Time 12:30 pm

In a Shopping Mall:

Abhijit and Daya came out of a shop with lots of bags in their hands. They both were waiting for lift.

Abhijit: Ab kahaan?

Daya: Aur kahaan food court chalthey hain.

The heavily packed lift opened. Few people came out and some tried to enter. In the process Daya's bags collided with bags of another girl who was coming out of the lift. Daya turned and mumbled a sorry in her direction without looking at her. The girl seeing Daya stood rooted and stared at Daya till the lift door closed. Then she saw the lift was going down from 5th floor. She immediately rushed down through the staircase. She checked each and every floor before taking the next stair case.

Abhijit and Daya came out to second floor. They entered food court section. They both sat down at a far end near wall. Daya was facing the wall and Abhijit sat opposite to him.

Abhijit: Shopping hogaya ya aur kuch baki hai?

Daya(content): Mera tho hogaya boss. Tumhara?

Abhijit(sighing): Baki hai.

Daya(mockingly): Kiskeliye shopping karney waley ho boss?

Abhijit(acting furious): Patha hai tho puch kyun rahey ho yaar.

Daya(teasing): Sirf issliye ki hum tumhare muh sey sunaa chathey hain.

Abhijit(glaring with an eyebrow raised): Agar nahi bahtunga tho kya apni thapad style mein ugalvaogey kya?

Daya(acting afraid): Arrey nahi yaar. Asey kabhi nahi karunga. Mein ne dheka hai Tarika ka heels ka height. Na baba naa. Tich tich mein asey ghalthy nahi karunga. Bullet ke pain sey bahut kahtarnak hotha hai heels ka pain boss.

Abhi(lifting one eye brow): Experience hai kya?

Both started laughing. The waiter took order from them.

Abhijit: Tumney kya socha hai?

Daya: Kis key baarey mein boss.

Abhijit: You know getting into relationship.

Daya: Abhi please phir sey start math karo.

Abhijit: Tumne hi bola naa ke itni dhin CID mein kaam karthey karthey patha hi nahi chala saal nikal ja rahein hain. Tho.

Daya: Tho kya Abhi.

Abhijit: Daya naraz math ho. But you also need somebody to take care of you.

Daya: Tum ho na Abhi.

Abhijit: Mere baath?

Daya glared at Abhijit. If looks could kill then Abhi would have become ash by now.

Abhijit: Wo wo! I just wanted to say that you were in relation before with Purvi. (Daya irked hearing the name).

Daya: Tum..

Abhijit (signalling with his hand to stop): Ek minute Daya. I just want you to move on. For how many days are you going to mourn about the past? Aagey bado yaar. I am here to help you.

Daya: Abhi Please.

Abhijit: Tho tum ussey ab thak bhuley nahi.

Daya: She doesn't have anything to do with me now and forever.

Abhijit: Then what's your problem.

Daya: I have lost faith in love. Mujhe shaadi mein yaa ladki dhekney mein koi interest nahi hai. And that's final.

Abhijit: Par…

Waiter placed their order on their table.

Daya: Please yaar ye topic yahin chod dow. Mood math karabh karo boss. Muhe ab sirf kahaana hi sooja raha hai. (Daya smiled looking at Abhi who glared back at him).

Abhijit(Pushing dishes towards Daya): Lo aur lo. Aur jada khao. Ye bhi lo.

Daya: Thank you boss. Phikar math karo aaram sey. Itna pyaar mere upar...(munching)... Apna kahanaa bhi dey diya...(munching)... Ummm khaana bahuth tasty hai boss... Tumhey kuch nahi chahiye kya?

Daya smiled mockingly at Abhijit. Abhjiti kept glaring at Daya.

Abhijit(thinking): Daya kab sudharogey yaar. Tumhara kya hoga?

Daya: Mere kuch bhi honey dow yaar. Achaa ye batho tum Tarika keliye kya karidh ne waale ho.

Abhijit(giving up at last): 6 inch stilettoes. Thaki ussey dhikake tumhey shaadi keliye razi kar sakhey.

Both began to laugh hard. Same time Abhi noticed a girl coming towards Daya. Girl was staring down at Daya only. Abhi raised an eyebrow and looked at Daya then back at the girl.

Abhijit: Excuse me aapko kuch chahiye kya?

Daya turned around to see to whom Abhi was talking too. The girl was of height 5.6 ft, fair complexion age around 26 to 29. She was wearing dark blue jean and white Tee, she had a long silky hair stopping just above her hips tied neatly in a band, and she wore a long metal earing.

As Daya turned, girl smiled brightly at Daya. Daya noted that she knew him already and was very much happy to see him. He also scanned his memory for her in his life before. But he got "No data found".

Abhijit: Hello madam. Hum aapsey bath kar rahey hain.

Girl(Exclaimed): Wow… Daya…Daya … I can't believe it…...Are wah! I have heard and seen lots about you and your detection and style…... Ab hi dekh rahi hoon… Magar jo bi pada sab jhoot hai…. You look more dashing and smashing in person…

Saying she bent down and just like that kissed him on his cheeks gently.

As Abhijit looked shocked at the girl and then at Daya….. Daya looked up at girl open mouthed. Girl bent down smiling lovingly at him closed his mouth and said softly….

Girl: Thank you. Meri gift… Aapke liye... Maheene pehle deni thi… Lekin no problem ab hi sahi… Aur haan… Dream about me! Because I do! (Winking)

Daya jerked back his head taken aback while Abhijit looked on stunned at girl and Daya in turns….

She held the gift towards Daya. Since he didn't respond she kept the gift on the table and turned to go, looking down at Daya, she smoothed her hand over his cheeks and said….

Girl: Bye handsome! Hope we meet again soon.

She then vanished in the crowd. Both Abhijit and Daya were shocked. Daya was in an even worse state. This is not something which happens daily. She surely cannot be a fan who wanted an autograph. Who is she?

Abhijit(excited in shock): Who is she Daya? What is all this that just happened?

Daya(confused): I just don't know yaar. Kuch samajh mein nahi aaraha hai yaar.

Abhijit(stern voice): Do you know her?

Daya(like child): Nahi . Mujhe ussekey baarey mein kuch nahi patha. Trust me.

Abhijit(Like accusing): Of course… (Daya sighed relived that Abhijit believed him) You don't know anything about her and she orders you to dream about her…

The same moment his hopes came shattering down. To avoid eye contact from Abhijit, Daya started eating. Taking spoon full of Manchurian gravy with Pulao and stuffing in his mouth in order to avoid answering Abhijit.

Abhijit(not intending to leave): Tho phir usney Thanks kyun kahaa aur kiss kyun kiya aur ye gift?

Daya(giving up): Abhi mujhe kuch patha bhi nahi hai aur kuch samajh mein bhi nahi aaraha hai. Tum please chup chap bina enquiry kiye kah sakthey ho?

Abhijit(turning the gift in his hand): Kuch tho gadbad hai. Kuch tho hai uss ladki ke bare mein.

Daya glared at him and Abhijit immediately placed the gift on the table and started to concentrate on his food. Both were thinking about what happened a few minutes back.

Daya was deeply shaken by the act of the mysterious girl. His minds were contradicting each other in making a decision. In the end Daya finalized to never think of this stupid thing again. Whereas, on the other hand Abhijit made a mental note to find out more about this mysterious girl.

When they finished their lunch in silence for the first time in years Abhi paid the bill. Daya took his packages and moved.

Abhijit: Daya ye gift.

Daya: Ussey yahin chod dow yaar.

Abhijiy: Yesey kesey yaar. Kitni pyaar sey di useney tumhe.

Daya: I don't want it. Agar tumhe chaiye tho tum rakh lo boss.

Abhijit: Daya just have it yaar. You don't have to open it now.

Daya walked away towards exit. Abhijit followed him to catch up with his pace.

Abhijit: Daya why are you taking it so seriously. She must be your admirer or fan. Or is it something else that you are hiding because of which you are not accepting the gift.

Daya stopped in his track, turned towards Abhijit, snatched the gift from his hand and put it in his bag. He then resumed walking with the same fast pace.

Abhijit: Arrey ruko. Ruko tho. Itna ghussa kyun ho rahey ho yaar. Meiney sirf mazak kiya.

Daya slowed down a bit for Abhijit to catch up with him.

Daya: Ghar chalthey hain Abhi.

Abhi: Ok.

Inside Quallis:

Both Daya and Abhijit were putting seat belt when..

Abhijit(mischievously): Shaadi nahi karogey… Ladki nahi dekhogey…. Ladkiyaan tumhe dekh rahi hain!

Daya stopped turning on his ignition and turned towards Abhi.

Daya: Abhijit abi isi waqt nichey utharo.

Abhijit was hell shocked.

Abhijit(apologetically): I am sorry yaar.

Daya didn't budge.

Abhijit: Ok ok will not talk about it again.

Daya: And make fun of it.

Abhijit(repeating like parrot): And fun of it.

Daya(smiling): That's like a good boy.

After some time:

Outside Abhijit's house:

Daya dropped Abhijit at his house. Abhijit got down taking his packages.

Daya: Bye yaar.

Abhijit: I am sorry Daya but one last time. (Daya was confused, Abhi was walking in reverse) Usskey baarey mein sapna dhekna (winked) ok. Bye.

Saying this he immediately ran inside his house. Daya got angry at first then seeing the childishness of Abhijit he smiled. Daya drove towards his house replaying the scene in his mind again and again.

Later in the afternoon:

In a hospital:

Inside ICU:

A girl is lying on the bed with all kinds of wire flowing from her body attached to various machines. Nurses are walking in and out under doctors' instruction. A doctor comes out.

Man: Doctor mere behan ka hallath kesey hai?

Doc: I am sorry to say this but her condition is worse. I think you should inform your parents.

Man (begging): Doctor please. Aap yesey nahi kar keh sakthey. She is my only relation doctor. Uske bina mey ji nahi paunga doctor. Please doctor.

Doc: We have tried everything. Humme patha hi nahi laga ki iski ye halath ka karan kya hai. Phir hum iska ilajz kesey…

Nurse comes out of the ICU running.

Nurse: Doctor patient ka pulse down ho raha hai. Please aap jaldi andhar aaiye ga.

After some time doctor came out.

Doc: I am sorry your sister didn't make it.

Man(shouting): NO….. NO…

A girl is crying standing at farther end of the corridor hearing the news.

Girl(crying heavily): I am sorry. I am sorry…..

The girl looks up to find the man before her with a gun pointed towards her.

Man: DIE…..


Tarika(waking up shouting): NAHIIIIIIIII… PLEASE… Please…

She was sweating heavily in spite of the AC in her room. She was breathing heavily as if she ran a thousand miles continuously. Tarika placed her head on her knees, hugged her legs.

Tarika: Phir sey wohi sapnaa. Oh kya rahaa hai mujhey. Time kya hai?

She looked at bedside clock.

Tarika: OMG its 3:30 pm. I slept for almost 3 hours straight due to yesterday's heavy work.

She got down from the bed and walked out towards the hall. She drank water from the dining table. At the same time she heard her mobile ringing at a distance

Tarika: Mera mobile?

She walked towards the hall and saw her mobile ringing inside her hand bag which was kept on the centre table.

Tarika: Hello!

Tarika: Yes sir mein abhi nikal thi huin I will be there in an hour. OK sir.

Tarika got ready to go to work. She opened the main door and saw a flower bouquet with a tiny card. The card said "Good Day". Tarika smiled looking at the printed words.

Tarika: Yeah Abhijit bhi naa.

She quickly kept flower on the table in hall and dashed to lab in her car.