Honestly, I feel Apollo can be paired with anyone, but I chose Percy for this story. Maybe he'll make another appearance but with another companion? Ho ho. Anyways. One-shot. Don't know how far it will go.

Cool, refreshing water. Not a thing like it in the world. It rocked and comforted but could be merciless and cruel at the same time, Percy marveled.

His hands cut clean into the lake, his legs kicking powerfully. He had started swimming a lot more recently to...forget a few things.

Don't think about her. Focus on the liquid.

But of course, he thinks about how he dumped Annabeth and feels terrible but he couldn't string her along anymore because he may not like her kind and she won't even talk to him.

It all comes rushing into his head. It was a year ago, but he still couldn't get over it.

Angling his body, Percy dives farther down into Camp Half-Blood's lake, hoping the pressure will be the only thing he thinks about.

Sitting on the dock a few yards away sat a particular god with blond hair who had a particular taste for green-eyed heroes. Unknown to the hero in question, he sat watching the boy's lithe figure move through the water.

"You just had to wear a Speedo today, Percy," Apollo mutters to himself. He peers over his large sunglasses as the younger boy resurfaces and continues on as if he hadn't just spent the past ten minutes underwater.

There was just something irresistible about the son of Poseidon.

Apollo whistles loudly and calls Percy's name, getting his attention. He motions for the boy to come closer.

Percy glances up sharply, coming out of his little world. Wonder how long Apollo's been there.

Moving towards the dock, he begins to regret wearing what he did. If he gets even the slightest bit hard, Apollo will be sure to notice. Which will be difficult, considering the god is one of the reasons Percy began to question his sexuality. And he's shirtless. And ripped.

The darker haired boy leans against the dock. "What do you want, Apollo?"

"Can't I just pay a visit to an old friend?"

"Last time you came, you just wanted to scam on weak-willed campers."

He smirks. "I plan on scamming on a certain camper this time." This makes Percy blush, though he tries to convince himself that it's not directed towards him.

"Why don't you come up here and give me a proper welcome?" Percy nods and pushes himself onto the wooden planks with ease. "Those are quite the muscles you have there."

The demigod blushes again. "Thanks. I've been swimming a lot."

"I know. Let me see those." Without further warning, Apollo places a warm hand on his bicep, feeling the hard muscle. His hand travels up the smaller boy's arm and to his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Percy is concentrating on trying to keep his Speedo flat as Apollo's hand travels down his back. He loses the battle when the same hand is pressed against his abs and soft fingertips explore his lower abdomen.

"S-stop...Apollo, stop it!" Percy manages, knowing what is happening is wrong. If Annabeth knew what was happening, it would crush her. He couldn't hurt her anymore.

The sun god smiles. "You say no, but you're eyes say different."

Percy wished it wasn't true, but he couldn't be more dead on. His will grew weaker as Apollo stroked his chest.

Suddenly, the blonde leaned forwards and kisses the other full on the lips. Percy gasps and tries to pull away, but Apollo holds him in place.

When he finally let's go, Percy's bulge in embarrassingly obvious. Yet he still struggles. "I can't...I can't do this to Annabeth."

Apollo pouts. "She doesn't have to know. Besides, it's not like you're married." He then whispers in Percy's ear, "You're eyes say different." His strength diminishes by the second. He knows he's about to give in. Annabeth, forgive me, but he has a point...

At that point, Percy is almost relieved to pounce on the blonde and roll onto the dock with him. Their lips crash together the other lets out an almost animal-like sound of victory.

Percy feels Apollo's tongue trying to explore his mouth and gladly allows it to happen. He reciprocates with just as much passion.

Surprising even himself, the green-eyed boy is the first to try to remove Apollo's board shorts. In the process, they reach the end of the pier and roll into the cold water below.

Grinning, Percy creates a bubble around the two of them. "At least now we'll have more privacy," Apollo smirks.

The resume with more force than before. It doesn't take long before they've stripped each other. Shit, he's got the body of a god. Wait. Unnnh.

Percy's thoughts become hard to make sense of as Apollo reaches down and strokes his member. A soft moan escapes, making Apollo smile.

He begins to rub harder and harder, and the demigod's whimpers grow in volume as well. Just as he feels he's about to climax, the older man grabs his head and guides it downwards.

Percy takes the hint and trails kisses down his neck, then his, chest, and his chiseled stomach. When he reaches his destination, he slowly envelopes it with his mouth.

As he begins to move on the nine inches, Apollo's runs his hands through his hair. "More," he groans as his head rolls backwards.

Gently, Percy begins to bob up and down. With another "nnngg," the sun god grabs Percy's head and moves it for him.

With a slight pop, his member is released. "You ready?" He asks in a husky voice.

The smaller boy nods. I've been ready before I knew I was ready, if that makes sense. I- His inner monologue is cut off by a sense of pleasure laced with pain as Apollo enters him. "Holy shit!"

From behind, Apollo gives a worried, "You okay down there?"

"Whatever you do, don't stop." He gives a small laugh in response, then continues to push in.

Gradually, the thrusts grow faster and rougher. Finally, when he hits just the right spot, Percy loudly moans Apollo's name.

He pounds into the man below, each time hitting his prostate.

Percy says breathlessly, "I'm gonna...I'm gonna...!" He screams, "APOLLO!" and finishes on the lake bottom.

The other grows closer with Percy's moans and climaxes with a final thrust.

They fall away from each other but lay on the bottom of the water, each panting hard.

Apollo rolls towards the demigod and kisses him on the cheek, saying, "I knew your eyes said differently." They giggle and Percy is content to lay in his arms.

Chiron decides to take an after-lunch stroll by the lake. A pair of board shorts and a Speedo float to the top of the water as he rests on the dock.

He chuckles, saying, "Poseidon isn't going to be happy about this."

I ended up going pretty far with this pairing. Hope you enjoyed!

PS: Would anyone like it if I turned this into an actual story, not just a one-shot? Apollo would try to get with Percy, he would hit on him all the time, etc. Comment if you would think that would be cool.:)