This is my version of what could happen in season 4 of tvd.
It's written in Elena's point of view and starts imediatly after the finale of season 3.
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I gasp for air when I wake up, having the idea that I didn't take a breath in a few hours.

' Elena.' I hear two voices say with relief.

They sound familiar to me and somewhere in my slowly waking brains, I know that they mean a lot to me.

I'm laying on something, I just can't figure out what it is.

I know it's a bed or a table, I only can't paste a name on the material where it's made of.

Slowly I open my eyes, feeling a soft headache coming up in the back of my head.

I'm wondering where all the noise is coming from, I hear footsteps everywhere.

And I'm hungry, I'm so, so hungry.

But when my eyes are opened and I have a full view over the entire room, the only two people I see are the two people I love the most.

' How are you feeling?' Stefan asks, helping me to sit up straight.

' Weird.' I answer. ' What happened?'

I can see how Stefan and Damon share a worried glance with each other.

' You kind of died.' Damon whispers.

And although he whispers, I can hear it like he is saying it loud and clear.

' What are you talking about?' I ask. ' Damon, stop teasing, be serious for once.'

But when I see the pain in their eyes, I know they are serious, this is no joke.

' I,… am I,… in,…?' I stumble.

' You are in transition, Elena.' Stefan finishes my sentence, while he sits down next to me, on what actually is a mortuary table. ' I'm so, so sorry, we didn't want this to happen.'

This explains a lot, this is why I am so hungry, I'm actually craving for blood and this is why I can hear footsteps and voices, they are coming from above me, from the hospital.

He wraps his arms around me and kisses me softly on the forehead when I bury my head in my hands.

' We will help you, Elena.' He says. ' You'll get through this.'

I look at him, knowing that my face is filled with unbelief.

' Who says that I'm going to feed?' I ask. ' Who says that I'm going to complete the transition?'

' You have to!' Stefan cries out. ' What should I do without you?'

' Stefan, it's her choice.' Damon interrupts him. ' We both don't want to lose her, but if she doesn't wants to complete the transition, we are not going to force her.'

My eyes land on his face, that is wrenched with pain, but for this one time he didn't question my choice, for this one time he lets me make my own decision, without trying to change my mind.

' I have to think about this.' I say, trying to stay calm. ' But my head is hurting and I'm so hungry.'

' I'm not going to lie to you, because there's no point in lying to you right now.' Damon says. ' The hunger that you are feeling, is the craving for blood, that and the headache are going to get worse as long that you don't feed.'

' So, this is going to get worse?' I ask.

' Yes, it's going to get worse.' Damon sighs. ' And every second that you don't feed is a struggle, until you finally die.'

' But what if I can't resist?' I ask. ' What if the craving is going to be too much and I can't control myself anymore?'

' Calm down, Elena.' Damon says. ' You are strong, if you really don't want to complete the transition, you will be able to resist.'

' Are you sure already?' Stefan asks. ' Did you already decide that you aren't going to complete the transition?'

' No, Stefan.' I sigh, feeling tears burning in the corners of my eyes. ' But this is something I didn't want, something that could change my life forever.'

' Oh, it is life changing.' Damon replies. ' But enough of the shit chat, we have to get you out of the hospital and bring you to the boardinghouse.'

' Why the boardinghouse?' I ask.

' Because there aren't any living people that you can eat.' Damon answers.

' Oh.' I say startled by his reaction. ' What about Jeremy and Bonnie?'

' We asked them to stay away from the boardinghouse for a while.' Stefan answers. ' But if they do come over, I think you'll be strong enough to resist, you love them.'

' I'm scared.' I whisper.

' I know you are, Elena.' Damon says. ' But we are here for you, we'll help you as much as we can.'

I stand up and look at the two boys. ' Well, are we leaving or what?'

Stefan stands up to and grabs my hand, intertwining his fingers with mine, Damon leads us to the emergency exit.

As soon that he opens the door and the sunlight comes in, my eyes starts burning.

' Sorry, we have no sunglasses with us, but the car isn't parked that far away.' Damon says when he sees me protecting my eyes with my hand. ' Do you think you can manage it to the car?'

I nod. ' Sure.'

With my hand protecting my eyes, we walk outside.

Damon did tell the truth, the car wasn't far away, in a few minutes I was sitting in the car, buckled up and all.

Stefan seated himself next to me on the backseat, Damon started the engine and started driving.

Although we were in the car, the sun could still reach my painful eyes very well.

I lay my head against Stefan's breast, so I can protect my eyes a little better.

Damon hits the gas, we are at the boarding house in no time.

I'm glad when we are inside, safe, no sunlight, no hurting eyes.

But it doesn't take away the headache, that's getting worse, neither the hunger, that's getting worse to.

We sit down in the living room and for a few minutes there isn't said anything, we all are to occupied with our own thoughts.

' What happened to Matt?' I ask, suddenly remembering my friend who was sitting next to me in the car when we drove off wickery bridge.

' He's fine.' Stefan says. ' You told me to save him first, I couldn't change your mind, so I did save him first.'

' And that's why I'm in transition right now.' I conclude.

' Yes, and I'm so sorry about that.' He says with a broken voice.

' It's not your fault.' I say. ' It's my own fault and it's one I don't regret.'

' For God's sake, Elena, you are in transition.' Stefan cries out. ' And you are telling me that you don't regret this.'

' No, I don't.' I say calm. ' Because if I wasn't in transition right now, that would mean that you saved me first and that Matt probably died.'

We fall into silence again and the mood gets pretty tensed.

Then Damon clears his throat and sighs.

' Elena, there's still something we have to tell you.' He says. ' And I know this is something that you don't need right now, with how you feel and the things that you are going through, but this could be something that affects your choice about transitioning or not.'

' What is it?' I ask, knowing this is serious, I can see it at Damon's face and in his eyes.

' Rick's dead.' He says.

' What?' I ask startled.

' Rick's dead.' He says again. ' I'm sorry, Elena, he died when you technically died.'

' No, this can't be.' I say. ' Damon, Stefan, tell me this is not true.'

They don't say anything, they just look at me with compassion.

' Jeremy? Does he know?' I ask, worried about my little brother.

' Yes, he knows.' Stefan answers.

' Then I have to see him.' I say. ' I have to talk to him before I make a decision about transitioning or not.'

' You can't see him right now, Elena.' Stefan says. ' What if you can't control yourself.'

' She'll be able to control herself, Stefan.' Damon says. ' And even if she can't, we are both vampires, it will not be hard to drag her away from him.'

Stefan looks at his brother, furious for not choosing his side, but then he nods and takes the phone to call Jeremy.

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