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"I'm gonna fucking kill you Cross!" she yelled at me as she chased me down the field.

"Try all you want Moritzo, but I will always come out on top." I yelled back. She was still in her Hex hall uniform and it was clinging to her body from all the heat, she only looked more attractive which just made me wish more that she would date me. She told people she was lesbian even though I know that she is really bi. Which again is why I was constantly trying to get her to date me. We had known each other forever, well at least the last three years from when the eye took her captive.

I am now fifteen and she still looks likes she's sixteen, of course, she's a vampire. I am just a dark warlock, plain and boring, Archer Cross. But her, she's fun and crazy, with her stories about being a vampire, not being a vampire she always enjoys explaining the scars that cover her arms and legs, and the one that goes right under her eye and her tattoo of a black rose that raps its way around her entire arm. Fun and crazy, half Swiss, half Latino, Lizbeth Moritzo.

"Cross give me my suitcase or I will vamp out on you right now."

"Lizbeth," I saw her flinch, she liked me to call her Moritzo (her last name) or Liz(her nickname)but I wanted her to be serious. "If I don't give it to you , you can't go with the eye, therefore you have to stay here all summer."

"Yeah, and it sucks here Archer, probably more then it dose with the eye, and if I stay here I won't be able to see you." now it was my turn to flinch as she said my full name.

"But guess what? I'm staying here all summer." with that she punched me in the shoulder.

"Well why didn't you say that in the first place? Bitch." we did that, called each other names, it was what made us like siblings.

"Whore" she laughed and shoved me again, this time it was hard enough to push me back a step. I pulled her close and hugged her. She looks up into my eyes and I do what I've wanted to do since I met her, I lean in a plant a good solid kiss on her lips. She leans into me, practically falling into my arms.

When I lift my head and look up, I expect her to run away, but instead she snuggles her head under my chin and let's herself lean into my touch. We just stand there in the field, locked in our embrace, I get used to the feel of her body pressed up against me rather quickly, like she was meant to be there. I was a head taller then her so we could have stood there like this for hours, but, she balanced all her weight on her own and in one swift movement, stood on her toes, kissed me and grabbed her suitcase from behind me. It took me about two minutes to figure out that she was walking towards hex, towards the eyes car, towards death. I ran to catch her and when I could I grabbed her wrist and yanked her back to me.

"Beth, don't do this, they'll kill you."

"How do you know Arch, and did you just call me Beth?" she showed her confusion on her face, a rare thing.

" Yes I did, and the head of the eye told me that they were going to steak you at the end of the summer, I asked to stay here and calmed that I couldn't watch you die." her face paled at my words and I pulled her into me. I knew the one thing that would make this scarred, little, abandoned girl to the young woman that I loved, song. So I began to sing her "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias I knew she would cheer up at this, not just because of the words, or of the fact that I was singing to her just the fact that of all the artists to choose from, I chose a Latino one.

As I sing I feel her start to relax. Her heartbeat slows, she stats to get more color to her face and her breathing slowed (for she had almost started to hyperventilate). We stand there for maybe half an hour before her best friend Alex (who also knew she was bi) came looking for us.

"Hey Lizbeth, people's with swards are lookin for ya." he said in his slight southern accent.

"Fuck," she mumbled into my neck, she turned away from me and to him. "Thanks for telling me Alex" she grabs her suitcase and starts to walk away, she's about two yards away from me when she turns around "Arch aren't you coming? I thought you of all people would want to see their faces when I told them I am staying here this summer?" I smiled and started to fallow her, at the sight of me walking she started to move as well. As we walked Alex fell into step next to me.

"Y'all make 'er happy"

"Ugh, thanks?"

"Ya kiss 'er yet?"

"What's it you?"

"So ya did,"I sigh

"Yeah" he smiles and yells up to Lizbeth.

" 'ay, Liz-Liz, is our boy a good kisser?" I swear I could see her blush from all the way back here.

"Yup, your pretty good to"

" 'uhs better?"

"I'm gonna say Archer"

"aww, that's mean"With that she threw us a smile and said

"That's just how I roll" he laughed.

"What's it 'ike bein' the only vamp here?"

"Since when did you play the "change the subject" game?" she asked him, her small smile turning into a smirk.

"oh, since it finally hit me that I'm not gonna see y'all all summer long."

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