Title - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Chapter title - Remember The Time When We Stole The Whole Day?
Author - OblivionsGarden
Genre - Romance/Adventure
Disclaimer - I do not own The Goonies in anyway shape or form. I only own my original character, Carrie Walsh.

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As Brand pulled Mikey onto his lap I tried to ask Mouth what he'd actually said to Rosalita but he jumped up and moved across to the two warring brothers.
"Hey guys...What's your dad going to do with all that stuff that's in the attic?" He had a curious look on his face.
"He's going to give it back to the museum or whoever they pick to be the new assistant curly...Or kerney..."
"Curator." Brand and I said in unison.
"That's what I said."
"Hey." Mouth looked like he'd made the discovery of a life time. "Wait a minute guys. Maybe there's some stuff up there for us. Maybe there's some stuff that we can keep from the oldsiders...Maybe there's some rich stuff!" Mouth looked around his friends, a smile lighting his features. I soon found my own smile creeping onto my face. He had a point...There could be something worth while in our attic.
"No. you guys." Mikey shook his head but no one was listening. Mouth went first, I was close behind with Chunk and Data following. I even heard Brand coming with his loud foot falls.

I'd only ever been in the attic once when I was doing a school project on Egypt and wondered if we had anything about mummies. Now it was jam packed and full of dust. I hope Mikey had his inhaler at the ready.
"Hey look at this. I didn't know dad had all this stuff up here." Brand gazed around, dumb founded at the amount of stuff up here.
"Yeah, me either."
"Hey, come on guys. This is my dad's place. He doesn't want you up here." Mikey turned to Mouth. "You heard what my mom said to the housekeeper about not wanting anybody up here..."
Mouth draped his arm over Mikey's shoulders. "Mikey, I cannot believe that you actually have something this cool in your house."
Smirking I moved down the side of the room to a stack of books in the corner. I tried to read some of the titles but half were worn away and others were in a foreign language.
"Carrie...Carrie come here." I turned and saw Mouth gesturing for me to come over to him.
"Give me a hand with this painting." Moving two smaller ones out of the way I leant a large painting of a half naked woman in a supposedly seductive pose forward and Mouth climbed behind. "Tell me when my fingers at her mouth." He ran his finger along the back of the picture, creating a lump on the front. I directed him until his finger reached her mouth and he then poked it through.
"What the hell are you doing?"
"Just trust me. Lean the painting back." Knowing the damage was already done I leant the painting back and moved back over to the books. I watched curiously when Mouth called Mikey over. "Meekey, come here and me feel like a woman." I hid a giggle behind my hand. "Come on, give me a nice, wet lickery kiss." Mouth stuck his tongue through the painting and I had to move around to the opposite side of the room to laugh so Mikey didn't add me in on the blame.

Chunk was wondering around in a fancy jacket and hat with a sword.
"Hey, neato." I smiled and found my own pirate hat and sword. We pretended to spar around the attic, Mouth eventually finding a jacket and joining us.
"Hey, Mikey, What is all this neat stuff?" Chunk asked.
"The museum did some kind of...Where'd you get this?" He gestured to our costumes.
"Right there." We pointed to the corner.
"They did a show. It was a retropackum and it was a..."
"Retrospective." Brand corrected,
"That's what I said. You always contradict me. I was right, I knew what..." He trailed off, turning back to us to continue with what he was saying. "It was about the history of Astoria and these are the rejects."
"Kind of like us, Mike." Chunk smiled as Mouth placed one arm over Mikey's shoulders and one around my waist. "The Goonies."
" I'm not a reject." Mouth frowned.

"You're the biggest reject of all of us Mouth." Chunk moved off to some kind of lazer ball thing Data was playing with and Mikey went to try and prevent any breakages.
"Me? Says the one and only Carrie Walsh."
"What's the supposed to mean?"
"The only people you talk to at school or even anywhere, is your mom, your dad, us guys or Stef."
"So...People at school are a bunch of turds...I'm a solitary woman not a reject."
"Shut up Mouth."
"You don't even let people in your room. We have a sleep over and we have to stay in Mikey's room all the time."
"So his room is smaller. It'd make more sense to stay in yours."
"Hey, Mouth?"
"Shut up."

I moved back to the rest of the group as Mikey moved away, moaning to Mouth to pick things back up. I pressed my finger against the weird ball that Data was rambling on about. A beam of the light connected to my finger tip and shined a strange bluish purple colour. Chunk was making weird lazer noises beside me until we heard Mikey call his name.
"I didn't touch it." Was his immediate reaction. I shook my head as he went to find out what Mikey wanted. Mouth appeared beside me, pressing his whole palm to the ball, multiple beams connecting to his hand. As he did so, his thumb and pointer finger brushed my hand and sent shivers up my arm. I shuddered and he frowned at me. I ignored him and went to find Mikey, brushing off the weird moment.

Mikey seemed to be counting down to something until Chunk dropped a large picture frame. Mikey leant forward and emptied out the broken glass. He pulled out a burnt and old looking bit of paper and some small thing that I didn't quite get to see.
"Hey, Mikey found a map." Chunk grinned.
I knelt down beside Mikey, holding one edge of the map as he held the other.
"Look, that says sixteen thirty two...Is that a year or something?"
"No, it's your top score on pole position." Mouth's sarcasm arrived before he did.
"Yes, it's a year Chunk." I mumbled.
"Look Carrie, it's a map of our coastline." I leant even closer to the map as Data leant half on me, realizing that Mikey was right.
"What's all that Spanish junk right there?" Brand asked.
"Mouth?" I looked up and in his usual smug and cocky manner, he moved over to better see the map.
"Ye intruders beware...Crushing death and grief, soaked with blood, of the trespassing thief."
"Lovely." I grimaced.
"You guys this map is old news. Everybody and their Grandfather went looking for that when our parents were our age. I mean, I mean haven't you ever heard of that guy? What's his name? Uh, the pirate guy...One-eyed Willie."
"One-eyed Willie..." Mikey glanced at me with a frown.
"Yeah...He was the most famous pirate in his time." I recalled the stories dad had told us.
"Dad told us about him once." Mikey nodded.
"Dad'll do anything to get you to go to sleep." Brand and Mouth snickered.
"No, see, One-eyed Willie stole a treasure once. It was full of rubies and emeralds and..."
"Diamonds?" Chunk was mesmerized.
"Diamonds." Mikey confirmed. "Then he loaded it all up on to his ship and they sailed away into the sunset. Until the British King, see, he found out about it and then he set up this whole armada to to go out after him, the armada, they...It took 'em a couple weeks but then they caught up with Willie and, and, then there was a whole, big war between the armada and Willie's ship, the Inferno."
"Yeah, and during the firefight there was these guns bursting here and cannons bursting there and then Willie fled, cause he didn't want to stay around cause he knew he'd get killed if he stayed around. And then he got into this cave and the British, they blew up the walls all around him and he got caved in...And he's been there ever since." I finished the story for Mikey, both of our excitement seeping through our words.
"Forever?" Data asked.
"Forever." Mikey confirmed.
"And ever?" Chunk added.
"Trapped." I nodded.
"You sound just as corny as Dad does."
"Dad tells us the truth. You know what he said?"
"He told me that One-eyed Willie and his bunch were down there for five, six years. And they were digging all these tunnels and caves...Setting boody traps."
"Booby traps." Data corrected Mikey's slip up.
"That's what I said. Setting booby traps. So that anybody who tried to get in there would die. And then do you know what he did? He killed all of his men?"
"Because he didn't want them to get his treasure."
"Yeah, wait a minute Mikey...But if he killed all his men, how did the map or the story get out?"
"See, We asked our dad the same question." I answered for Mikey. "He said one of the guys must have gotten out with the man and, and the..."
"Hey guys. I believe ya." Chunk smiled.
"Yeah, well I don't believe ya. I don't believe ya at all. I think you're full of it." Mouth spoke up form beside Brand and I scowled at him.

Whilst the rest of stated weather or not we believed, Chunk once again, knocked something over.
"Hey guys, look at this. Hey, you guys ever heard of this guy? Look, Chester Copperpot?" Data leant even further across me to read the framed newspaper Chunk was holding. "Chester Copperpot: Missing while in pursuit of local legend. Reclusive scavenger claims, 'I have the key to One-eyed Willie.'" Chunk, amazed turned to look at the rest of us.
"Woah." Mikey and I gasped together. We had a habit of saying or doing the same things and we both thought it was hilarious when the guys got freaked out by it. "Do you guys realize what we could do?" Mikey added and I smiled, happy that we both appeared to be on the same wave length.
"Nobody ever found nothing, you guys. I mean, why do you think this map would be up here in this attic when it could be in some safety deposit box somewhere, right?" Brand once again burst our bubble. He liked doing that.
"That's right." Mouth nodded. "And anyway, if Chester Copperpot didn't find it, how would we find it?"
"But what if?" I countered. "What if this map could lead to Willie's rich stuff?"
"Then we wouldn't have to leave the Goondocks." Mikey pleaded. "Come on."
"I don't wanna leave." Data seemed to be reasoning in his head.
"I don't wanna go on any more of your crazy Goonie adventures, guys." Chunk said just as the front door buzzer was heard ringing through the house.

Everyone except Mikey and I headed off to see who it was.
"Guys come on! Where are you going? You don't wanna do this?" Mikey shouted after them. I picked up and map and rolled it into a tube.
"I'll look for it, Mikey." I handed him the map and he tucked it inside his denim jacket. He flipped what I now saw was a doubloon and put it in his pocket with a soft smile.
"Sixteen thirty two."

A/n - Chapter title taken from 'Forever Yours' by Alex Day.