"If there's one thing I haven't told you," Mal strummed a few rich, gorgeous chords on his guitar and sang softly. "If there's one thing I need to show you..."

Another voice accompanied his lower notes. "If there's one more thing we need to see before we die," she let the last note ring sweetly.

"Realism," both of their voices joined into a gorgeous, yet melancholic tone, beautifully accompanying each other and bringing out the steady notes of piano, soft drums, and guitar in the background. They repeated the chorus once more and Mal ended the long-awaited song with a graceful strum.

Jim grinned and took his fingers off of the piano keys as the rest of the band exchanged high-fives, gathering their instruments and exiting the studio.

While packing his guitar back into its case as the sound engineers finalized the record, Mal looked over at the new addition and frowned. "Uh, Natalia..." he began.

"The name's Natara," she interrupted, looking up and swinging her purse over her shoulder.

"Uh, right," Mal quickly corrected himself and looked her down. "Natara, you do know that this band is a rock group—" he continued, looking at the dress she was wearing and her Pattie Boyd hairstyle.

"I'm very well aware of that, Mal," Natara said and nodded, brushing her dress clean and straightening her pearl necklace. "This whole arrangement was very last minute. I'm actually headed to a boutique with my partner after this, so I can get an outfit for our performance tomorrow."

Mal frowned at the attitude of this new addition. True, she had a singing voice that could calm a raging storm and bring out the beauty on a cool summer's day, but she didn't really mix well with the group. So Mal shifted the subject to refrain from snapping back.

"Your partner?" he questioned.

Natara nodded. "Oscar Santos," she informed him. "We're getting married at the end of July."

Mal forced a smile. "Oh, congratulations."

"Thanks. Are you married?"

"Nah, my last wife had an affair with Eric Clapton."

Natara frowned. "I'm sorry to hear that, Mal," she said and gave him a friendly pat on the back. "Things will turn around for you; you'll see."

Mal grinned. "Thanks." He almost felt sorry for snapping at her earlier.

"So are you seeing anyone now?" Natara asked.

"Nah, but I..." he began, but was interrupted by the phone in the corner ringing violently.

James, a loyal piano player of the band, answered it and placed his hand over the receiver. "It's for you, Nat!"

Natara rushed over to the phone, grinning widely. However, after a few seconds of speaking with the person on the other line, her smile faded. "Oscar canceled the plans at the boutique," she sighed and hung up.

Mal frowned. "Oh, that's alright if you don't get your things today..." his voice trailed off, but Natara cut in.

"Would you like to come with me to the boutique instead, Mal? After all, you're the one that knows the Admirals' style."

Mal nodded and grinned in response. Maybe Natara wasn't that bad.

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