Don't Be Afraid - For Raynee and Damien

Raynee Neff and Damien Thorn

Raynee is the Sergeant's child,

Most people who meet her say she she's normal.

A thirteen year old who is sweet, calm, and mild.

The boys fall for her, and it makes her smile.

Nobody knows about her evil truth, bearing the mark on her hand.

Being close to Damien, the boy she'd kill a line of people who reached a mile

She is the one who makes his destiny complete.

The apostate is the one who protects,

And being by his side, for Raynee, is an easy feat.

Damien likes her, and Raynee the same.

If somebody asks, something bad happens.

If somebody dies, their destiny is to blame.

Her lord, her savior, and her best friend.

The boy she is with for eternity...

Or at least, till the end.