Brave is one of my new addictions. Presently I'm working on making Merida a part of my job description, and have been to see Brave four times during the seven it's been at cinemas. I hope I'm able to do her character justice here on FanFiction.

Usually my chapters in general are about five times longer than this, but I'll just see if anyone's interested before I begin the actual story. I've had the entire plot planned out in my mind for the past week, so I'd love to share it! :)

Angus tore through the forest, Merida with her arms outstretched in utter bliss upon his back. The wind attacked her hair, sending unruly red whips across the cold-flushed skin of her face, tears leaking from her eyes as the air seeped through her eyelashes and stung her otherwise hidden aqua-blue orbs. This was what freedom felt like. Freedom which had seemed so impossible to have a sturdy hold on before somewhat unspeakable mishaps involving her mother only a few months previously...

Peace had been kept throughout the neighbouring clans, and Merida, for once in her life, felt completely at home. She was free to roam, outside of her necessary lessons, of course, as she pleased, and able to become her own person, and eventually the clan's person, when the time came. Her archery, her greatest passion, was now treasured not only by herself and her father, but by her mother, who had finally seen how greatly her daughter had been gifted, though Merida's prized bow still had no business to greet the table at mealtimes.

The exhilarating pounding of Angus' heavy hooves on the thick ground below the pair kept a steady pace, and Merida laughed into the empty forest, lifting her head back to stare ahead of her as her right arm reached for an arrow from behind her back. With barely enough time to adjust to the sight of her surroundings, her slight fingers let go of the arrow in her grasp and it sailed cleanly through the air, landing precisely on a carved marking she'd made in a tree months beforehand, ridding a few forgotten arrows in the process.

At last they'd stopped, overlooking the ocean from one of their most-visited spots upon the cliffs that for the most part lined Clan DonBroch's highlands. Merida fished a number of apples out of her bag and held one up for Angus as she bit into her own, her eyes trained on the golden glimmer of sunset before her. From where she was sitting she could see the docks of her land. There seemed to be a commotion going on down there, and her eyebrows pulled together, forming a small crease beside her left eyebrow. She couldn't remember her father mentioning they were expecting visitors...

She mounted Angus once more, suddenly curious, and the duo made their way down, toward the water, taking a path not commonly used so they would be able to travel faster; she wished to be home for dinner before the sky was completely dark. As it was, she was having difficulty seeing, depending on Angus' better eyesight to carry her through the dimming village. Her mind began to wander elsewhere, which was why it was such a shock to have Angus jerk to a sudden stop below her, resulting in her almost being thrown from his back.

"Angus!" she groaned, her hands clinging tightly to his neck as he huffed and stamped his feet in what appeared to be frustration. As she returned her eyesight to the road in front of her she saw a boy, sprawled on the cobblestone road in front of her, a broken wooden box beside him. He obviously hadn't been looking where he was going, and Merida resisted the urge to laugh at his flustered face.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked, his voice angry from the amused expression he could barely make out on her face.

"Excuse me," Merida's tone was sharp, all humour gone, and she sat up straighter in her seat. "You're the one who wasn't looking where he was going!"

"Oh, yes, of course," his words were sarcastic as he got to his feet again and sighed at the broken box, kicking it angrily. "You were obviously well aware of your surroundings to come so close to knocking me over."

"Well, it's a road, isn't it?"

"I wasn't expecting anyone to be riding along here this late at night."

"I came to see what the fuss was about." she began craning her neck, pushing her unwilling hair out of her face as she strained her eyes to see what distance kept from her. "What's happening at the docks?"

The boy picked up his box, holding it together in his strong, sun-browned arms and threw her one last, unfriendly glance before stalking off, calling over his shoulder: "Unexpected guests."

Merida frowned after his retreating form and, seeing how dark the sky was growing, steered Angus off in the direction of her home.

The poor horse was still a little shaky once they'd arrived in his stall. Merida made him comfortable and stroked his nose to calm him down, murmuring in a gentle voice. "Don't worry about it, Angus. It was entirely that idiot's fault." a couple of unintelligible exclamations from servants in the courtyard before her had her turning in wonder as to what they seemed to alarmed about. With one last reassuring pat to her horse she left the stall and followed them into the castle, walking directly to the dining hall where she knew her family would be indulging in dinner.

What she had not expected were the extra additions, nor the way they looked up when she entered, as if she was precisely the person they had been waiting for.

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