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No Place They'd Rather Be

AJ Lee was sitting in her dressing room. She was still with Daniel Bryan, and to be honest, she wasn't quite sure why she was with him, but she was.

But ever since Daniel became the heavy weight world champion, he had changed and when he did change…it was so far off from the better that it wasn't even funny.

He had blamed his loss on AJ, telling her it was her fault, telling her she was bad luck, extra weight on his shoulders. Dead weight.

AJ was struggling with this. She was struggling with the thought of losing Daniel, she had no idea what she would do without him.

It was the night of Smackdown, and Daniel's annoying, obnoxious theme music, and soon enough, his theme music was followed by his annoying, obnoxious "yes, yes, yes," chants.

A timid, shy, and scared AJ was right behind him, letting him do is chant as they reached the ring, and he stepped inside. Not even remembering AJ was with him as she climbed in herself.

He turned to AJ, suddenly remembering her presence. "You know…" Daniel started, "there's something I have to do before I start the show tonight. I have to get rid of some bad luck, some extra weight on my shoulders. Some dead weight." He said in a cold tone, stepping towards an already broken AJ.

"AJ, after my loss at Wrestlemania 28, I've come to realize that…I'm better off without you. I don't need you. More importantly AJ, I don't want you." He said coldly. He was going to get rid of AJ, and he could careless that he was doing it in front of the whole world.

Actually, he wanted to do it in front of the world. He wanted to hurt AJ as much as he could. She has cost him his title. He was going to teach her a lesson. He had no choice but to do so.

AJ stood there, she didn't say a word. Not only did she know better not to say anything, but even if she were going to find the courage to say something, she didn't have a clue of what she would say.

After a few moments, AJ decided to force herself to say something. "Daniel, wait.." she started, but she was cut off by Daniel.

"No, AJ!" He screamed, "I will not wait! Get out of my ring!" He screamed into the mic.

"Daniel, I know that if we try we can get through this.." a shaken AJ said in a small voice, looking at Daniel with hope in her eyes.

But that hope was soon destroyed within seconds. "No AJ! No!" He yelled, "we can't work this out! I don't want to work this out. The last thing I wanna do is be with you, AJ. So get the hell out of my ring!" He screamed.

When she didn't move, he yelled again, "get the hell out AJ!" He screamed again, as AJ backed away from him, and out of the ring.

She ran back to where the lockers room as she fell to the ground and started to sob. Daniel Bryan broke her heart into a million pieces, and he didn't even give a damn.

Punk was in his dressing room, getting ready for his match with the most egoistic man in the world, Chris Jericho.

Although, Punk wasn't sure how ready he actually was for this match. He was so tired of Jericho and all his crap. Bringing his family into this. This was hard for him, and it was taking a toll on him mentally. He wanted this to be over.

Punk was on his way out to the ring when he heard someone crying. He saw it was AJ. He knelt down next to her, "Smiley, what's the matter?" He said softly, smiley was his nickname for AJ, because she was always so happy, so full of energy, so full of life.

She couldn't even say anything, she couldn't get any words out of her mouth. All she could do was sob.

Punk cared for AJ, and he hated to see her down. He didn't know her that well, but he did care about her. He cared about her a lot.

Sometimes Punk started to think to himself that he cared for AJ as more as a friend. But…that was impossible. How could he care for someone that much when they were nothing but just good friends?

Punk didn't know the answers to any of the thousands of questions that were running through his head, but what he did know is that it broke his heart to see AJ on the floor crying uncontrollably.

"It's okay, it's all right. Come here AJ." He said softly, bringing in the small, fragile, broken girl into his arms as she sobbed into his chest.

Soon enough, Punk had to go out to the ring for his match. But the last thing he wanted to do was leave AJ. She heard his theme music come on. "Don't you have to go?" She asked, she was still in her arms, and her sobs had softened as she sniffled.

He nodded, "I do, I do have to go Smiley. But I'll be back before you know it. I'm gonna go out there, kick Jericho's ass, and then come back and take care of you." He told her, standing up, and helping AJ to her feet.

"You're always taking care of me Punky." She said sweetly, smiling at him.

"Someone has to," he honestly told her.

That was true though, Punk was always taking care of AJ. But he didn't mind, he wanted to.

"I'll be back soon Smiley. Go wait in my dressing room for me." He said softly, and then waited a second before taking a chance and kissing her forehead sweetly, and going out to the ring.

Just like Punk said, he went out there, and he kicked Jericho's ass. Big time. He beat him to no end, losing control of his anger all together. He had enough for Jericho. He had enough of his crap. He wasn't going to let Jericho push him around anymore.

Soon enough, Punk did the go to sleep and Jericho, and he was out. The match was over. Punk won. Just like he said he would.

Right after his match was over, he ran to his dressing room to check on AJ. "There you are Punky." She said, giving him her adorable smile that for some reason, melted his heart.

"Here I am." He said, "just as I promised." He smiled.

"I saw your match, you were really good."

"Thanks Smiley." He said kindly, taking a seat.

"So you wanna tell me what had you so upset earlier tonight?"

AJ sighed, breaking the eye contact between them as she shrugged, "I don't think so." She whispered quietly as she tried her very best to fight the tears.

"It's better if you talk about it." He softly reminded her, stroking the side of her face.

She looked away, and then waited many long moments before talking again. "Daniel broke up with me. He did it in from of everyone." She said quietly, as the tears now streamed down her face endlessly. "Now I don't have anywhere to stay tonight because I always stay with Daniel when we travel, and now.." she trialed off, wiping away her tears.

Punk turned AJ's head so she was now looking at him, and unable to look away. "You'll stay with me, Smiley." He said softly, Punk was always so sweet, so caring. Even when he was going through something, he pushed that aside to help AJ. He would push anything aside to help AJ out.

"Are you sure?" She asked nervously, "I don't wanna bug you, or be too much…or.." She trailed off, she sighed deeply, "I don't want to hold you back, Punk."

"Smiley, you never hold me back."

She smiled, "okay, thanks Punky, I'll stay with you."


They soon arrived at his room, and AJ took a shower while Punk waited for her to get out.

He sat on the bed, lost in his thoughts. He had no idea what he was feeling, why he was even feeling this way to start this.

Did he honestly like AJ? Was that possible? He shook his head. CM Punk would never fall in love…not ever. Of course…unless that girl was AJ Lee.

AJ came out of the shower, and she was in her pajamas. Even without makeup, and just getting out of the shower, AJ looked so beautiful to Punk. It made his heart skip a beat.

Wait a minute…did CM Punks heart just skip a beat? What was going on? I'll tell you what's going on. CM Punk is falling in love with AJ Lee, and he didn't even know it yet.

AJ sat on the bed next to Punk, "So Punky, what do you wanna do tonight?" She asked him.

"Anything that will make you happy. I just wanna see you smile." He said, placing his hand on her cheek and softly stroking it.

AJ blushed, "Punk, why are you always so nice to me?"

"Someone has to be." He told her, "and I wanna be that person for you."

"You've always been that person for me, Punky." She told him, "you always make me feel so much better."

"Good, let's keep it that way. I love when you're happy." He told her.

She smiled, and again, his heart skipped a beat.

For the rest of the night, the two of them stayed up until about 4am, and then they went to bed. They both needed their sleep so they could catch their flight the next day.

Somehow, someway, once they had went to bed, and fallen sleep, they fell sleep in each others arms. But deep down, they both knew there was no place either of them rather be.

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