Zucco's Revenge

Epilogue: Home for Good

Batman could see that something was wrong. He was instantly reacting as Dick Grayson slipped off the girder and heading toward an instant death. Swinging his batarang, it secured itself around another girder. He was just in time, catching Dick in his arms as he swung on his bat rope. He dropped to the floor carrying Dick in his arms.

"Dick, Dick."

Dick didn't respond.

Then Batman remembered that Dick mentioned about his right thigh. Laying Dick on the arena floor, he found the wound to Dick's thigh. His pant leg was soaked with blood. He quickly pulled out a bandage roll from his utility belt and bound Dick's wound. He then picked Dick up in his arms and gently carried him to the batmobile. He then climbed in and called Captain Gordon.

"Captain, it's Batman. You will find Zucco and another of his cohorts at the Gotham Arena."

"Batman, we found a Mr. Sharp dead in his home. He was shot."

"Mr. Sharp was in with Zucco. He helped arrange for Dick Grayson's kidnapping. If you check ballistics, I am certain you will find a match with Zucco's gun. You will need to send for the coroner's wagon. Zucco is dead. And no, I did not kill him. He slipped and fell."

"What about young Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne's ward?" Gordon asked.

Batman looked over at his ward, 'He's safe. I am taking him to a hospital. He was hurt. I have informed Bruce Wayne of the situation. We shall keep in touch, Captain."

Batman drove to Gotham Hospital, pulling into the emergency entrance. He got out of the batmobile and moved to the passenger side. He lifted Dick out of the vehicle and carried him into the emergency room.

"Batman! What are you doing here?"

"Bruce Wayne's ward has been injured, could you please take care of him. I have informed Bruce Wayne of the situation."

"How did he acquire his injury?"

Batman explained how Dick Grayson had been kidnapped and tried to escape, the bullet narrowly missing him. "I could not prevent him from being hurt," Batman said, guilt filling him.

"Don't worry, I'm certain you did your best to protect him. He's young and the wound will heal. We'll take care of him."

"I should go, before he wakes. Bruce Wayne should be here soon to take his ward home."

Batman called Alfred to have him meet him just outside the city limits.

"I need to drive in. You need to take the Batmobile back to the batcave."

"Please, let me know how he is, Master Bruce."

"I will."

Alfred allowed Bruce to change out of his batman costume in the vehicle he provided then handed him the keys. Bruce then watched Alfred climb into the batmobile to return to the batcave. Bruce headed to Gotham Hospital and once inside he asked where he could find Dick Grayson. Dick was placed in a private room.

*Knock, knock*

"Can I come in?" Bruce stuck his head in the door.

"Bruce!" Dick smiled broadly, tears rimming his eyes. "I . . . I thought I'd never see you, again."

Bruce moved over to the bed and sat next to Dick. Dick moved closer as best he could to whisper to Bruce.

"Was that Batman I saw?"

"Yes," Bruce said. "I . . . feel bad that you got hurt. I didn't get there fast enough."

Dick gazed at the bandage that covered the wound to his right thigh. "It's okay, Bruce. You couldn't stop it even if you did. Besides, I've been hurt before. I broke my arm the first time I tried using the trapeze when I was four. This was just a scratch."

"You could have been killed."

"I could have been killed just from being a trapeze artist. I knew what I was doing. It was more of a risk to grab for the rafters. If I had missed, it wouldn't have mattered."

"I keep forgetting you're more than just a kid. You really do know your stuff."

"And the training you've given me also enables me to do more," Dick pointed out.

You're right."

"So, am I going to be going home?"

Bruce gave Dick a very wide smile. "Yes, in fact, it's for good. And Alfred is waiting for us. He'll probably have your favorite meal waiting for you."

Dick gave Bruce the widest grin he could make, "Holy homecoming, I can't wait."