The Life of The Landgraabs Part by BIbupp

Note: Some of the older chapters of this story are currently been updated for spelling and grammatical mistakes and will be slightly rewritten to make sense and add details, if you spot any mistakes, please feel free to PM me.

(Disclaimer: This story is supposed to follow the time of The Sims 3 but I made a change and made Claire Ursine's unborn child well "she" in the story is at child stage when she in the game she is not born. Most Sims in this story are either created by EA or Myself. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.)


This is my story of me, Malcolm Landgraab living in the peaceful, always sunny town of Sunset Valley. I'm only a kid and my mother wants me to be the next heir or I do I want to be like my father and want to be a doctor?

Chapter 1: Childhood

Ah, Sunset Valley, a beautiful town, with a modern 24/7 gym, a nice long beach, a big central park, a town hall that pre dates before I was here, the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital, the Pleasant Rest Graveyard, the swimming pools, the stadium and other things that make Sunset Valley a great place to live in. Sadly, one thing spoils it for me, my family. The Landgraabs are my father Geoffrey Landgraab, my mother Nancy Landgraab and me Malcolm Landgraab.

It is strange sometimes that as I see my mother Nancy got out binoculars and watch/look/stare at the Alto Mansion and that was today... Father suddenly came home,

"How was work at the Hospital, Dad?" He replied with,

"It was fine, fine Malcolm." There wasn't much conversation after that.

Though my father is a little bit of a nerd and my mother is pretentious snob, how could they still be together? The problem is that there is a feud against the Landgraabs and the Altos. The Landgraabs (us) are old money while the Altos are new money. I wonder if the town has to join sides.

Being 12 years old nearly thirteen is tough but I am lucky that I have some or one really good friend, Claire Ursine, I know that Claire is also her mother's name but she doesn't know who her father is. She is very secretive about this though and her red hair, the freckles on her face are kind of cute and her chubbiness suits her well.

Even though being a blonde haired boy with nerdy glasses, which come in the bloodline as both of my parents' hair, is the same blonde colour too. As childhood for me is coming to an end, there are many things I'll always remember; playing at central park with Claire on the jungle gym, the swings set, the see-saw, and playing dress ups; I being the astronaut of course, riding on the spring riders/jumps, water slides, sandcastles and my awesome Sci-Fi tree house which is now taken down. The school field trips were also fun. When people think of childhood, they think of imagination, curiosity and fun but really down to it, it is more complex than any teenager, adult or elder could ever imagine.

It is another cycle of life from infant, toddler, childhood and adolescence, young adult, adult and elder.

. . .

Luckily today was a Saturday and Claire wanted me to go to her house because she had already seen my estate so she wanted to show me hers. Claire's place is a small two-storey by the beach, with white wooden walling on outside, it was supposedly based on the Victorian Style of architecture. There is a balcony and also a porch which is great for look out at the Sunset and beach. It was weird as it was the complete opposite to my estate. My estate has an arched driveway, big gates to enter, a hedge maze, two swimming pools, a lake with a statue, a huge kitchen, a huge bedroom, and other things. I am, was and still very lucky.

Though it is hard living in the highest echelon in the community, you don't get teased because everybody thinks you're rich, they think you've got it easy but they are wrong, very wrong. As I was at Claire's house, sitting on her uncomfortable cheap couch we were watching the television in fuzzy quality. An advertisement came on, it was about the fuzzy logic dishwasher, new and improved but we can't even buy it, what sort of advertisement was that?

We were watching the Action Channel on the Old Timey Tele TV.

"Look at how many robots the mad scientist has." Claire asked me.

"Yeah, I don't know how they are going to defeat them, Claire?" She shrugged.

Both of us were going to be teenagers very soon and we are going to have responsibilities and the pressure of growing up. Every time I think about this, I have sudden but relaxing flashbacks of my past but I have to look onto the future and I don't know what holds, it is progressive, you play it out. You can't totally pre-determine someone's future.

"Malcolm, daylight's going to end; you better ring your parents and go home."

"Your right, I'll do it now, oh, can I use your phone?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Ah, Hi Mother, can you please pick me up from Claire's house?"

"Sure Malcolm, I can pick you up"

"Thanks, Bye."


The maroon, V16-powered VFN Kompensator arrived with Mother ready to take me home.

"Bye Claire."

"Bye Malcolm."

I quickly entered the maroon car, "Hi, Mum."

"Hi, darling, how was your day?"

"It was alright."

After the awkward conversation, everything was quiet, I was still angry with my mother trying to force Landgraab Industries down my throat. We soon arrived at the brown, magnificent mansion, glowing in the hot Sunset Valley sun.

. . .

Tomorrow was a school day and I realised that I have do some homework. I ran up the staircase, turned to the right side of the hallway and into my yellow and green bedroom with a fireplace, chemistry set, computer, TV and console. Then after seeing all these gadgets I own, I finally realise that I am again lucky compared to everyone else.

For the homework all I had to do was answer some, in my opinion very simple questions on the blue homework book, which only took an hour. Until 8:30pm, I just played video games and our butler sent up some food for me, Lobster Thermidor, it was scrumptious.