Title - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Chapter title - What's Wrong With Being A Nobody?
Author - OblivionsGarden
Genre - Romance/Adventure
Disclaimer - I do not own The Goonies in anyway shape or form. I only own my original character, Carrie Walsh.

Summary - Carrie Walsh is Mikey's twin sister who shares his love of their home and his sense of adventure. One other thing they share is their friend Mouth. Carrie, however, starts to develop feelings for the boy on their hunt for One-Eyed Willy's treasure. Will sparks fly or will they just remain friends? Mouth/Oc.
The Goonies film with an added OC. Enjoy.

A/n - My second Goonies fic. Woo! Another Mouth/Oc fic because he was my favorite and I like paring him up with people that only exist in my head. This is from Mikey's twin sister's point of view through the plot of the film. Have fun, reading you lovely, lovely people.
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Today was a fairly miserable day in the Walsh household. The looming foreclosure of our area of Astoria was weighing heavy on our minds. I was currently sat at the top of the staircase with a book resting open on my lap. From my seat I could see my big brother, Brand's legs where he was lay, lifting his weights. In the opposite room, my twin brother Mikey was sitting by his window, peering through the telescope he got for his birthday last year.
"Oh bummer." Mikey sighed, flopping back to lie across his bed. I glanced up at him. "Nothing exciting ever happens around here anyway. Who needs the Goondocks? Who needs this house? I can't wait to get out of here." He moved out of my vision for a second and then returned with a copy of MAD magazine and sat down on his bed to take puff of his inhaler. As twins we shared a lot of traits. I was just thankful that having to have an inhaler practically attached my mouth wasn't one of them.
"Really?" I heard Brand ask.
"Nah. I was just trying to delate myself." I stared at Mikey. He took after mom in the sense that he always got his words wrong.
"That's delude yourself, dummy." Brand corrected him.
"That's what I said."

I shook my head, returning my attention to my book. I saw Mikey cross the hall into Brand's room out of the corner of my eye but ignored it. Soon after a knock sounded on the door. I tried to peer down to see who it was but I was too far up the stairs to see. Instead, I stayed put and let the boys open it. They both skipped easily over my outstretched legs and down the stairs.
"Oh, it's Mouth." I heard Brand sigh and move across to the armchair and pick up what I thought looked like some kind of torture device.

Knowing that now Mouth had arrived I'd never get the peace to finish my book, I folded down one corner and left it at the side of the banister. I moved downstairs to hear Mouth moaning, again, about Brand flunking his drivers test.
"Hey Mouth." I said, passing by him when I heard some sort of commotion coming from the yard.
"Heeey Carrie." Mouth followed behind me, spotting Chunk by the fence. "Jerk alert! It's Chunk." He called back in to Mikey.
"I just saw the most amazing thing in my entire life!" I rolled my eyes, knowing all to well the fantasy element that always took hold of Chunk's stories.
"First you gotta do the Truffle Shuffle." Mouth demanded. I smirked.
"Come on..."
"Do it."
"Come on..."
"Do it!"
Chuck groaned but climbed up onto the tree stump that sat just outside of our fence. He pulled up his shirt and started pulling face and making weird noises whilst he shook himself. Mouth and I erupted into fits of laughter until Mikey stood up and pulled on the cord to open the gate.
"Killjoy." I muttered as I stood beside him to watch his ingenious invention.

When the gate eventually opened Chunk rushed up the garden path. I followed Mikey inside and flopped down across the sofa.
"Listen, okay. You guys will never believe me. There was two cop cars, okay. And they were chasing this four wheel deal, it was this real neat ORV, and there were bullets flying all over the place. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw!" Chunk rambled. Once again, I rolled my eyes.
"More amazing than the time Michael Jackson came over to your house to use the bathroom?" Mikey asked as he fed the fish.
"More amazing than the time you saved those old people from that nursing home fire, right?" Brand added.
"Yeah, and I bet it was even more amazing than the time you ate your weight in Godfather's Pizza, right?" Mouth smirked.
"Okay Brand, Michael Jackson didn't come over to my house, to use the bathroom. But his sister did!"
I let out a chuckle as I rested my feet on the coffee table. Brand glared at me but I ignored him and let my head lol back and closed my eyes. I was trying to imagine life outside of Astoria but my mind drew up a blank. I'd never really planned on leaving Astoria. Even if I had to leave for a few weeks for work I'd always come back. That was my plan. But with the foreclosure it seemed we didn't have a choice. I'd sure miss the Goonies, that's for sure.

It wasn't until I heard Mikey's panicked voice that I opened my eyes again. Just in time to see Data come crashing in through the screen door and land on the others. My eyes widened when I saw mom's porcelain statue fall back of the table. Chunk, of all people, caught it. He smiled, proud of himself.
"Hey, I bet you guys thought I was going to drop it, huh? Haha." He placed the statue back on the table. "I knew you'd think that from good old Ch-." Having not been steadied, that statue toppled back off the table, onto the floor.
I grimaced, not daring to see if it was broken. If it was, mom would definitely commit murder. Chunk was always breaking things and we were always taking the blame. Part of me wondered if mom ever got curious as to why she'd raised two of the clumsiest kids in America.
"That's moms most favorite piece." I leant forward to see Mikey trying to replace the statue's penis.
"Wouldn't be here if it wasn't." Mouth quipped.
I flicked the top of his ear. "Shut up, Mouth."

Data dropped down onto the sofa. "Hey, any of you guys hear of Detroit?"
"Soitenly." Mouth answered moving to sit beside him. "That's where Motown started. It's also got the highest murder rate in the country." I frowned. Mouth knew some of the weirdest things. And sometimes I was surprised at how much he knew about music history...It was more than me and I was the one who wanted to go into the music industry!
Data looked downhearted. "Well let me tell you what, that's where we're moving when we loose our house tomorrow."
"Shut up about that stuff, it'll never happen. My dad'll fix it." Mikey snapped. This whole situation had set him on edge. He loved the Goondocks more than anyone.
"Yeah, sure he will. If he gets his next four hundred paycheques by tomorrow afternoon." Brand unhelpfully added to the conversation. I stared at him, hoping he'd take the hint to shut up and let Mikey stay hopeful.
"That's wrong Brand it won't happen!"

I moved off into the kitchen to grab a can of Pepsi only to find mom in the room when I returned.
"Hi mom." I sat on the edge of the coffee table beside Mouth. Mom didn't answer me.
"Kids, this is Rosalita. Rosalita's going to help us with the packing just until my arm is better."
"I'll pack my stuff." I blurted.
"I thought you might say that." My mom sighed. "Uh, kids, Rosalita doesn't speak a word of English and I know some of you have taken Spanish in school..."
"Well, I speak perfect Spanish. And if it's any help to you I'd be glad to communicate with Rosalita." Mouth stood up putting on his 'little-angel' routine which he had come to perfect.
"You're a lifesaver Clarke. Come with us, will you?"
"Why certainly Mrs Walsh." Mouth followed my mom and Rosalita out of the room.
"Stay out of my room!" I shouted after them.
"No one wants to go in your room." Brand muttered.
"Shut up, Brand." I hated people in my room when I wasn't there to make sure they didn't touch my stuff. Apparently, I took after dad in that sense.
"I wonder if she'll notice." I heard Mikey say.
"Of course she'll notice, she notices everything." I moved over to the draw and rummaged around until I found the superglue. I handed it to Mikey. "You do it. Last time I used that stuff I got my model ships sail stuck to my hand." Mikey handed the glue to Chunk and we waited whilst he got to work.

"How's that?" He asked, turning the statue once he'd finished. I had to hold back a laugh when I saw that the penis was pointing toward the sky.
"Oh you idiot, you glued it on upside down."
"You dork. If God made us do it that way you'd all be pissing in your faces."
"Looks fine to me." Chunk shrugged.
When mom, Mouth and Rosalita returned downstairs, Mikey, Data and Chunk sat close together to hide the statue. I moved back to sit on the arm of the sofa and picked up my Pepsi. Mouth had a mischievous smirk on his face and a glint in his eye as he sat down.
"What did you do?" I whispered. He said nothing, just winked.
"Now, listen. I'm going to be back in about an hour." Mom started in her usual lecture. "Mikey, I want you kept inside. Brand, if he's coming down with asthma I don't want him out in the rain."
"He should be put in a plastic bubble." Brand moaned. I chuckled.
"I'm serious Brandon, that's not funny. He takes one step outside and you are in deep, absolutely the deepest..."
"Shit ma." Brand filled in for her. She slapped his arm.
"I don't like that language, but that's exactly what you're going to be in. And you Dotta..."
"Data, use the back door from now on, OK?" She glanced up and for a moment I thought she'd seen the statue. "What is that?"
"Ah shit, what?" Chunk asked, disregarding her dislike of obscene language.
"What is that?" We each glance down and with relief saw a pile of broken potato chips on the floor. "That is a mess, I want it cleaned up boys."
"Yeah boys." I smiled.
"And you." Mom added, staring pointedly at me. Mouth and Data both aimed a 'Ha' in my direction.
Mom placed a kiss on Mikey's cheek as I moved to hide behind Data to avoid one. She left with Mouth calling an evil sounding 'Adios, senorita' to Rosalita. Now I was really worried about what he'd said to her.

A/n - Chapters will get longer and better I promise. This is just a sort of, introductory chapter for the oc.
Each chapter title will be from a song.
This chapter title "What's Wrong With Being A Nobody?" Is from the song Nobody by Eliza Doolittle.