I twitched, as awakened from sleep. "Some bad memories, dear?" Tariq's voice came to me from big cloud of smoke. He was looking at me rocking back in his chair and smiling maliciously. He looked like nasty toad. I looked at him in disgust. Anger helped me get back to the internal balance. "I should have let him die then.." I thought, clenching my fists.

I ran as fast as I could. I haven't stopped even for a moment, haven't watched back. Only one thought was stuck in my head, "Run, run, run!" Running blindly, almost crazed with fear, I fell straight into the hands of Tariq. Stamped with the rhythm and cut off the balance, and I measured one's length. I fell, Tariq crushed me to the ground. Frightened, tired and vulnerable, I was easy target. Tariq thought so. But he was mistaken. I fought with such fury that until I ran out of breath. In fact for a while I thought that I'm fighting with Thanatos. I hit blindly, because I was afraid to open my eyes. When I saw Tariq instead of this devil, I'm relieved. Someone may say that I out of the frying pan into the fire. Well, I would say was the opposite. But I could not ignore my enemy. He was strong and armed, I had only a knife. I knew that this is not enough.

In his eyes I saw the surprise and disbelief because of my so big defiance. He said something, but I haven't understood the words. For sure it was something nice, in his 'charming' style. I was able to pull the knife from my boot and I cut him in the face. He roared furiously. I snatched the knife and hit me hard in the face. I felt the blood in my mouth, I have seen dark in my eyes. Almost lost consciousness. "It's over," I thought with despair.

Help came unexpectedly, from T-600 patrolling this area. The irony of fate.. The machine saves me from the man. Terminator grabbed Tariq with evident intention of separating his torso away his legs. Tariq was yelling like a man possessed. With great difficulty I picked up from the ground. I took a Tariq's gun and I shot. The world swirled in my head so much that I missed. I aimed again, and I have picked off the entire magazine. T-600 was destroyed. Tariq was lying unconscious.

I dropped the gun, breathing heavily. I fell to my knees. Nightmarish day.. I felt the piercing cold. Just now I realized that my uniform is ragged, and the shirt is entire in tatters. The blood started to boil in me when I understood what Tariq was trying to do. I found a knife and furious headed towards to my tormentor. My eyes burned with hatred. Clutching a knife in my hand, I stood over the fallen Tariq. He was bleeding, a lot. I stood and just was looking at him. For long, long time.. Finally I hid the knife back. I covered myself his overcoat and I bound up his wound.

Tariq probably doesn't even know that on that day I saved his life twice.

I took a deep breath and I loosened my hands. I was myself again. The crisis passed. "I do not have a lot of good memories," I said quietly, but calmly. Calm and balance. That was what I needed most right now.

"Like all of us" replied Tariq. "I admire you, Ellen. You risked everything by coming here. What do you actually want from me, huh?" Thank God, at last we're back to square one. Need to focus on the reality and the current situation. There is a job to do. "I'm looking for guy.." I said, relieved that he asked for it.

"Whoa 'ell, honey!" He interrupted me and began to croak like some frog. "There is at least a hundred guys who are just waiting for at least one gesture on your part! Do not excluding me of course! Hehehe!" He winked at me and spread his hands as to embrace. It was pathetic. But nothing could upset me anymore. I will not let him provoke me. I do not have time for this. I smiled wryly, "You didn't understand me. I'm looking for a man named Green. Some call him 'Angel'. Do you know him?"

Disappointment took away the smile from his face. He became serious. I saw a flash of interest and curiosity in his eyes. I did not like it. He looked thoughtful, but oo long to be credible. I was sure he knows who I'm talking about. "Yeah, I know this guy," he said after a moment.

"Where can I find him?"

"You're lucky. He is here today. I'll take you to him."

I breathed a sigh of relief, "Thanks"

"Anything else?" he asked. I shook my head. "Yeah .. Alright then. We have a deal. You saved my life. I'll give you this guy. I'll give away your guns and I will assign a guide to the surface." I looked at him in surprise. I was not expecting such generosity. "Do not be so surprised, sugar. My life is very precious for me. Besides, I like you. More than you think." Another blink. Can I get 'ell out of here? I'll vomit in a moment.

He stood up and we walked out of that damn room. I looked at the clock. Strange. Have passed only twenty minutes. I had the impression that all this took a few hours. "Your weapons," Tariq said and handed me my property. Surie took her own. "Green is sitting there on the right, the last table. Go on your own."

He smiled to me and looked straight to me eyes."I think that would be better for both of us if we will never meet again. Care of yourself." I was of the same opinion. "Thanks Tariq" I turned around and together with Suri we went down the hall in the indicated direction.

"And one more thing, Ellen?" I heard behind me. I turned around. "We're quits" he said putting in his teeth next smelly cigar. I nodded. After a moment, he disappeared from sight. I took a deep breath. One thing settled. Time for another now.

The last table on the right. Even before we reached the place, from afar, I recognized the man who had accosted me earlier. He recognized us, too. He rose from his chair and cried aloud, "Honey! You changed your mind?"

Holy shit.