It was a bright spring day in Ohio. The sun shone on the fields as a framer planted his seeds for crop. His ten year old daughter, was out playing by a creek. She was a very happy child, without a care in the world. She danced along a path, to her own special apart of the property that her father owned. It was a cluster of trees that sheltered a bridge that went over the creek. The bridge was her favorite place to play. She loved pretending about knights, and wizards, dragons and princesses galore. She skipped over to the bridge and looked over to the edge. She laughed as she pulled doff her shoes and rolled up he sleeves of her pants, and dipped her feet into the water. She laughed happily, as she kicked her feet, slashing the water everywhere. She giggled. Then, she saw something in the water, it was something chrome like. She grabbed it. Only, for it to grab her. She screamed as a tall metallic man, rose up from the water. She kicked and scrammed, attracting her fathers attention. HE ran over, carrying a Shotgun. He ran over, and saw the man, grabbing a hold of his daughters foot. He raised the gun and fired. But the bullets just bounced off, and the mans arm, turned into a weapon of its own. It shot a dart at him, and it struck his foot. The father fell over twitching in pain, as the tranquilizer did its job. Meanwhile, the man, forced the girl into a sack and then he sealed the sack shut. Then, he hosted it over his shoulder and began to walk away. "Its so Cliché to do the whole sack over the shoulder thing, but it is very easy." He said to himself. HE stood in a filed, then out from his hand appeared a button, and he pressed it. A blue Portal opened up, and he ran inside it. HE ended up in a large underground faculty. There were much more of him, running around and carrying out cretin orders. The Robot, walked over to two more bots, and handed them the sack. "Target has been captured." The two nodded, then carried off the girl in the sack. The bot, then made its way towards a large section of the faculty where it entered an office. "Sir, I have the girl." "It trust you had no trouble?" "One of her parental units tried to stop me, and I darted him." "Good good," The man stood up. "Soon, Very soon." "They all laughed at me saying that what I planned to do was crazy." "Well they would have laughed if they had known., BUT STILL!" "All I need is one more child, just one more, and the world will be under my control. The man, looked out over a large room in the faculty, where the two robots were putting the girl into a pod, where it closed up. There were thirty pods, and twenty nine were full. HE grinned evilly. Then threw his arms up and began to laugh "MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHH!" The robot looked on, then blinked. "And that is even more cliché"

Based on the Books By Bill Watterson

Written and Directed by Fantic97

Produced By and Microsoft word

Calvin and Hobbes

The Imagination War

I own nothing Bill Watters on owns Calvin and Hobbes I just enjoy writing. SO I hope that you are ready for the excitement of the summer.. for Calvin and Hobbes at least. SO remember R&R