Chapter 12: Becoming Infamous

One week away was the hearing, I could not stop thinking about it, I tried to get my mind off it but nothing has seemed to work. I felt really angry at VJ and I didn't know how to let it all go. I told Claire about the problem and she said, "We should go pranking Malcolm, it's something we've never done before." Claire smiled at me; she really did want to try this out.

I guess I needed some fun after the whole VJ suing incident. Ironically my parents were thinking the same thing and were going on a trip to Sunlit Tides for a week until the hearing begins. This was an opportunity for a lifetime; this was the chance to try out pranking. Claire and I needed a plan so if things go awry we'll be able to fix it.

"Malcolm your father and I are going to Sunlit Tides for a break. Be on your best behaviour as the Butler Berjes will look after you."

"Butler Berjes!? I hardly even know him."

"He's good so don't worry Malcolm."

"Will you be back before the hearing?"

"Of course, we're never late to an important event."

I thought back to the time of the school field trip a couple of years ago where Mother was supposed to pick me up as soon as possible and she was 1 hour late! How could she forget that? I guess time flies and memories feel like a long, long time ago.

As soon as Mother and Father left to their trip to Sunlit Tides. I called Claire on my cell phone to see what plans she had for tonight. "Hello, this is Malcolm"

"Hey Mal what's up?"

"Um, do you want to go prank Mrs Crumplebottom?" I ask Claire.

"You're finally doing something fun!" Claire exclaims.

"Well it was your idea."

"My ideas are always good ideas", Claire replied.

I could just imagine her smirking while she said that. Well if Claire approved of it, then it was happening tonight. I grabbed some eggs out of the house and sneaked quietly to the garage to grab my bicycle and I rode away to freedom. I was meeting up with Claire at Crumplebottom's house. She wasn't there, running a bit late even though her house isn't that far away from here. Agnes Crumplebottom was sister to Cornelia Goth, Mortimer's Mother, she was rich too from her late husband but when he died, it make Agnes grumpy and it stuck, she was the grumpiest person in Sunset Valley, her was a beautiful modern estate nestled in the woods, secluded from the rest of Sunset Valley so she can mourn over her husband's death.

A few minutes Claire appeared out of thin air, "Sorry I was a bit late; it was a bit confusing trying to convince Mum."

"Better late than never", I whispered.

Time to have some fun, I pulled out the eggs. I moved to the fence at the front of the arched driveway of the house, protecting us from Agnes Crumplebottom seeing us. "So what's the plan Malcolm?" Claire asked.

"Okay... You run up to the door and ring the doorbell and run as fast as you can to this bush and fence here..." I stutter mid-sentence.


"As soon as she steps out, eggs away."

"Should we at least try to aim?"

"I guess it doesn't matter but if hit her head, I'll give you fifty simoleons."

"Deal. Let's do this."

Claire ran up to the door and rang the doorbell and ran as fast she could back to me. The moment waiting for Mrs Crumplebottom to step out of the house felt like it was taking forever. I heard the door handle move, I looked at Claire and nodded, the door opened. With an egg in one hand, I lifted it up and threw the egg as hard as I could... Splat! I threw the egg right at Mrs Crumplebottom's face. "Well you win!" whispered Claire while firing eggs. 36 eggs were thrown, most of them hitting Mrs Crumplebottom's house and some others hitting her. As soon as we stopped, her face turned extremely red and she then chucked a tantrum. "Those damn kids, thinking they can fool me! Where are you! There's no point of hiding I'll find you!" Mrs Crumplebottom shouted, in her usual grumpy tone.

"We need to get out of here! How are we going to do that?" questioned Claire.

"Don't worry; I'll think of something, I always have a plan." I said, reassuring Claire.

I thought of an idea, we could just quickly ride on our bicycles to Claire's house and lay low there, Mrs Crumplebottom would never see us. "I got it." I whispered to Claire.

"So what is it?"

"We go on our bicycles to your house and lay low."

"Alright but what if we are caught?"

"I don't know. Just keep on going I guess."

On the count of three, we ran towards our bikes, hoping that Mrs Crumplebottom wouldn't see us. "Come on Claire! We don't have all day!" I shouted to Claire as she was fiddling with her bike. We were taking too long, I just know it that we are going to get caught. As soon as we got our bikes, the fear of being caught was looming against us but there was no time for that we just had to get out of here and fast!

The short ride to Claire's house was satisfying as we finally got the heck out of there and this some good fun, something I hadn't done with Claire for years. "That was good," I said to Claire.

"Well luckily I said yes or this would have never happened..." Claire said, smirking at me. I said "hello" to Claire's Mother but she didn't seem to respond, at 9 o'clock I rode up the steep hill back to Landgraab Estate, greeting Butler Berjes at the expected time to be back.

. . .

The next day was school, I happy that I wasn't in trouble or that Mrs Crumplebottom had found out who did it. I caught the yellow bus to school, Butler Berjes even said goodbye! I had a good feeling about today, just for no apparent reason.

As soon as I arrived at school, everything felt different; everyone was looking at me whispering to their friends, "Hey he's the guy who pranked Crumplebottom!" How could everyone know about this? Rumours and events don't spread that fast!

Claire ran up to me, "what has happened Malcolm? What have you done?"

"Nothing." I replied.

"Well everything thinks were cool and rebellious."

"I just found about this just now. I haven't done anything I promise. Well it looks we've become infamous."


"Famous for a bad reason."

"Well you already had that on you." Claire said jokingly.

Claire started laughing and then I started to laugh too, maybe we are hysterical to the fact that we are screwed. One last laugh couldn't hurt, right?