Prologue... (Prelude Final Fantasy watch?v=ZF8YsrJIIjk)

The humans' grave mistake
That mistake made the Gods in trouble
They lost the the ability to make contact with Earth
With the only the eyesight on Earth being allowed

In this time, a lot of mistakes are made
some natural, some human-made
and there are some that no mortal can ever cause
These mistakes are causing trouble for the humans

A Goddess laments her helplessness right now but there is a hidden solution
with the Goddess of Light's power
She released her light power on Earth
In the moment before the humans made the grave mistake

After the grave mistake
the lights changed their original purpose
They now desire humans
As they are now the only ones who could help the Gods.

They possess random Items
The humans find some possessed items
but so far they only abuse their claimed power from the items
This led them to more corruption

In this generation, the mystery of the mistakes may be solved
But it depends on the humans with the lights' power
10 regular teens who attend to their normal routines
They are about to have their lives changed forever

This is a rewrite of my story Luminous Occultus. So don't think that just because I made a poem in the prologue means that I changed the overall story. I'm still keeping the Idea and I started to improve in my writing, so expect better chapters.
Anyone new to reading this, This is a remake from my first story, which I deleted. I'm not accepting any new Ocs.
Chapter 1 – Virtuoso's Start