Trixie sighed happily. That made Wendy slapped her, punched her. Trixie cried so hard.

"You did deserve that." Said Wendy; smirking

Trixie looked around to find away out. She felt a pair of eyes following her every move.

"Who's there?" Asked Trixie

"Lexi Johnson and you are?" Asked Lexi

"I'm Trixie Belden." Said Trixie

The girls talked day after day after day. Till Wendy gagged and tie them.

'Gleeps how mean she (Wendy)' thought Trixie

Wendy grabbed Lexi and Pierre grabbed Trixie.


Dan groaned, when he opens his's eyes, he saw Mrs. Belden and Diana and Honey and Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Lynch around him.

"What happen? Asked Dan

"We don't know." Said Honey

Then Dan remembers Trixie.

"Where's Trixie?" Asked Dan

The five females looked at each other.


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