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Un-Fairly In Love

Chapter 1: Closed Door Mediation

"What's that?" Kate asked sitting on the edge of the hot tub, feet dangling in the warm water.

"It's a rock. Found it up there today, it's kinda shaped like a heart." Ben replied turning the smooth grey rock over in his hand not really paying attention to Kate.

"Do you think it's ever possible to feel that way again?" Kate asked lost in her thoughts and emotions.

"Like what?" He asked confused.

"Like how you feel when you fall in love for the first time. Do you remember that? You feel like a wave just washes over you and you're not afraid to drown. Wow. It's just so easy the first time." She said looking at him with emotion in her eyes.

"Love is never easy. You don't have to be seventeen. You just have to be brave." He said and paused looking up at her. "I knew you couldn't just pick a side then fly home. I wanted to stay the night because I do care that much, so do you. That's why you went back to Justin because it's safe and this, you can't control and it scares the hell out of you." Ben told her with an even tone indicating he was being serious and putting his heart on the line. He stood up and grabbed Kate's hand pulling her into the hot tub and standing inches away from him. "You want that wave. No strategy, no foreplay, no negotiation; you just have to have the guts to dive in. Do you?" He said whispering, repeating the words she had told him when they first met at the bar.

Kate lingered a moment her heart and mind warring and instead of doing the smart thing she did the thing that took courage, because courage is an angel. "Yes." She whispered. She leaned her head in closing the remaining inches their lips were apart and softly placed them on his. Her mind began reeling flashing memories of their first kiss and instinctively she reached her hand up and into his hair. Ben pulled her flush against his body.

Ben pulled away for a moment and whispered breathlessly, "So do I finally get all of Kate Reed?" with a smile on his lips.

"No. That's not a win-win situation. I like fairness, remember." She whispered back still trying to regain the breath Ben had taken from her lungs.

"You like the middle." He said with a smile.

"That I do. And you like nice things."

"Yes I do." He replied looking into her eyes with his eyes smiling.

"We get each other. That's the offer on the table."

"Deal." Ben replied whisking her off of her feet with a smile on his lips and a hint of mystery in his eyes. Kate smiled and laughed bending her head back. She draped her arms around his neck as he carried them into the guest bedroom. Ben gently placed her on the bed and shut the door.

"I think our mediation would best be finished behind closed doors, Mr. Grogan." Kate said hinting to Ben.

"I couldn't agree more, Ms. Reed." He replied smiling at her.

The Next Morning

Kate rolled over on the bed and felt a warm body beside her. She opened her eyes and met Ben's glowing eyes staring back at her with a smile as wide as the moon on his face. "Good morning." He said softly with love in his voice.

"It is so far." Kate said smiling wide and biting her lip. Ben placed a finger on her cheek and moved it onto her lips. "I'd rather your lips be there." She said.

"I think I can fix that." Ben leaned forward and met her lips halfway. He scooped her up in his arms and they broke apart. Ben placed his chin atop her head and she snuggled her head into his chest placing a hand on his abdomen. "You know, when I woke up this morning your head was using my bicep as a pillow and your hand was resting on my chest."

"Sorry." She said but it came out mumbled because of his chest.

"Don't be. I loved it. When you've been waiting for as long as I have to get what you've wanted for months, you don't feel sorry about anything." Kate lifted her head up and looked into his eyes and smiled. She gave a soft peck on the lips. "You've changed me Katie, I'm not who I was when we first met. The moment I saw you… you took my breath away, you've made me want to change. I know you aren't ready for a serious relationship, but I want you, no I need you to know how I feel. I'm in this for the long haul Katie; I'm not going to do this if we're only going to be a fling. I…I love you Katie. And this is crazy, we're two opposite people yet so alike. We're like a tidal wave, unpredictable and unstable yet powerful and passionate. I wouldn't trade being with you for all the nicest things in the world. You are my world Kate, everything I do, everything I don't do, I do for you."

"Ben, I don't care about anything but trying to make us work. I'm willing to give 'Bate' a try."

"'Bate', really?" He asked raising an eyebrow with a half-smile.

"Too corny?" She asked involuntarily scrunching her nose.

Ben chuckled and replied, "Just corny enough." He placed a quick kiss on her lips and changed the topic. "I made you breakfast. Fried eggs over easy and some freshly squeezed orange juice with a piece of toast."

"You remembered. Thank you."

"For keeping you alive? Oh sure." He said playing it of as nothing.

"No, for trying." She said her tone lowering.

"Tidal wave, remember?" He said with a smile.

"Well I think breakfast can wait, we never finished our mediation last night." Kate said.

Ben smiled and replied, "Well I hope we can finish our mediation in time so we don't miss our meeting with the Nevada and California P.D and the coroner."

"No promises. I am the special master after all and I am Kate Reed." She replied with a smile on her lips. Ben smiled and wrapped her in his arms placing a kiss on her lips.

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