A Gnome's Health

Hey everyone, VickyT36 is back with another Gnomeo and Juliet fanfic. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Going to the Doctor

One Fall morning in London, England in the Red and Blue garden the gnomes were just finishing breakfast.

"Remember everyone, as soon as we're all finished we have to go the hospital for our annual check-ups." said Lord Redbrick.

Everyone remembered, because Lord Redbrick had been talking about it for over a month. "Why does he always go on about doctors?" Gnomeo whispered to his wife, Juliet.

"Because he doesn't like them." she answered. After breakfast they gnomes walked out of the garden, and towards the hospital.

"Well I have lots of tests to get finished." said Gnomeo. "Like what?" asked Juliet. "Blood test, cholesterol test, fitness exam." Gnomeo listed.

"Well, let's just hope they go well. I want my husband in tip-top condition." said Juliet snuggling close to him. He put his arm around her shoulder, and kissed her on the cheek.

When they got to the hospital, they waited in the waiting room, reading magazines, watching TV, and talking. Then nurse came out. "Gnomeo Blueberry, Dr. Smith will see you in room A56, Juliet Blueberry, Dr. Stone will see you in room B89, Lord Redbrick, Dr. Jenkins will see you in room C23, Lady Blueberry, Dr. Richards will see you in room D12. Tybalt Redbrick, Dr. Wilson will see you in room E33, Nanette Frog, Dr. Toad will see you in room F45, Paris Redstone, Dr. Papis will see you in room G68, and Dolly Dr. Sweets will see you in room H78." she said.

All the gnomes went through the door, and to their rooms.

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