As I woke up, my head was aching and my hands trembled. Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead as I recall what happened inside my brain last night. I was roaming the First Nome. As I walked, I saw Ra and Chief Lector Iskandar, looking at me with such scorn and grief as if I had done something wrong.

I said, "What's going on?" Ra said, "What have you done, Zia?" I said with sheer confusion, "WHAT did I do wrong?" Chief Lector Iskandar said, "Zia, we do not know what happened, but something is happening inside you. Something not even the gods could explain. They saw your sheut, and what they saw was not you, but a woman with ten arms. We don't know what happened to you, but you must be confined-"Ra cut him off abruptly, saying, "Enough, Iskandar. Zia Rashid, you are now forbidden to go out of the First Nome. You are to follow-"

I said, "No! I still have to go with Carter to Long Island, and I have to help Amos with his duties. Why are you doing this to me?" Iskandar was about to say something when Ra cut him off. He was making a fireball and threw it to me. It burned, eating my skin like moth's wings. I tried to put it off, but it only became stronger and seared my flesh. It was slowly making me a skeleton, burning away. The pain became so unbearable that I fell to the floor, quivering like a fly trapped in a spider web. I saw my arms, or what used to be them. In its place were black bones, singed and rotten. I screamed, but realized that I couldn't. I was dying. Slowly, the fire stabbed at my heart. Now my heart was beating slowly. The fire reached it, and it burned painfully.

I had never felt a dream that could be so real, yet so unreal. I put on my clothes and went to see Amos. I didn't tell him about my nightmares, fearing that I would worry him. I had to find out about it somehow, although I didn't know how. I might ask Carter, but he's too busy with the new recruits. Maybe later, after I meet with Amos.

As I went through the hall, I noticed that there was something peculiar in the walls. I looked more closely, and it turned out to be a snake. And it seemed to follow me.