Chaos' POV

I smiled at the new born that lay in my arms. His name was Nebulous. He was the center of an Earth great prophecy. When he reaches the age of 12, I will send him down to Earth. But right now, he will be cared for as Prince Nebulous. I will care to him with the rest of my sons and daughters. I called for Nyx.

"Who is this?" she asked.

"This is your new baby brother, he is very powerful and willed be cared for. Can you do it?" I asked.

She smiled at the baby in my arms, who gooed and tried to hug her. I gave Nebulous to her and he smiled.

"Why certainly," Nyx grinned.

When Nebulous is 2

"Daddy, wook what I can do," Nebulous stuttered in his cute 2 year old talk. He willed water, fire, earth, and wind come at his disposal and blasted it at me. I smiled and caught it. Nyx walked in the throne room just as Percy finished his performance.

"NYX!" he screamed.

He ran over to her and jumped on her. Nyx laughed and whispered, "How is my little prince doing?" Nebulous giggled and snuggled closer to her.

"Have you been learning the command over the shadows and the dead?" she asked.

Nebulous nodded viciously and will the shadows to bend to him and made 20 skeletons come out of the ground. He looked at Nyx expectantly. Nyx smiled at him, showing Nebulous her 'good job' look. Nebulous smiled a toothy grin, and curled up in her arms.

Nyx led Percy out to play while I sat and pondered. Was this really a good idea?

When Nebulous is 6

Chaos' POV

Nebulous was shaping up to be a powerful and handsome young boy. He could beat everyone in battle. Sometimes, even matching up to me! I couldn't be prouder. I watched as Nebulous fight Nyx using his powers.

Nyx bended shadows that made night warriors and threw them at Nebulous, my son slowed down time and countered attacked by using fire from the hearth to wipe out the minions. He then raised vines that wrapped around Nyx's feet. While Nyx was trapped, Aether happened to walk by and ran to join the fight. Aether threw light bombs at Nebulous but Nebulous just matrix dodged all of thema dn hurled a ball of the 4 elemednts combined at Aether and Nyx. It missed Nyx, but hit Aether.

The sound was devastating, when the smoke cleared, Aether was on the ground but Nyx had disappeared. She reappeared behind Nebulous and held her knife to Nebulous' throat.

"I win," she smiled triumphantly.

Nebulous just smirked and set himself on fire. Nyx gasped and let go from the heat. Nebulous unleashed a torrent of lightning bolts at Nyx, it her on the chest and she was down. I smiled, I couldn't be prouder.

When Nebulous is 12

Nebulous' POV

Dad came up to me led me into the throne room. I saw all my family there (the first gods). I'm Nebulous, son of Chaos, heir to the Void, second most powerful being in the whole universe, prince of the universe and all that other stuff. I control all Dad's sons and daughters' powers. Was I immortal? Yea, you could say that.

"Nebulous" my father said. "Earth is in trouble and I want you to go down and assist them". I smiled and started thinking how easily it will be to defeat those idiot titans. "Of course I will help them defeat those weaklings" I said. My father wished me farewell and reminded me to take my two weapons, which where the second and third most powerful ever made. The first being my father's sword made entirely of his essence.

Fulvos and Riptide were my weapons, Fulvos was my sword that controlled time and Riptide was my sword that controlled water. I nodded to my father and hugged my family good bye. Then, I created a portal and stepped through it.

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