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Chapter 1

Hizashi Hyuga held his newborn son in his hands. His wife fought bravely to bring their miracle into the world, and she succeeded…but that fight cost her her life. Hizashi felt a mix of sorrow and joy: he had his son, but lost his love, his other half. Tears found their way to his colorless, white eyes and he mourned. His son's cries mixed with his as if sensing the loss of something dear to him as well; something that will always be missed.

"Shhhh, its okay…she will be missed but I'm still here, and nothing will change that my son…my Neji." Hizashi rocked his son to sleep and when Neji was put in his crib, Hizashi stayed next to his wife's body, mourning in his own way.

Neji grew to be a happy boy, and at the age of three he met his cousin Hinata: Hinata Hyuga from the branch family.

Hinata Hyuga was born a year after his cousin Neji, and his father Hiashi, hoped he would accomplish great things, even if he were bound by the Hyuga laws, that a branch family member couldn't learn the secret techniques. His hopes diminished though as Hinata grew…he had weak Hyuga blood in him, and Hiashi deemed him a failure. Hinata had other problems besides gaining his father's approval…he had to hide who he really was. Hinata Hyuga is male according to his birth certificate, but she was born female. In the Hyuga household, females couldn't be born first in a branch family, only males. If a female is born, she would be executed right away; but if a male was born first, then a female, she would be sparred because the male would take on protecting the main house family member they were assigned to, not the female.

Hinata was lucky…she had a mother who wouldn't give her child up for anything, and a father who had something to prove, and so she was born believing she was just like her cousin Neji, who she would meet very soon.

"Is it weird for me to say that he's kinda cute?" Neji whispered. His father was going to argue on how strange the concept of a boy being cute was, but he couldn't. His brother's son was, as if the word was made for him, cute. He had a light complexion that fit all Hyugas but his hair wasn't black-brown, but black-blue. And it wasn't long like Neji's, whose looks would be closer to handsome than cute, it was short, kind of like a short hime-style with bangs framing the side of his face…and his eyes had a strange lavender tint to it, while Neji's had silver in it just like his. Neji was thinking the very same thing, and when Hinata hid behind his father Neji resolved that Hinata was the cutest person he ever met.

Hinata on the other hand, felt intimidated by his uncle, and wanted to hide away but his father pushed him ahead. He couldn't meet Neji's eyes and simply bowed. He knew what was coming after this meeting and was terrified. His mother said it would be over soon but he couldn't erase the fear of pain in his mind. Hinata looked at his cousin's face: it was kind and strong and suddenly Hinata felt a heavy pain in his chest. He wanted to claw the feeling out of his chest, but it just got stronger. Hinata was jealous and angry of Neji. He didn't have to go through the painful process of being marked; He didn't have weak Hyuga blood, in fact he was a genius, according to what Hinata heard and He didn't need to be held back in the Hyuga ways because of family lineage. Hinata hid these feelings and didn't bother on them, since he knew they would only bring trouble. What he didn't know is that his father, Hiashi, was thinking the same thing, but he didn't, or couldn't, hide his feelings of hate and jealousy.

Hizashi felt a killing intent and activated his brother's cursed seal. All Hiashi felt was numbness on his lower body and heat in his head. The heat got worse and soon he felt as if his brain cells were being evaporated…everything around him was quiet, but on the outside of his mind, he was screaming his heart out in pain. Hinata was screaming along with him and crying, but Neji was just hiding behind his father, terrified of what was happening.

"Leave him alone! Stop it! Can't you see you're hurting him?" Hinata was screaming just as loudly as his father and felt a whole new level of fear. His childish voice was transformed with the help of fear and sounded as if said from someone older than a two-year-old. (a/n: yes a two year old can say a complete sentences and in this case Hinata is a scared child who wants to help his/her father…anything is possible no? well for me yes ^^;)

"Let this be a lesson to you child," Hiashi finally stopped screaming. "If you ever try to harm the Main Branch of this family, you will endure the same pain as your father." Hinata was beside his father and was trying to help him up. He looked at his cousin, then his uncle. He said nothing; just bowed and was half-dragged by his father out of the room, making sure his father didn't stumble. He would never forget this day, never forget the lesson that was implanted into his young mind.