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Chapter 3: Reveals and Revelations

In Kate's office

"You did what with Ben?" Leo asked shocked but not surprised.

"Shhh. Keep your voice down." Kate said hissing at him with a smile on her face.

"I can't believe you finally slept with Ben." Leo said with a laugh.

"The worst slash best part is that he told me that he loves me Leo. What am I supposed to do? I can't say those words." She said with a look of pain and frustration.

"Yes you can, you're just afraid to because you know when you say those words it means that you and Justin are done forever." Leo said with a shoulder shrug and a scrutinizing look that said duh.

"God Leo, I hate that you know me so well." Kate said exasperatingly

"I know," Leo said smugly, "That's why you love me." He took a bowl of her candy holding nerds and took a handful pouring them in his mouth sitting in the chair in front of her desk. Kate got up from her chair and leaned over it holding her hands together looking like she was in thought.

"What if I really do love Ben? I mean is it really such a crazy concept." She asked rhetorically.

"Not really." Leo said with a shrug and put another handful of nerds in his mouth.

"The idea of us together, a tidal wave." She said still staring out of her office and into Ben's looking deep in thought.

"Do you want the truth?" Leo asked chewing more nerds.

"No, lie to me. Wait no, yes I want the truth."

"I'm confused." Leo said with a clear look of confusion on his face

"Yes, enlighten me oh all hearing wise one." She said throwing her hands up in exasperation.

"Don't mock me. It's not crazy, its love and Ben is crazy in love with you and even if you can't admit it to yourself yet you love him too. It's like Justin is pulling you in the water and you're just floating along and then here comes Ben, your paddle to get you out. I saw how you reacted when I told you about what happened when you stood him up at dinner for Justin. You looked hopeful and I could see all the wheels turning in that crazy messed up brain of yours. You love Ben Grogan even if you can't say it."

"Thanks Leo." Kate said looking a relived

"Anytime all mighty confused one. Oh uh I almost forgot before I came in Justin called and said he'd be dropping by here around seven."

"Oh wonderful, more complications in my already oversized complicated life." Kate said sitting in her chair. Leo put her candy dish back and walked out of her office leaving the door open. Kate put her head resting on her propped up elbows and stared into Ben's office. He was reclined back into his chair, phone in one hand looking at the ceiling. Kate smiled and grabbed the mediation case file from her desk beginning to flip through it.

Later That Night at the Office

Kate was asleep on her desk her face pressed to the case file; arms sprawled out in front of her, when Leo came in knocking on the door. Kate jumped up startled and looked around trying to gather her bearings. She squinted at the figure in the door and was unable to see who it was.

"You fell asleep again and Justin is in the lobby." Leo said looking upon Kate trying to stifle a laugh.

"Oh shoot. Leo is that you?" Kate asked still unable to see.

"Yes, I'll grab you some coffee from the machine really quick, in the meantime you may want to brush your hair and make it look like you've been working."

"Right." Kate said jumping out of her chair and digging through her purse for the brush she kept. She quickly dug it out and began brushing. She applied some color to her lips and ran back to her desk and tried quickly organizing it so it looked like she was really busy. She saw underneath a file she moved the heart shaped stone that Ben had given to her. She couldn't help but stop and smile and that caught her off guard for when Leo came walking in with coffee.

"Oh thank you Leo, you're the best."

"Justin just got out of the elevator."

"Thanks Leo." She took a sip as Leo walked out of her office and quickly made herself look busy. Kate felt Justin's presence but made it seem like she was so engrossed in the case she didn't realize he was there.

"Burning the oil huh?" Justin said standing there with right hand in his new expensive black suit pants pocket, gold Rolex watch on his left wrist ,and black, smooth briefcase in hand

"Oh hey, Justin. Just busy working, you know me, mediating."

"You're in mediation right now?" He asked a little confused looking around at the lack of people.F

"Uh yes, well technically no."

"Well I just came to talk for s minute."

"Yeah sure, I think I can spare a minute. Would you like to sit?"

"No, thanks. I think I'll stand."

"Oh okay."

"So I've been thinking and I don't want to just be sleeping together. I want there to be an us I want to give this another shot. You said I always get what I want and I want you, Kate." Justin said softly.

Kate looked distraught and looked at Justin. She had her mouth open to speak but glanced over into Ben's office. Her glance did not go un- noticed by Justin who was taken aback and was utterly shocked.

"Wait are you and Grogan…" Justin couldn't finish the sentence to appalled by the thought.

"Look Justin what I said before, I guess I lied. I'll always love you and I'll never forget our days together but we divorced for a reason. We needed a fresh start, something new, we both agreed on that. At Lake Tahoe and the past few weeks, mainly Lake Tahoe though, I started to feel…different whenever I was with Ben and when I was with you I just felt so guilty and at Lake Tahoe, I…I felt a tidal wave wash over me and I didn't run from it, I dived straight in. Ben is my fresh start, Justin and I know it sounds crazy but he's what I need even if we are two completely opposite people." Kate said feeling so relived and hopeful that Justin would understand.

Justin scoffed and mumbled just loud enough for her to hear, "There's always another man."

"Excuse me?" Kate said dropping her arms to her side.

"When we were married you always chose your father over me, your husband. Now it's Grogan."

"Grogan has a first name and it's Ben. And at least Ben cares."

"You don't think I care about you?" He asked incredulous, his voice beginning to rise.

"Oh that's right, you cared enough to cheat on me!" Kate shouted.

"That's not what I meant and you know it. And Ben, doesn't care, he's a self-absorbed jackass." Justin said his anger rising.

"That's right he is, and he works at Bitch, Bitch, and Jackass now but at least he's willing to fight." Kate said defending her partner and using his own words Ben had spit back to Davidson.

"You'd rather be with that empty douche bag?"

"We may have different methods but we both know how to get what we want and you can call that being passionate or being a dogged jackass but you can't call it empty, he's not empty. So yes, Justin, I would rather be with Ben." Kate said lowering her voice from a yell to a stern passive voice.

"What do you see in him?" Justin asked with disbelief.

"I love him!" She shouted back at Justin her eyes looking like angry death rays. She yelled loud enough for both Ben and Leo to hear. She stopped after making eye contact with Ben who had a sad smile on his face and phone in hand, and froze realizing what she had just proclaimed to both herself and Justin.

"You what?" Justin asked his voice back to its normal tone and a look of pure shock on his face.

"I love him." She said looking at Ben but ten decibels softer than before.

"You love him?" He asked again still unable to grasp this concept and wrap his head around it.

"I fell in love with you Justin years ago and when I did it was like a wave enveloped me and then it went away. That's how I feel about Ben, he's my never ending tidal wave, a tsunami and I'm not afraid to fall in love with him. We're through Justin, this is goodbye." She said looking at Justin as though she was looking at him through someone else's eyes.

"Fine, but don't come running to me when he hurts you thinking I'll take you back." Justin said his lip firm.|

Kate smiled for the first time since Justin came and said looking to Leo, "That's what I have Leo for."

Justin turned around and started walking out her door but before leaving turned around and said, "Bye Kate."

"Bye Justin." She said with a smile watching as he walked out to be replaced by Leo her trusted side-kick who smiled.

"Really, 'that's what I have Leo for'?" He said raising an eyebrow and shaking his head.

"You know it's true." Kate said with a small laugh and a smile.

"I thought you said that you couldn't admit you loved Ben."

"Oh shut up. Don't you have a game to get back to?"

"You know it."

"Go. Win." Kate said dismissing Leo and walking over to her couch plopping herself down.

She saw Ben leaned up against her door, arms crossed, smile on his adorable looking face with his puppy dog eyes, his hair its usual hot, organized mess. Kate smiled and laughed.

"So you love me do you?" He asked pushing himself up off the door frame and walking in.

"I guess so."

"I should hope you would do more than guess." He said defensively sitting in one of the chairs facing the couch.

"With you I don't know what to expect or what's true. Ever since you came along my up has been down and down has been up."

"Truth. I'm glad you love me." He said earnestly.

"And why's that." Kate asked with a playful smile on her lips leaning across the table separating the chair and the couch.

Ben leaned forward too until they were inches apart and answered, "Because it means that I'm not the only crazy one because oddly enough I love you too." He said sweetly and with his finger tipped her chin up to his awaiting lips ready to hold hers in an almighty lip lock. After a few seconds Ben felt something buzz in his pocket and took it out apologizing. "Sorry, I'm sorry I thought I turned it off."

"Mmhhm." Kate said unable to complain. Ben opened the message and laughed under his breath. "What?" Kate asked anxious to know what he had half laughed half scoffed about.

"I just received a picture message. I'm setting this as my new profile picture on Twitter and Facebook." Ben played around with his phone a few seconds before setting it on the table to show Kate. Kate had to laugh. It was a picture taken of them kissing. Kate scrolled down to see who had sent the picture and looked to her left out the glass at her smiling assistant.

"Leo!" Kate called out.

"What you said that's what I have Leo for, I thought this entitled some of my Ben duties." He said innocently.

"I'll see you later." Ben said getting up with a laugh and a wink in Kate's direction. Kate stood up with him and before he could leave she attacked his lips relishing in the feeling. Kate pulled back and seeing Ben's look of breathlessness made her smile.

"Bye Benny." She said waving her fingers in a tootles, type way.

"Bye Katie." He replied having regained his sense of direction. He walked out of her office and into his and said to himself, "This is going to be one interesting relationship."

The End

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