It was happening. Things people would have never thought would happen. They were injecting people with some kind liquid. Something that they thought would help people. They've been taking little children as lab rats to test this liquid and hopefully have a breakthrough to later produce it to the public. Three years have past since the Miracle had ended and the kidnapping was getting worse. Babies. Kids. Teenagers. People of all ages were all secretly getting kidnapped so the scientists could finally perfect the solvent they desperately wanted.

Angela Moran was sitting at her desk looking at piles and piles of files on victims who were recently kidnapped. These weren't the only victims kidnapped. There are so many recorded kidnapping's that the FBI have many agents trying to solve one case. Rachel was the one of the leaders on the case; however, in recent events she had to step down because the FBI had reason to suspect that she was a mole during an investigation of another case and her case went to trial. So, the only thing she could do was work from her desk. She looked through each file trying to find a connection between all of the victims since it looked like they were picked at random.

Ryan Moran was sitting at his desk in the CIA headquarters. He had been hired by them a few months before the Miracle ended and many of the other employees were saying that he had replaced Esther Drummond. Ryan was a computer analyst and liason to the CIA and took his job seriously. He was looking at reports on his computer about the kidnappings happening all over the country and he had been getting calls from other countries that kidnapping's were also happening there. Ryan couldn't put his figure out where any of these people were taken and why.

Elsewhere in Torchwood, Jack, Rex, and Gwen were also looking into the kidnapped cases. In the last three years since the Miracle, over 100 people were taken and no one has been able to pinpoint their whereabouts. These people could be dead or something far worse. It been three years since Esther had died trying to end the Miracle that was destroying the human race and restore the laws of life. The Families were clever, but Jack couldn't help but think that the Families were behind the kidnappings. As a matter of fact, all three of the remaining members of Torchwood were wondering if the Families were behind it and that's what brought Torchwood on board. Their only problem was that they have to get around the FBI and the CIA. Since, Torchwood was dead and buried since Children of Earth, they were no where above the police.

Angela was at her desk trying to find any leads on the case when one of the agents got a call. "Hey Angela, I think I found something." Agent Holloway said urgently."Chris, I'm not the lead agent on this case anymore." Angela said."Actually, I heard you might be promoted back to that position just for this case because the department knows how good you are at this." Holloway said."Thanks for the flattery." she said."No problem." Holloway replied. "Now will you look at this?"Angela walked to Agent Holloway's desk. She didn't know what she was looking at."What is this?" Angela asked."I think that's the first lead in this case since we took it on." Chris said."Okay, tell me more." Angela said."Well, it's a dead body and it was dumbed in a park during the night." Chris replied."Well, I guess we should go check it out." Angela said."I guess we shall." Chris said.

Chris grabbed his coat and Angela grabbed her leather jacket and the were out the door. Angela and Chris got into Angela's car and they were on their way to the crime scene.

Ryan couldn't believe what he was reading. He saw newspaper articles and interviews from the Miracle that had never been given to the public. Stuff about the two families and the involvement of Torchwood in the case in which they solved. Ryan was confused; however, on two things - who was Torchwood and what was their prerogative? Ryan had only heard the name once in passing when he overheard two of his colleagues talking about it. Although, he had only been assigned to the CIA that day and didn't know what to make of it."Hey guys, take a look at this." Agent Hanna said switching on the television.

There was a report of a dead body found in a park in a suburban area; however, the FBI refused to give any more information about the case to the public, which was for the best. Now. Ryan had a feeling it was connected to the kidnappings. He tried searching more on the case. Something about the case drew him closer and closer to it, made him investigate more. After a while, Ryan got up and headed to his bosses office. Ryan entered. Agent Larson was at her desk."May I help you?" she asked confused."Um ma'am, I'm Agent Ryan Moran and I was investigating a lot on these kidnappings happening all around the world and I think it has something to do with Torchwood." Ryan said."What do you know about Torchwood?" Agent Larson asked sitting up in her chair.

The CIA had lost 2 of their agents on Miracle Day due to the in house corruption by the Families and the agents themselves and Agent Larson stepped in to correct it; which also mean't keeping Torchwood a secret - from everyone. "Well, I had stubbled upon some files from Miracle Day three years ago and it mentioned Torchwood." Ryan explained. "I think they have a hand in this." "Well, thanks for giving me your opinion, but I have agents already on it." Larson replied."I want in on this case." Ryan said bluntly. Larson just chuckled. "You're not serious?" she asked."Does my face look like it's joking?" Ryan asked rhetorically."You're just an analyst, you can't work case by yourself." Larson said."Oh really, watch me." Ryan began walking out of her office. "What has you so interested in this case?" Larson asked. "I don't know." Ryan said as he left the room.

A few hours later and Agent Larson walked into up to Ryan and handed him a file. "This is between you and me." she began whispering in his ear. "If any of this information gets leaked out or discovered I will deny all allegations." "Okay, thank you." Ryan said. Agent Larson just looked at him and then walked away. Ryan grabbed his jacket and his bag and proceed to his car in the parking lot below the building. He couldn't believe I got to work his first case alone.

Angela and Chris arrived at the crime scene. The body was laying face down on the grass. It was the body of a teenager. "The kids name is Ben Harrington." one of the detectives began. "He disappeared 2 years ago while walk home from school alone. His parents sent in a report, but his body was never found until now." Angela stepped closer to the body and began looking more closely at it. "What have you found on the body?" she asked. "Well, it seemed like the kid was melting from the inside, like something was trying to turn him into something." the detective answered. Angela looked at the body again. "Did you see any indication of these victims being injected with something?" she asked. "No, we search the whole body." the detective said. "Well, there it is." Angela began. "It looks like whoever did this injected him more than once try to see if whatever was in him would change in injected in different part of the body." The detective was speechless and stunned. "Well, thank you detective." Angela said. Angela began walking away and Chris followed. "Who do think is doing this?" Angela asked Chris. "I don't know, but it seems they want whatever it really soon." Chris answered. "Well, we got our first lead." Angela said. "Hopefully there will be more where that came from." Chris began driving. "Yeah, me too.