HIGHT: 5'2

WEIGHT: 104 lbs

HAIR COLOR: UNKOWN (wears wigs constantly)

EYE COLOR: UNKOWN (wears PURPLE contacts)



OTHER FEATURES: Dark face makeup; puple eyeshadow, black eyeliner,mascara,dark purple lipstick, wears dark (gothic) clothes (once cosplayed for one character in MEGATOKYO a comic. CHARACTER COSPLAYED: Tohya Miho.) most distinguished feature wears PURPLE BUCKLE UP ENGINEER BOOTS. No family records, no friendly connections, no buisness connections.

WARNING: This girl is BI-POLAR and has multiple personalities (2) One is named Lynn this one is peaceful very quiet. The other is Evie, this one is angry always causing trouble and incredibly strong. NOTE: Evie's eyes are green,Lynn's are purple, they change when one comes out. Both personalities make EVIE LYNN ZERO (no known family no given last name, last name given is test number ZERO) Evie Lynn Zero is the girl you never remember. Lynn is the personality you will see the most. Evie only comes out when Lynn's control slips. WARNING: EVIE is a very dangerous individual. Ridiculously strong and phsycotic.



"Well Hell... We got our hands full here" said the man while searching for more info on the woman. "Well Shepard you do know that we always have our hands full..." drawled the turian "Ha, your right about that Garrus! Hey Thane can you pull up any other info on the girl?" the commander asked "Negative, commander. All known data on her is right in front of us." the drell assassin responded. "Sooooo, are we going to try to recruit the girl? Cause i dont even know why were here." "Exactly Garrus! That girl could be very helpful and we need all the help we can get against the collecters." Shepard seemed excited and Garrus picked it up "Ohhh no! We do not need another phyco on our team! We already have Jack! Come on!" while Garrus was complaining Thane was sending all data on the girl to EDI. "Commander, I've sent all data to EDI do you want to head back to the ship or look around for more data?" Thane asked interupting the argument. "Lets head back to the ship, we've already been through this place 4 times, I dont think theres anything else here." both Garrus and thane nodded and followed the commander out to the Normandy.