Chapter 13: Hiding

"So what are we going to do about this? Things in Sunset Valley spread quickly and stay forever!" I exclaimed to Claire."You're over-exaggerating everything! You have nothing to worry about; you're such a worry-wart."

"No I'm not, I'm just cautious!" I said angrily back.

This was the first time Claire and I were fighting and now wasn't a good time. "If you're the brains behind operation, can't you think of something to fix this?"

I couldn't believe that Claire would make a comment like that. Why are we so worked up about this?

If there is a will, there is a way; I thought to myself, there is a way out of this, just need to think of one.

"Alright I'll think of something, not anything spectacular."

"It better be fast."

. . .

A couple of hours, I still couldn't think of anything, I just went back to reading some good old books, like Simlock Holmes, a private investigator who solved crime cases in Twinbrook a long time ago. He cracked some really amazing and puzzling cases like The Case of Identity. The book is amazing but then it gave me the idea of hiding, laying low. But then again, how was I going to pull it off?

I thought about it again, maybe this will just go off in time, hopefully before Mother & Father come back and I think the trial will take over the news instead of two troublesome teenagers pranking. "So how are we going to lay low?" asks Claire after I told her what was the plan.

"Well we could just not do anything, stay off the radar."

"True. And where do you get all these sayings from?" Claire asks.

I blushed, "From reading books, I guess."

"Now I feel like reading a book. Let's go the library then."

"But we want to Lay Low? The library is a popular place you know, lots of Sims flock here."

"I always had a feeling that there were too many bookworms in Sunset Valley." Claire snickered.

I tried not to hear that last comment; I loved my books and I would love to share my passion with other people but that's just Claire's opinion.

There was no place to think of, "I don't know where we could hide, Claire."

"Um, what about Stoney Falls, it's beautiful over there with the sound of the water crashing down and it's so... romantic."

"I know the real reason, you want to catch some Salmon there, don't you Claire?" I said jokingly.

"I definitely feel like some grilled salmon, wait maybe some grilled cheese?" says Claire back.

"Grilled Cheese! It's so good, it's an aspiration!" I joked. Then I thought about that person I knew who was crazy about grilled cheese, it was all he could think about, too bad I don't remember his name.

"Okay, so are we going to Stoney Falls?"

"Yeah, uh, sure it sounds like a plan."

. . .

By the time we arrived at Stoney Falls, the sun was setting; there was a beautiful bright orange hue in the sky. I was so happy that we are together. Claire and I just sat on the grass all night looking at the stars and just chatting about life and randomly about the Supernatural. The conversation gave me back repressed memories of the nightmare I had a couple of weeks ago, by gosh, the Supernatural, I am not a fan, a complete sceptic. I tried to change the conversation to something else, "Claire, do you want to kiss?" The looks on her face light up, "I never thought you'd ask."

Up the cold, black night sky, with shooting stars flying, I awkwardly attempted to kiss Claire, this is my first time and I was so nervous, thinking about it gives me a chill down my spine. I twist my head and move my head towards Claire's lips, the moment when I was going to impact felt like ages. As soon as our lips touched, the feeling was exhilarating; a surge of emotions went through me.

After it all happened, we just couldn't stop smiling, the feeling between us was different, something new. I couldn't realise what had just happened, in the moment it felt like a lifetime but after, it felt like seconds and speaking of seconds, I could not wait for some more. Claire looked at me, "So we finally did something new. I have had a good time but I need home soon, you probably do too. Well see-ya Mal." Claire then kisses me on the cheeks and disappears. She was right I needed to get home fast, it was already 10:00, if I'm not home by curfew, the police might arrest me!

I ran quickly to the road and I hopped on my bicycle and tiringly rode quickly to my mansion up the hill, constantly checking for any signs of the law enforcement.

. . .

The next day, Wednesday, three days until the dreaded hearing, when I arrived at school, I noticed Claire and Bella talking to each other, the Claire whispers something into Bella's ear and she starts giggling, "Oh that's sweet, Claire, he reminds me of Morty." I knew exactly what they were talking about, about yesterday! How could she do this? This was our moment, our time together and there she goes spilling the beans to Bella.

I wish I could turn back time and changed that but there's nothing to worry about, I'm just being a worry-wart again and at least she was only telling Bella, not the world but then Bella would tell about it to Mortimer, who would tell everything, I need to stop this train wreck!

During recess, I confront Claire, "How could you go telling Bella that, about last night!"

I needed to not make a scene so I lowered my voice.

"We're friends Malcolm, that's what we do; we tell each other things that others shouldn't know and we keep them secret!"


"You probably tell Robbie Kauker some things." Claire remarked.

"Actually I don't, he been too wrapped up in his music."

"I thought he like building robots?" Claire asks.

"I guess he found another passion of his."

"But then you would tell Arlo."

"I would but he would get a little too excited."

"Then who?" Claire asks again.

"Frances J. Worthington II. He arrived last week." "Oh he's the new guy, I never paid enough much attention in class."

"He's rich but doesn't say anything about it."

"Then where does he live?"

"I think he lives far away and he's staying at a house temporarily."

"Wants to be the CEO of his company, Worthington Co. They make teddy bears and he only really cares about money."

"So why don't you tell him?" "There's no point and I don't feel like it."

"Why not?"

"I wouldn't want to annoy you anyway and there are other things on my mind."

"Let me guess, the hearing? Don't worry about it Malcolm, it will be all under control."

"That's easy for you to say."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You're not part of hearing; it's not your problem."

"Yes it is! If it's your problem, it's my problem too. All you think about is yourself, what about us!?"

"I'm not selfish!"

"Sometimes you are, Malcolm."

"Well everyone selfish at times."

"Your right, we should stop arguing."

For the rest of the day we kept our promise to stop arguing, so we just talked, about things, sometimes about school and reminiscing our past.

. . .

Thursday, two more days til the hearing; Claire kept reassuring me that everything was going to be fine. I talked to Frances J. Worthington II, he said that he lives in Strangetown, that he works secretly for the government and that teddy bears are just a cover. "But still are you sure you want to become a CEO?" I ask.

"On my life, I'm sure, Mr Landgraab." He replies properly back.

"See I'm just not sure yet, it feels my parents, well my Mother is shoving it down my throat, that I am the successor to her... of Landgraab Industries."

"Don't worry, Malcolm, it will feel right in due time."

"But it doesn't feel like that at all, I just want to live a normal life and learn knowledge, as knowledge power, I want to be happy, money doesn't buy happiness."

"It may not but just do want you want. I'm not trying to follow my parents; I feel that this is my passion."

"I'm a different case, okay... I just feel really confused about the situation."

. . .

The next day was Friday, one more day, just one more day til the hearing and my parents were coming home today after their trip from Sunlit Tides. I wasn't excited about them coming home; I was having too much fun with Claire, especially after that moment at Stoney Falls.

Butler Berjes didn't have anything bad to say about me as I had done nothing wrong. At five o'clock Mother and Father came back from their trip, instead of being dressed in formal clothing, they were wearing Hawaiian shirts, oh the horror!

"So Malcolm, what mischief have you been up to?"

"Nothing. I haven't done much when you were away."

"Butler! How was Malcolm?"

"Um, Sir he was good, had not done a slight thing wrong, except come home one day a bit late but he told me the truth about what had happened. Sir."

"Was he partying?"

"No not at all Sir, he was with his friend Claire Ursine."


"Uh, Sir shouldn't you ask Master Landgraab these questions?"

"Your right."

"Malcolm, where you on the night you came late?" "I was at Stoney Falls, why does it matter?"

"Well if I didn't know, you could have been at jail or at the criminal warehouse locked up!"

"Okay, I'm sorry, just worried about tomorrow."

"It will be fine Malcolm, my best lawyers are on the case, slander is an easy case to win but sometimes it doesn't turn out."

"Alright, it will be fine, so, uh how was your trip to Sunlit Tides?"

"It was amazing Malcolm, it was like heaven on Earth, the sun, sand and it really renewed my found love with your Mother." "Father, I don't want to know the details."

"It was relaxing and there were lots of pools to jump in. We meet one couple who were on their honeymoon." "Who was it?"

"Daniel and Mary-Sue."

"What about their last names?"

"I, we can't remember."

Soon dinner came and Mother and Father talked about how relaxing beautiful Sunlit Tides was. Ironically that was the place where Mr Anderson's parents disappeared, despite this I wouldn't mind taking Claire and I there for a trip. By the sounds of that I couldn't wait.

Tomorrow was the hearing, I couldn't sleep. Are we going to win or not?