I present the final installment of Wide Awake. Thank you all for the comments and questions you have posted on this story. Warning the gushiness in this story is a little more than I'd like to admit. I hope it lives up to everyone's expectations. Enjoy!

Jaina smiled gleefully as her husband gently rocked back and forth to keep their son asleep. This was a side of Jag Fel the galaxy rarely got to see, and Jaina counted herself lucky to be one of the people who got to watch. He patted and rubbed the baby's back for comfort, more for himself than the infant. He opened his pale green eyes, and turned towards Jaina.

"Jaina, we need to talk about a name." He whispered.

" I know I've been thinking about it as well. I just don't know, Jag." Though he had a smile on his face, Jaina could see the little twinge of uneasiness in his eyes.

Sighing he spoke, "Jaina, I know what his name is. It might take some convincing but you'll come around sooner or later," Sometimes Jag could be so cryptic. He obviously saw her puzzled expression and decided to cut to the chase. "His name is-" Jag was cut off but an abrupt opening of the door. Han and Leia Solo quietly walked in and greeted the little family.

"How you doin' kid? Look fine to me." Han walked over and wrapped his daughter in a tight hug.

"Thanks dad. Good to see you too." She smiled up at her father as her mother sat on the edge of the bed to embrace her daughter as well.

"We're so proud of you." She said kissing her on the forehead, and then looking to Jag, "And we're grateful to you as well. Thank you Jag."

He smiled, "No problem, Princess. I would do anything for Jaina."

" A fact I'm thankful for every night." The baby started to wake up, making small whimpering noises in the process. Looking completely helpless Jag did the best he could to calm the child down, but failed miserably. "Here, give him to me." Leia walked over to take the baby from Jag, and he was instantly quiet.

Having seen the little trick countless times from her mother with Ben, Jaina asked, "Which one are you thinking about?"

"Both of them. But you and Jacen are more prominent at the moment." Leia smiled as she held the little baby.

"So, what's the little tykes name?" Han spoke up, now seated on the edge of the bed with his arm still wrapped around Jaina.

"Well, Jag and I were just discussing the matter. It seems we can't deci-"

"Jacen." Jaina turned to her husband wide-eyed. "His name is Jacen." Jag seemed to take a more defensive stance that Jaina was sure only she could see.

"Jag…I…we didn't talk about this." Jaina barely whispered.

"Jaina, I know what you're going to say but when you hear the reasoning you will understand." Jag carefully walked over to Jaina.

"Wait, she didn't know about this?" That was from her father on her left. Jaina looked down at the bed sheets, and then looked back up at Jag who was now face to face with her.

"It would honor his memory. We're not naming him Caedus," She could sense his uneasiness at saying the cursed name, but he continued. "We're naming him Jacen. After the Jacen Solo that not only stopped one but two wars, and saved the galaxy. The Jacen Solo that went through who knows what and came back to only continue in his struggle for justice." Jag gave a humorous smile, "The Jacen Solo that tried to rescue you from danger when I showed up for an experiment."

Jaina's laugh sounded more like a snort, because of the tight knot forming in her throat recalling the memory from when they were kids. Jaina knew her parents had no idea what Jag was talking about but they understood the general idea. She noticed how her father's hand had tightened slightly on her arm, and she could sense the tears running down her mother's face.

"But most importantly, we're naming him after the Jacen Solo who was your twin brother, your other half. The one I know you desperately miss everyday." Jaina could tell Jag was finished. She reached to hug him, and held him for quite some time knowing deep in her heart he was right. He held her just as tight, being her rock in this galaxy where she had gone through darkness and came out to see him standing there with open arms.

"Thank you, Jag. I don't know where I'd be without you." She whispered in his ear.

"And I, you Jaina. I love you." He whispered back. She released him, and came back to reality where her parents were standing side by side both smiling at their only daughter and the man that was the world to her. Her mother's eyes sparkled as she handed Jacen back to Jaina.

"Hi there, my little Jacen." The words sounded almost foreign in her mouth, but Jaina was ready for new beginnings.