A/N: What better to end a set of songfic drabbles, than with a musical number? :D

Anyway You Want It – Journey

It was a beautiful ceremony, and the couple agreed on what song to dance to. It was one that the bridesmaids and groomsmen could dance to as well.

The DJ put the song, and all the couples giddily ran to the floor. Phoebe pulling Gerald, Sheena and Eugene pushing through everyone, Rhonda and Thaddeus walking to the dance floor, Helga and Arnold playfully chasing each other to the floor, and of course, the bride, Lila, and her groom, Brain.

The couples, each engaging in a different style of dancing, thoroughly enjoyed the song.

The women would act more flirtatious in their movements, while keeping an eye on their partner. The men, who wore smirks during their partner's act, would come to them and wrap their arms around their waist. From here, all the couples differed in style.

Arnold and Helga engaged in a steamy tango that they perfected from their 4th grade dance, Gerald and Phoebe did a bit of swing dancing, and pumped up the crowd. Sheena and Eugene were in a strict ballet routine, where they hardly noticed anyone but themselves. Rhonda and Thaddeus did some swing and tango, but were indecisive on which style they preferred dancing. And the newly-married couple, Lila and Brain, were calmly involved in a sweet ballroom waltz.

Brain and Lila waltzed, and looked into each other's eyes. They were finally married, after everything they went through. For once, nothing could interfere with their future. Brain spun Lila around, and watched her lovely gown flow with the air. Lila stopped spinning, and saw Brain give her the smile she loved. She was swaying close to her newly-found husband and felt the warmth of his touch.

This was this life. Not ruled by anyone. Not dependent on anyone. Just a life that was anyway they wanted it.

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