Car alarms echoed from every corner of the lot. Streetlights had blown up. For a minute, there had been an eerie rumbling sound coming from the top of the Space Needle, a rumbling that wasn't thunder. Now, that sound was gone. Even the rain seemed to be letting up a little.

Nicole stood with her family staring up the tower, paralyzed with fear. For all she knew, Kyle was still up there.

"Nicole." She felt a hand on her shoulder.

She turned around to see Kyle looking back at her, and behind him, Jessi. "Kyle!" Nicole closed her eyes and hugged her son. "What happened?"

"It's over." He hugged her back. "I'm safe. Everyone is safe. It's finally all over."

The next morning, Kyle sat on the couch of the Trager house. Although he wasn't used to being tired, Kyle could honestly admit that he felt worn out. It had been an exhausting month, and a quiet day at home felt well deserved. Jessi was around somewhere too, but he hadn't seen her yet.

On the television, a familiar reporter brought an update on Seattle's latest story.

"For those of you just joining us, the police have made 47 arrests in the wake of last night's incident. Several individuals blocked off traffic near the Space Needle and fired weapons at police officers when they arrived on the scene. Although many were involved, reports now indicate that they may have all been acting under the authority of one Grace Kingsley, who was found dead at the scene.

"Grace Kingsley's motivations still remain foggy at this time, but it appears that her organization was involved in a citywide hunt for the three men found on top of the Space Needle. Trespassing charges were dropped in light of the fact that they acted in self-defense, and all three individuals shall remain nameless. We are still awaiting the final autopsy, but at this moment, it appears Grace Kingsley died of natural causes. All of this coincided with yet another citywide energy surge and blackout, although police are still unable to confirm that these two events are connected.

"As strange as this story may be already, reports of even stranger events throughout the city have been coming in. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen cars driving over Union Lake and people jumping to the tops of buildings. Although the investigation continues, the official stance of the Police Department is that any superhuman or supernatural displays cannot be confirmed."

The doorbell rang. Although Kyle did not move from his spot, he already knew who it was. He heard Nicole walk over and answer it.

"Oh, hello. It's good to see you. I think Kyle's been expecting you."

He heard her take a few steps and then call to him. "Kyle! Someone's here to see you."

Kyle finally stood up and turned to see Adam Baylin standing next to her, supporting himself with a cane.

Nicole smiled at them. "I'll leave you alone for a bit."

As soon as she left, Kyle turned back to Adam. "You're walking with your cane again."

"It's only temporary. Yesterday's events were difficult to endure."

"But it's over now."

"Yes it is. I'd like to thank you, Kyle. Although I asked you not to protect me, I'm really grateful for what you did. You're surpassing me so quickly, sometimes I forget that I won't always need to be the one who looks after you."

"But what happens now? With you? With Latnok?"

"Latnok was acting under Grace Kingsley. In the end, they all saw what she had become, but they were too afraid of her to stand in her way. I've already met with the other senior members, and they want to accept me back into their ranks. Even Nate Harrison was glad to see me, and although he's had a shaky history, he shows much promise. I'm confident that with time, I can steer Latnok back in their original, noble direction."

"And the police won't trace yesterday's events back to them?"

"The police arrested some of the security personnel. They might talk. The police won't find anything though. The headquarters has already been moved to a more secure location."

Kyle paused. "So it's true then. My life can finally return to normal."

Adam nodded. "You're free. You and Jessi can both enjoy living a normal life if that is what you choose." There was a pause. "Of course, you always have options. With the deaths of Cassidy and Grace Kingsley, a second spot is available among the senior members. No one would deny you a place there if you wanted it."

Kyle smiled. "I think I'll take a break from all of this, at least for a little while."

Adam nodded again. "Then that's what you'll do. In the meantime, continue to work with Jessi to expand your abilities and discover how you could change the world. And know that Latnok will be waiting for your leadership, if and when the time comes that you decide you want it."

As Adam stepped out, Kyle stepped forward one more time. "Will I still see you?"

Adam smiled. "Of course you will, Kyle."

With that, Adam left the Trager house, slowing walking with his cane. Kyle waited a minute before closing the door behind him.

"So, back to normal?"

Kyle turned around to see Jessi smiling at him with her eyebrows raised.

"Were you listening to us to the entire time?"

"What do you think?"

Kyle grinned and nodded. "Yes, back to normal, if there is even a normal for you and me."

Jessi stepped up to him. "So your life can finally get back to that constant you talked about?"

Kyle touched Jessi's face and gave her a kiss. Pulling back, he smiled at her again. "Yes. And this time, I know what it means."

So that story wound up being longer than I had originally planned. I know these last few chapters took me longer than usual to write, but that's because I really don't have the time to write that I had before. I hope everyone liked it and I hope that effectively tied up all the loose ends and provided some closure that we didn't get after the Season 3 finale.