Calvin and Hobbes

The Imagination war

Chapter 1

The Last day or not

It was a warm day in Unnamed Town, in Unnamed state (But we are guessing Ohio). Everything was calm and peaceful, except for one fact. It was the first day of summer vacation. At least it would be at three o clock. Inside the Elementary school, a class of twenty nine to thirty first grader sat at their desks. They were writing a paper on what their favorite memories of the school year were.

At a desk near the front, a young six year old boy sat. He wore a red T shirt with Black Stripes, Black Pants, and Purple sneakers. His hair was pointed and spiked, like it had been hit by lighting or he had stuck it in an Electrical outlet….not that the fact that he once tried to do that wouldn't be surprising. His name was Calvin, and unlike the other students, he was having trouble with the paper. He was stuck on question 1

Name your favorite cafeteria food that was served this school year.

"This is going to be hard, considering that the only thing they ever give us is glop." Thought Calvin to himself. He tapped the pencil against the paper, then thought a little bit. Then, he started to write down his answer

They fed us glop, but my favorite was the RED colored glop that they served on Fridays

Calvin Chuckled to himself as he looked at the next question

2. Name the favorite assessment that you were given.

Calvin, Stared at the paper in shock. He raised his hand. His teacher, Mrs. Wormwood, saw his hand, but tried to ignore it. She just kept reading her book. Calvin, saw this. HE was not the type to be ignored so easily. So he started to wave his arm around. Mrs. Wormwood, peeked over her book to see Calvin waving his arm in the air. She but the book up, to show Calvin that she would not answer his need.

Calvin growled, then grinned. He figured that since Mrs. Wormwood had said that she would be reading this he knew exactly what to do. SO he put this down

My favorite assessment, was this one, why because after this I never have to do homework again for three months HAHAH!

Calvin then looked down at the next one and he decided that h would just write stuff like what he did for the first two

Name the hardest course that we learned this year


Name the easiest lesson that you learned this year


Name your most favorite school memory

THE last day, when I went home.

6. Was your birthday during the school year if so, what did you get for it

That is highly classified information that if I told you I would have to kill you

7. Did you enjoy the School year?

Let me think NO!

Calvin chuckled as he wrote down his answers for Mrs. Wormwood . Grinning, as he finished the paper he put down his pencil and then screamed "DONE!" as loud as he could. Mrs. Wormwood looked up at him then looked around, everyone else was done was well. She then, put down her book.

She stood up and went around, picking up and reading the kids papers. She read many of them, complimenting them, on their work, until she got to Susie's desk and read her paper then, she gasped and held her hand over her heart and smiled.

"Oh my Susie, this is one of the most beautiful work I have ever seen all year."Susie Grinned, then shot a nagging look at Calvin then, turned back to MRs Wormwood.

"Thank you Mrs. Wormwood, I really tired hard all year and so I put my best effort in my final worksheet. She toke the paper back from Mrs. Wormwood and then put it in a neatly organized folder. She turned to Calvin and gave a teasing smirk and then stuck her tongue out t him. Calvin, sneered at her, as Mrs. Wormwood, came to his desk.

She sighed as she picked up the paper . She looked it over, and then glared at Calvin. He smirked at her and then gave her a scowl. She toke the paper, wadded it up and threw it in the trash.

Then she whirled around and then pointed at the door." Lets go Calvin, outside in the hallway." Calvin, got out of his seat and then entered the hallway. He leaned up against the wall as Mrs. Wormwood, told the class she would be right back. She then shut the door then glared at Calvin. "I am done Calvin." "I have had it with your antics for this year and now you are finally going to get the punishment you deserve so help me, you will get it even if I have to BEG top Mr. Spittle for it to happen, IT WILLHAPPEN!"

Calvin smiled at her. "What, you can't give me detention, because it is the last day, and my grades are at a C which is average so you can't give me summer school." Mrs. Wormwood, then smirked. Calvin's eyes went wide. "That's what you think Calvin, the paper I just threw away was your final grade."

"No you passed out our final grade cards last week." She thought, then glared at Calvin once again. "YOU THINK YOU ARE SO SMART HUH?" She yelled, Calvin went back Against the wall as she screamed. "WELL GUESS WHAT I AM MKING SURE THAT YOUR GRADES ARE ANF WETHER ITS LEGAL ORNOT, YOU ARE GETTING THE PUINSMENT I THINK YOU DESRVE! Mrs. Wormwood was lucky everyone's doors were shut or else they would have heard her.

She then grabbed Calvin's arm and then dragged him down to the Principles office. She barged through the door and she partially threw Calvin into the seat in front of Mr. Spittle. The principle was surprised to see them, well not 100% surprised but surprised.

"Mrs. Wormwood, Calvin what happened this time?" Mrs. Wormwood exploded, much to


Everyone was taken aback by this outburst. "Well, I would but it is the end of the school year and there is nothing I can do to punish him." Mrs. Wormwood was now steaming, smoke came out of her ears.

Calvin blinked and then cried out, "HIT THE DECK MR SPITTLE SHE's GONNA BLOW!" HE then, dove under his chair as Mrs. Wormwood, let out all of her anger. "Punish him NOW!"

The windows in the school rattled and shook as she let loose her anger and yelled. Calvin's Mom, even heard it in the house. "Oh boy." She said, what has Calvin done now?"

Mr. Spittle's chair had been blown back into the wall. "Okay Mrs. Worm wood, but there is nothing I can do…wait a minute. Calvin stared at him as Mr. spittle pulled out a document and then showed it to Mrs. Wormwood. "Really," She asked. Mr. Spittle Nodded and then she looked at Calvin with a grin on her face. "Mr. Spittle looked at Calvin. "Calvin you may go back to class. "hey, if this is about me I want to be a part of it!' he exclaimed.

"Mr. Spittle called in a secretary to user him out. As she ushered him out he screamed and ranted the entire way. "Hey you can't do this to me, I have my rights, if it s about me having a summer school I demand to defend myself HEY HEY HEY!" HEY!" shouted until the door closed.

Mrs. Wormwood, looked at the paper. She looked at him. "Are you sure this will do it, I mean its Calvin." "Relax, it will, but I don't understand why you are trying to do this." "Because, the other teachers are all scared of him, BEGGED ME to fail him just so she would not have him in fourth grade!." She got into the principles face. "SHE BEGGED!"

Mr. spittle, was taken aback, but sighed. "Alright, but it is up to Calvin's parents." He picked up the phone. Then he dialed a number. "Mrs. Wormwood, you may go back to class. She nodded then went back to her class. The Phone picked up. "Hello?" Asked Calvin's Mom.

"Hello, Mrs. um… Calvin's Mom." Mom's face drooped. "Oh, hi Mr. Spittle, what has Calvin done THISTIME?" Mr Spittle sighed. "It has come to attention about Calvin's rowdy behavior, which is why I have an option to keep him from being just as rowdy next year." Mom, stood straight." "What do you have in mind?"

3 hours later.

A bright yellow bus, pulled up to Calvin's house. Before the bus driver could open the doors, Calvin, partially bursting with excitement, nearly ripped them off there hinges as he rushed out of the bus.

"FREEDOM FREEDOM!" Calvin yelled. He ran up o the door dancing, skipping and jumping, and cheering. "He tore opened he door. "I'mHOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMEEE EEEEEEEE!"

Calvin, opened his eyes when he realized what he said "Oh Darn." SIKAPOW! Hobbes, Came flying at Calvin at full force .Calvin yelped as He and Hobbes crashed into the ground and then tumbled, for a little bit then crashed into a tree.

"WOO HOO!" Cried Hobbes, "I have been waiting to do that all DAY!"

Calvin, grumbled as he crushed himself off. " Normally Hobbes, this would bother me, but today I am in a GREAT MOOD, because summers here and I am ready to have some fun!"

He and Hobbes started to walk back to the house. "Just think ol buddy, Three whole months of Nothing but sheer fun!" Hobbes, rolled his eyes. "yes sheer fun!" he said. "your mocking me aren't you." "No I'm not."

"Yes you are can tell from your tone of voice!" "Oh really?" "Yes really!" "Really Really?" "YES REALLY REALLY REALLY!" "You want to make a bet on it?" "That no?" "Okay then I guess we will never know if I was being sarcastic." "OKAY fine, I bet three dimes that you were being sarcastic at me." "pay up." "WHAT!?"

"I was not being sarcastic, I am excited for summer and FUN, so pay up!" Calvin Grumbled as he handed Hobbes the money. He walked up to the front porch, and then whirled around.

"You win this round, BNUT THE WAR RAGES ON!" He then threw open the door and walked inside, and then bumped into dad. "Oh, sorry dad" But Calvin's dad, was ignoring that, he was looking down at Calvin.

"Calvin we need to talk now." Calvin looked at him. "Um what's going on?" "you behavior in School that's what." Mom came up next to him. "Calvin your teacher's say that you have made it past first grade, but your behavior has been TERRIBLE All year." Mom Said. "yeah so?" Asked Calvin. "Well Mr. Spittle showed me and your mother an option to help you behave better." Calvin looked at them.

"Did he say that it would be a good idea to keep me home for school forever?" Calvin Asked hopefully. "No Calvin, we have sighed you up for Camp." Calvin's eyes went wide. "C C Camp?" "yes Calvin a camp, a summer long camp for kids with your type of behavior." Dad smiled. "Williams Awesomely Cool Kids Camp and you will be going next week." Dad said. "WHAT!?" Cried Calvin.

"Dad was ecstatic," "Just think of all the character you will build from going and learning how to behave like an adult!'


Mom, Dad and Hobbes stared at Calvin, who had now passed out on the floor. "I think he took it well." Said Dad. Mom and Hobbes looked at him (well he couldn't see Hobbes's but he could see Moms)


AT VERY LONG LAST THIS IS DONE! YES IT IS DONE! And is it ironic that I am writing Calvin's first day of summer on the last day of MY summer? Huh oh well. So yeah, for those who want to think I am stealing SWING123's Calvin and Hobbes movie idea this is not like it at all, okay Calvin getting sent to camp but the plot is original for Calvin and Hobbes, but the camp is not filled with aliens it has…well you'll see. SO until then THIS IS FANTIC97 SIGHNING OFF, and have a happy school year..ugh

Chapter edited so it would be easier to read and able to flow with plot better