When I finished watching Kyle XY I couldn't be satisfied with how the series ended with the cliffhanger and that no more episodes would be adding to the story. I'm writing this story to give myself some closure, but I would be happy if other people enjoy what I write as well. Just as a heads up, I may be neglecting the story arcs having to do with the Trager family and their friends in order to focus more on Kyle and Jessi and their conflict with Latnok. Other than that, I will try to keep this as true as possible to how the show's writers would have progressed had there been an actual Season 4.

I do not own Kyle XY.

From the moment I first awoke in the woods, my greatest journey was one of self-discovery. For people brought into this world in the traditional manner, all the answers are simple. They know who they are, where they came from, and what they're capable of. At first I knew none of these things about myself, but my quest for the truth led me to the answers. But this was nothing like discovering my connection to Adam Baylin or Jessi. The revelation that Cassidy was my brother and Grace Kingsley was my mother made me feel something new altogether… something I can only describe as 'shock'.

Kyle's grip on Cassidy's neck lessened somewhat although his fingers still tightly gripped the older man's throat. Cassidy's long dark hair was pinned between his head and the wooden frame of the broken glass doors. His feet moved fruitlessly back and forth as Kyle held him suspended off the ground. Even though Cassidy was losing breath quickly, he remained focused on Kyle's rage-filled eyes.

"You're lying," Kyle finally said.

I don't know why I said it. Even with Cassidy's heart racing from the struggle, I could tell whether or not his body's physiology would change in response to telling a lie.

"You can't… deny it," Cassidy managed to choke out the words. "You know… that I'm telling you… the truth. Grace Kingsley… is your… is our… mother. And she wants… she wants…"

"What does she want from me?" Kyle angrily demanded.

Cassidy's mouth opened, but no more words came out. His eyes slowly rolled over as he succumbed to the lack of air.

Kyle's eye's widened as he finally realized what he was doing. He immediately ended his death grip on Cassidy's neck and let him fall to the ground. There was the crunch of glass on the wooden deck as Cassidy collapsed.

"Cassidy?" asked Kyle. There was no response.

I knew that Cassidy's heart was still beating, but he was unconscious and he was injured. I still had many questions, but the question I had to focus on now was what to do with Cassidy. Even if he was my brother, this was a man who threatened to hurt everyone I care about. I couldn't just let him go free, but what other options were there?

Kyle paced down the porch, still not averting his gaze from the unconscious Cassidy. After a moment, he took out his cell phone and dialed a familiar number. After a few rings, a man answered.


"Foss, it's Kyle. I need you to come see me right away. It's an emergency."

"Tell me what happened."

"It's Cassidy. He saw through our lie and he's here with me now. He's knocked out but he will be awake soon."

"I knew that this was too big a risk, Kyle. I told you how dangerous these people are. You had a chance to be free from them, but now that's all over."

"I didn't have a choice. We had to destroy any information that could allow them to restart the experiments. It's done, but he found out that Jessi's still alive. Please Foss, I need your help."

"I'm already on my way. Don't move." Foss hung up.

As Kyle closed his cell phone, he slowly looked up at the night sky. For a moment he took in the view of the stars and the sounds of crickets. As he finally caught his breath, the weight of what he had just done donned on him. Kyle had never felt such rage before, nor had he ever hurt anyone to such an extent.


Kyle turned around to see two girls staring at him through the broken doorway. One was tall with dark hair and the other was shorter and blonde.

"Jessi! Amanda!"

Jessi's eyes widened at the sight of Cassidy's unconscious body, but otherwise she retained her composure. Amanda opened her mouth as if to gasp in horror and disbelief at the sight, but no sound came out. She then looked back up at Kyle.

"Amanda…" Kyle stepped towards her but she flinched slightly as he neared the doorway.

"Kyle… what happened?" asked Amanda.

"I can't say right now," said Kyle. "Amanda, I know you have a lot of questions and this must all seem very confusing to you, but I need you go home. It is isn't safe for you here."

Kyle expected Amanda to react with jealously since she was asked to leave and not Jessi, but instead she stared back into his eyes and slowly nodded.

"I understand."

"I'll explain everything. I promise."

Amanda slowly managed a very slight smile.

"I know you will, Kyle."

With that, Amanda turned around and walked away, leaving Kyle and Jessi alone. Jessi had subtly rolled her eyes at Amanda's comments, but now her eyes were fixated on Kyle's. Her mouth opened slightly in anticipation, not knowing if his thoughts were still on Amanda.

"Jessi, I was so worried about you!"

Kyle leapt forward and embraced her with an enormous hug. Jessi put her arms around his back and rested her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes as she let herself feel his heartbeat.

"You were worried about me? You were the one who had to break into the warehouse."

"Cassidy found out we faked your death. You weren't here when I got home. I didn't know what had happened."

Kyle finally let go of Jessi and the two stood face to face.

"We discovered something," said Jessi. "Nate had some old files on his computer—files about you."

"About me?"

"Yes. I didn't believe it when I read it at first, but your egg donor…" Jessi paused and tilted her head to the side. "You already know."

"Cassidy told me. Grace Kingsley is my biological mother."

"And you and Cassidy?"

"Brothers," Kyle said the word slowly, not liking the way it sounded. He paused for a moment then looked back up at Jessi and winced. "Does Amanda know?"

Jessi felt a slight lump in her throat but she tried to hide it. "She peeked over my shoulder, but even if she read it, she wouldn't have understood."

Kyle nodded. "I'm sorry Jessi. You've done so much for me and there's so much that needs to be said, but right now we need to figure out what to do with Cassidy. Nicole, Stephen, Lori and Josh are at the Rack right now, but they'll be back soon."

"It looks like you already dealt with Cassidy," said Jessi as she walked over to his unconscious body. "I'm impressed."

"He won't be out for long. And I can't let him go. He said he'd hurt my family and everyone I care about if I don't do what Grace Kingsley's wants."

Jessi turned her head back towards Kyle, her eyebrows arched. "So what are you going to do with him?"

Kyle's eyes narrowed. "Jessi, I don't like where this is going."

"We may not have a choice," said another man's voice.

Kyle and Jessi turned to face Tom Foss who had let himself into the house. Both of his hands were on his pistol, which he had loaded and aimed at Cassidy's skull.

"Foss!" yelled Kyle. "What are you doing?"

"The same thing I've been doing all along. Protecting you."

"Stop! He's my brother!"

Foss glared at Kyle, his aim still squarely on Cassidy. "He won't stop until he has you where Latnok wants you and he'll do whatever it takes to you or those you love to get you there. I have to do this, Kyle. Just like I had to get rid of Kern."

Foss squeezed the trigger, but as he did, he felt the gun being flung out of his hand with a telekinetic blow from Kyle. The handgun went off in midair, narrowly missing Foss and shattering a lamp. All three frantically ducked out of the way as the shot went off. An uncomfortable silence filled the room as Foss turned angrily back to Kyle.

"You could have killed me, Kyle! Would you rather that I die instead of Cassidy?"

"We're not doing this that way!"

"Then how?" yelled Foss.

Kyle looked back at Jessi who met his eyes with an anxious stare.

I knew that Jessi would agree with Foss. After all, Cassidy did kill her mother. But Jessi would have to trust me on this one. Cassidy was my brother and there was still so much I needed to learn from him.

Kyle turned back to Foss. "The warehouse where we used to train. Is it still safe?"

"Yes, for now."

"I want you to take Cassidy there. Make sure he doesn't escape."

"You're asking me to watch him for you?"

"No," said Kyle. "Just take him there. Once he's secure, I'll look after him. Foss, I need you to come back and watch over my family. Latnok will figure out that he's missing. Once they do, they will send people and the Tragers will be in danger."

Foss took a long breath, looked at Cassidy and then back at Kyle.

"You know I'm taking another awful risk for you."

"I know."

"But I'm trusting you, Kyle. The same way I trusted Baylin."

Kyle nodded to Foss, who then walked over to Cassidy and hoisted him onto his shoulders. Before Foss walked out the door, he turned to Kyle one last time.

"You know where to reach me." And with that, Foss stepped outside and shut the door behind him.

Kyle walked back over to the shattered glass door. There were traces of blood along the wooden planks of the deck. They would have to be cleaned before his family returned.

"Kyle…" he felt Jessi's hand on his shoulder. He slowly turned around to face her. Her eyes nervously looked up to face his. "Kyle, are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"Jessi," Kyle looked into her eyes and paused. "I have no idea what I'm doing. I just wanted to live a normal life… like Josh or Lori or Declan. I thought that this would be over by now. I wasn't prepared for this."

"Come on Kyle," Jesse smirked. "You're better than any of them. Both of us are."

Although uneasy, Kyle couldn't help smiling back a little. "Jessi, I know I can trust you. You're the only one like me—you've always been the only one who could help me stop Latnok. Can I count on you to help me protect the Tragers until this is all over?"

"Does that mean… not telling them what happened here?"

Kyle slowly nodded. "For now. They're already in danger. Knowing the truth about Grace Kingsley and Cassidy could make them even bigger targets."

Jessi nodded back. "I understand."