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Poseidon had always known that Apollo was nothing but trouble.

The lad was arrogant, obnoixoius, and way too promiscious. The sea god had been able to ignore him because they rarely ever met; what were the chances of the ocean greeting the sun?

But he had crossed a line this time. Having his way with Poseidon's only son was unforgivable.


The confusion felt about this topic caused all major bodies of water to have rough waves for days.

On one hand, he had defiled poor, young Percy and sullied his innocence. And in Poseidon's own domain!

Yet on the other hand, and this made the oceans roil even more, it hadn't seemed like Percy was having the worst time in the world. No, he had definetly enjoyed the ordeal. Who was Poseidon to get in the way of love?

And on the other hand, Apollo was an asshole, plain and simple. He thought he could do anything and get away with it. Not on Poseidon's watch.

And on yet another hand, he couldn't control Percy's life. It wasn't fair to the boy.

"I will let things be, for now," his voice boomed throughout the ocean floor. "But that doesn't mean I can't make things as tricky as possible for that bastard Apollo."

The world came back fuzzy for Percy Jackson.

There was liquid overhead and sand on his bum. Obviously, he was on the bottom of the lake. What he couldn't figure out was why.

He stretches his limbs only to bump into a warm body. A body that was all too familiar by now.

A small "Oh, fuck," escapes his mouth as the general experience comes rushing back to him.

"What, right now?" Apollo responds, sitting upright.

Percy shakes his head slightly. "No, you idiot. Did we really...?"

A devilish grin grows on the other's face. "Yep. And it was amazing, if I do say so myself."

"Why in Zeus's name did we do that? When did we do it? Did I-" the demigod's voice grows hushed as he says the next part. "Did I give consent?"

Apollo chuckles at his panicked reaction. "One, we did it because it was fun. Two, it happened about three hours ago. And three, I belive you're the one who instigated it in the first place. I'm not a complete slimeball."

Running his fingers through his hair, Percy remembers exactly what had happened blow for blow (pun intended). He then massages his face, unsure what to do next.

"You sure are cute with your face all smushed up like that," Apollo comments.

Percy gives him a look of steel. "No. No way are you going to start being all lovey-dovey. No compliments, no starry-eyed gazes, and definetly no unnecessary touching!"

"Didn't seem like you missed my touch a few hours ago."

A blush crawls across Percy's skin. He had really messed up this time. Annabeth would be furious.

Apollo lightly punches him in the shoulder, saying, "I know what you're thinking: Annabeth's gonna be pissed, yadda yadda, but listen to me. You aren't with her. She doesn't really matter anymore."

The other boy's eyes narrow and his mouth tightens. "You have no right to say that. Of course she matters."

"I'm just saying, you shouldn't be so worried what she thinks." Apollo frowns a bit, pushing his lips out slightly. God, they were kissable lips.

Percy kicks off the sandy floor and floats to the top. He couldn't get suckered into his trap again.

"Wait, wait! You're taking the air bubble with you!" Apollo calls, but Percy doesn't even look at him. "Like I need oxygen anyways," the god huffs.

Back at Cabin Number Three, Percy flops down on his bed, still wet from head to toe. It was a good thing he didn't have any roommates; the stares he received from random campers while booking it back to his home base were bad enough.

It was as if they had never seen a nude son of Poseidon before.

He had no idea what to do now. He felt guilty keeping recent events from Annabeth, but he couldn't tell her about them. Imagine how that conversation would go. "Hey, Wise Girl! I fucked Apollo! Hard!"

The mere mention of the act set his skin blazing with shame and something even more sinful...lust. Catching the pillow in his arms, Percy shoves his face into the fabric and rolls around on the now soaking mattress. He rolls a bit to much and lands heavily on the wooden floor below, face down.

"Oof." He flips onto his back, putting the pillow over his face.

"What'cha doin'?" The drawl comes from the doorway after a few minutes. Percy tilts his head to see an upside-down Apollo leaning in his doorway, a towel around his waist and his chest still glistening with water. His eyes travel a bit to much on the younger boy's body for Percy's comfort.

He sits up and places the pillow in his lap to shield himself from Apollo's roaming eyes. "What do you want?" Percy snaps.

"Geez, I just wanted to check up on you. Besides, I asked you a question first." He sits down on the lower bunk and flinches at the wet bed, now freezing cold. "They have terrible room service here."

Percy gives a small laugh. "Seriously, what is it? I need to take a shower, I'm shaking like a leaf with cold."

"I could help you with that. Either warming up or taking a shower, or both. You choose." Apollo lifts an eyebrow suggestively.

"Uh uh. I said none of that."

The sun god shakes his head slightly. "Right. Anyways, I just wanted to apologize. I didn't realize Annabeth still meant that much to you. Usually when someone breaks up with another person, that means they're done with said person."

"I know that's how it's supposed to be, but it's complicated. I had, um, other reasons for breaking it off."

His eyes open wide with shock. "She cheated on you? That's ballsy, even for her."

Percy stands up, pillow still in place. "It was nothing like that. Now seriously, leave. I need to wash off." The other stands as well, and Percy places one hand firmly on his back and pushes him out the door.

Apollo turns in the doorway, a breath's space away from Percy. He pushes his lips onto the demigod's, in full view of the rest of camp.

An alarm goes off in Percy's head, but he tastes oh so good. When the break off after what felt like an hour but was really a few seconds, Apollo grins his big, goofy grin.

"Call me!" He chirps as he skips away, leaving Percy on the porch, using the pillow to cover his raging hard-on.

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