Hey all! I'm back with more drabbles! As promised :D

The rules of this challenge were to put my music player on random/shuffle, play a song 3 times and write a drabble from the time the first time the song comes up to the end of the 3rd time its heard. Once the third repetition is over, stop writing. I had to do this ten times and I hope I did well!

BTW I'd like to give two shout outs. One to me fantabulous beta LycoRogue, who has been so patient with my Writer's Block and encourages me to write and do my best! The second is to Angelblood666. The first person I have officially beta'd for on . See dude! I'm doing this challenge, so you better do it too! :P

One last thing: I do not own Hey Arnold or the songs I used to make these songfic drabbles.

First of ten drabbles!

Who I Am Hates Who I've Been – Relient K

Dear Arnold,

It's been a while since I've come to this pier.

I looked at the sunset and close my eyes. Sometimes, it feels like you never left. Maybe then, my heart wouldn't have been so pathetically broken with your words.

I wish I could be as put together as people think I am. This girl who lets nothing sway her usual demeanor. But, the truth is, I'm not.

I remember it. The moment, a few months ago, that has haunted me ever since it happened. It's the moment I wish I could change, but know I never can.

What if I said I was sorry? Sorry for who I was, and for not being my current persona earlier. You would like me now more than you liked me before…I do, at least.

I mean, I hated myself before. My life, my family, pretty much everything. Except you. You've always been that constant in my universe. The sole good thing I was given. And that, my love, is something that will forever remain the same.

I admit, I didn't really talk to people after you left. I didn't want anyone to see this fragile heart of mine. No, that's not right. My PRIDE didn't want anyone from PS 118 and HS 117 to see that I, Helga G Pataki, has a mushy, soft, good-hearted interior. I wanted people to see me as this monster. Because I didn't want anyone else to hurt me…the way you did.

I'm sure you already knew that your leaving hurt me, though, what with the lack of letters I sent you. But even then, Arnold, after all the stuff I've had to go through these past months without you, it has made me a better person.

A person who now hates who I had been to not only you, but the world around me.

I opened my eyes, and heard footsteps lightly treading the old wooden steps behind me. It was a couple. Two blondes in perfect harmony.

But instead of bursting out into a fit, Arnold, I smiled and walked away.

Maybe, one day, when you come back, that can be us.

If you give me a second chance to show you how much I've changed. Changed for the better.



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