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Narrarators POV

We were walking toward the officers when Thane asked "Shepard, what do we do once we find the girl?" Shepard walked on "We talk to her, and if she tries to run off we catch her!" "Yeah, like its going to be that easy..." Garrus said sarcastically "Come on Garrus dont be such a- OOF" Shepard walked right into a girl matching every description "Hey, I'm sorry, I wasnt paying attention, whats your name kid?" Thane noticed that the girl looked very nervous whe she asked "Why are you looking for me?" "Wait... your the girl their chasing?" Shepard asked.

Lynn's POV

"Oh, no! I cant believe I blurted that out! Ugh i feel so stupid!" I looked up at the man when he asked me "Wait, your the girl their chasing?" I was going to answer when Evie thought "We need to get out of here!"I quickly turned to run away, but I was blocked by a man in a leather jacket, well I thought he was a man, but he was green. "Ahh! What do you want with me?" I asked a little bit more than afraid, when the other man said "I'm Commander Shepard, I want to help you." "H-Help me? Thats impossible, Its not a sickness, its in my mind!" this seemed to trouble him "I know, but we have some of the best people on my team, maybe you just need to be more social." I considered it thinking to my self "Maybe he's right... maybe they can help me!" "What are you crazy their lying! They just want to take advantage of you!" "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Nnnngh! EVIE GET OUT OF MY MIND!" all of a sudden a huge pain came over me and I couldnt hold back the scream "AHHHHHhhhhhggggg!" then I felt my muscles twitching, and a wave of blackness poured over me before I fainted I heard Shepard...

Narrarators POV

Shepard tried to ask her why she was yelling when she collapsed and let out a bloodcurdling scream, and fainted. "Holy Hell! We need to get her to the Normandy! Thane take her to the ship and get her to Chakwas!" Thane picked up the girl and made his way to the Normandy as quickly as possible. Some C-Sec officers came up to see what the noise was and asked "Commander Shepard, what was that scream?" "It was the girl we were looking for she had a panic attack? I'm sorry but I really need to get back to my ship" "Of course Sir!" as both officers left Garrus asked "A panic attack?" Shepard started walking "Well she seemed like she was panicking!" "Oh, well we should get back to the Normandy to meet up with Thane."

Thane's POV

"Thane, take her to the ship and get her to Chakwas!" was all I heard before my instincts took over. I picked up the girl and made my way to the ship as fast as possible. I looked down on the girl and saw that she was unconscious. When I got to the ship I made my way to the doctor. I opened the door and immediately the doctor jumps up and asks "What in the world happened?" I set her down on one of the medical beds "This is the girl Shepard was looking for." She starts examining her "Well that explains who she is, but why is she unconscious?" I lean on one of the walls relaxing "She seemed to be having an argument with her other peronality, then she screamed and passed out. Shepard told me to bring her here." the doctor turned around "She must have overloaded her mind somehow, but I cant do anything about it and is out right now." I stood up and bowed "Thank You doctor," I started to leave "Wait, would you stay just in case she wakes up? I need to take a look at her paper work and ask EDI a few questions." "Of course." I walked to the bed and sat in a chair that was next to it. "Thank you." as I watched her leave I looked at the girl in the bed. "At first glance it looks like nothings wrong, but when she talks, or thinks its as if she's battling her own mind...Oh, it looks like she's about to wake"

Lynn's POV

I open my eyes and the first thing I see is a blinding white light right above me, "What the heck?". The second thing I notice is the person next to me, at first I think I'm probably on meds because he's green, but then I remember that he's the same person who blocked me from running. I look up at his face, it has many ridges on it, like little points that come out on a shark or somthing. He has a dark green (almost black) mark where his forehead should be, and more on the side of his head. He has no hair, and coming down the side of his throat its these weird red flaps. I've never seen anything like him. "Or maybe I have, and I dont remember..." when I looked in his eyes I saw black pools of darkness, but oddly it was peacefull, and though I could barely see them I saw the center part of his eyes were a dark beautiful green. "Wait beautiful? Okay, Lynn calm down, you havent even talked to him yet!"

I try to ask where I am but I'm interupted by my coughing, once it subsides I ask "Wh-Where am I?" when he answered his voice carried a rumble through it that sent shudders through my head "Your inside the Normandy's medical bay."The Normandy? Isnt that Commander Shepard's ship?" "Why am I here?" he looked at me almost as if he was calculating how dangerous I could be "We could be VERY dangerous if you'd let me out!" "NO! Get out of my head Evie!" he interupted my mind argument "Your here because you screamed and then fainted." "Ohhh yeah!"

"Well that would explain why my head hurts so much! I havent had an attack like that in a while..." "Ahh crap! I didnt mean to say that!" he looked at me then asked me "What do you mean attack?" "Ohhh noo! Ummmm." "Well... sometimes if I'm really stressed I over work my mind and then my whole body goes crazy, its not fun..." when I looked back up at him he looked different, before he had a very calm, stoic face, now it looked as if he wanted to laugh...? Before I could question him he went back to normal and asked me "What is you name?" "Uh Oh..."

"Ummm... My names Evie Lynn, well unless you want to count the stupid number they put at the end of my name then its Evie Lynn Zero. But I normally go my Lynn." I quickly shut my mouth realizing that I was babbling "Great, now I'm going to start babbling like an idiot" I looked up again and that look was back again! "Haha, great he probably thinks I'm an idiot!" I was going to say somthing when he cut me off "My name is Thane Krios, it is a pleasure to meet you." "Umm, thank you its-"

I was cut off by the door opening to two men, one I recognized as the Commander, and another, a turian. "Aha! Its good to see that your awake!" the commander said, "Mmmmmhmmm, yeah so she can go crazy o-" the turian tried to say when Shepard smacked him, "Haha, Garrus stop joking," he looked at me "anyway, I'm Commander Shepard, the turian is Garrus, and the person next to you is Thane Krios, a drell. Who are you?"

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