A/N: Hey all.. I am back and I have Hockeyward. This is just a short litle prologue to get ya jucied for chapter one next week. I'll update weekly either on Tues or Wednesday.

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When people hear what is said to be my story, whether it's from rumors or innuendos, there is only one of two ways they react. First they look at me like some money grubbing whore that slept her way to the top. I find that preposterous, but whatever. The second is that I'm crazy and a tad obsessed. I think those people are closer to the truth. But then they go and lay on the guilt trip and pity party. I need neither of those. I'm perfectly happy where I ended up in my life.

But the issue is that no one really knows the whole story. Only I do. Not even he knows it all. So it's time I lay it all straight. Ya want the nitty gritty details? Fine, I'll give them to you. I have nothing to hide because I regret not one thing I ever did to get where I am. Okay, so maybe there was this one thing I might regret. But in the greater scheme of things, it got me what I wanted, so I can't regret it too much. So get comfy, it's a long story.

But before I start, give me a second, Chuck Fletcher is at the podium, I want to remember this moment.

"With the sixth pick, the Minnesota Wild selects winger…"

A/N; Hmm like I said.. short and sweet... thoughts.. are you excited for Hockeyward and Obsessella?