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D'Eon wonders about his sister Lia.


He wondered why Lia's smiling to herself more often. Or why his sister would spend hours over her letters. She did seem happy so it couldn't be any harm, right? D'Eon frowned as Lia drifted past his door smiling and clutching a letter to her bosom. Could she be in love? But it was so unlike his sister to be mooning over a letter.

Her work for the king kept her so very busy. It was rare that she came home these days for a visit. It could not be a fiancé as no nobleman had asked Lia for her hand yet since her betrothed perished of a fever while they were still children. It was not that Lia was wanting in looks. D'Eon had witnessed how the menfolk would gather about her to ask her to dance at balls. She was blond and fair, a beauty in her own right. She was also intelligent and witty. Some even gossiped that she was a secret mistress of the king, never mind if His Majesty often sent her half-way across Europe in the company of diplomats.

D'Eon laughed inside at that notion. Lia would never agree to be a royal mistress. She respected Her Majesty too much for that.

Could she have met and fallen for someone on one of those trips? It was likely. If so, who was he? Was he noble-born or a commoner? Was he a soldier or swordsman? For a moment, he felt his heart twist that Lia was keeping such a big secret from her only brother. It couldn't have anything to do with her work at Versailles, right? She had told him that they were not to ever discuss her work. Who was the man who had stolen Lia's heart?

No, it would be too rude of him to question. Lia will tell him when she is ready, wouldn't she?

D'Eon frowned and stared at the ink blot before him. He scrunched up the paper in his hand and tossed it aside. Taking a fresh sheet of paper, he started anew on his letter to Anna. He really hoped his Anna would treasure his letters as much as Lia treasured those from her secret beloved.

Author's Notes:

Lia acting like a teenager in love? That would even set her brother wondering for sure.