from the crossbow and shot it at Caspian. "NO!" she shouted as Caspian fell over and Miraz snuck through a secret door that was behind the wall.

Back to Edmund, he heard Miraz's wife's scream and was startled. Because of this he accidently dropped his torched he was playing with and it fell down to the lower tower. A guard that was walking down the lower tower saw the silver object that was glowing from the moons light and accidently turned it on. Edmund hid behind the wall and watched the guard with pursed lips while he inwardly cursed inside. The beam of light shone high in the sky and outside the castle, Nikabrik and the army watched in confusion.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Nikabrik asked Glenstorm who pursed his lips in thought.

Edmund jumped down and knocked the guard out. The castle started to come alive when the warning bells came on. Peter, Susan and Caspian ran through several corridors when Peter stopped and ran down a different corridor. Susan and Caspian stopped when they realised that the High King wasn't following them.

"Peter!" Susan shouted. What is he doing now? She thought.

Peter looked at her. "Our army is just outside!" he shouted, almost pleading. Susan and Caspian looked at each other before they ran after Peter down the corridor. Peter ran through the courtyard and killed two soldiers that were in his path.

He looked up to see Edmund fighting another soldier before he killed another one. "Now, Ed! Now, signal the troops!" he shouted.

Edmund rolled his eyes and growled. "I'm a little busy right now Pete!" he shouted back.

While fighting the soldier, Edmund accidently dropped his sword which went over the stone wall. He was trapped, and he would never be able to see Lucy again. He felt the coldness of the stone wall as he tried to think of how to get out of this mess. Edmund looked at his torch and had an idea. He grabbed it and knocked the soldier out unconscious. Edmund sighed when he tried to turn it on. It wasn't working. He cursed and below him, Peter is trying to open the gate.

Susan ran over to him, with Caspian on her heels. "Peter!" she shouted over the noise. "It's too late. We have to call it off while we still can!" she pleaded. She had a bad feeling about the result of this raid.

Peter shook his head and looked at Susan. "No! I can still do this!" he shouted and she sighed. He still is stubborn. "Help me!" he added.

Susan and Caspian looked at each other before they ran over to help Peter turn the wheel to open the gate.

"Just who exactly are you doing this for Peter?" Susan snapped and Peter remained silent, unable to answer as they continue to turn the wheel.

Edmund bit his lip as he tried to turn on his torch. Inside the castle, Trumpkin, Reepicheep and the mice start to turn a wheel that connected to the gate that lowers the bridge, which outside the gate, Glenstorm and the army are starting to grow restless. Edmund was silently cheering when his torch started to work. He turned it on and signalled the troops which made Glenstorm and the army charged, drawing their weapons and ready to fight.

The Narnians charged past Peter, Susan and Caspian who drew out their weapons and start to fight with the Narnian army.

"FOR NARNIA!" Peter shouted as he had a slight flashback to the Battle of Beruna when he first said those words.

The Narnians started to fight the Telmarine soldiers and up top, a soldier aimed his crossbow at Peter. Edmund growled as he had a flashback where he interfered his mother's plans of killing Peter. Edmund started to slide down and knocked the soldier over.

Peter looked up. "ED!" he shouted terrified at his brother's situation.

Edmund looked down at his brother for a second, confused before he turned to his left and gulped. Telmarine solders started to charge at him with crossbows aimed at him. Edmund dived into a room and shut the door with his feet, just in time as the arrows were released and were lodged in the timber of the door.

Peter and a minator named Tyrus start fighting the Telmarine soldiers and made their way up to Miraz's balcony. Tyrus jumped up onto Miraz's balcony but Glozelle shot him in the shoulder and Miraz walked over and pushed Tyrus off, dead. Peter watched the whole thing while fighting and looked around to see some of the Narnians trapped by the Telmarine soldiers.

Peter looked up at Miraz who was ordering something to Glozelle that sounded like, "Get that gate closed," but he couldn't hear it because of the Narnians and humans yells that felt like he was surrounded by them. He looked towards the gate only to see it starting to close.

Asterius saw the gate close as well and ran towards it and held the gate open with his strength and horns.

Peter looked at the other Narnians. "Fall back!" he yelled. "Retreat!" he shouted over the shouts of the Telmarine soldiers. Glenstorm grabbed Susan's arm and swung her over his back. She wrapped her arms around his waist as he started to charge back out the gate.

Susan looked back at Peter. "Caspian!" she shouted.

Peter turned to her. "I'll find him!" he shouted.

Edmund ran to the tower where he first landed and shoved his torch through the lock and ran over to the edge of the tower. He looked down and sighed. Why was he always in these types of situations? He thought. Where was the griffin? He looked back towards the door and could hear the soldiers bang against the door.

Down below, Peter found Caspian and Cornelius on horses and Caspian grabbing the reigns of another horse. A soldier was trying to grab the horse, but Peter was quicker and kicked the soldier off the horse and jumped off the horse's back.

Back with Edmund, the soldiers managed to break through the door and drew out their swords. Edmund gulped and looked down. Sorry, Lu, he thought to himself as he was pushed against the cold stone. He looked down again and smirked. There is always a way out he thought to himself as he leaned back and fell down. A second later a griffin soared upwards in the sky, carrying Edmund on his back.

Peter barely managed to make it out of the gate in time as Asterius collapsed and the gate shut. Peter looked in horror to see that many of the Narnian army was still trapped inside, dying from arrows to the heart.

The draw-bridge started to go up. Holding back the tears, Peter hesitated before he started to ride away, following Susan and Caspian and the Narnians that survived. He looked at the sky and relief swept over him when he saw that Edmund was okay. How could this raid go so wrong? Peter shivered. He felt evil in the air and for some reason he thought it has something to do with his mother.

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