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A/S: This takes place after my other fanfic "Vita's Unexpected Growth".

Onegai GTV! Great Teacher Vita-san

The year is MC 0075; it has been 3 months since Riot Force 6 disbanded. Tired of the TSAB and its militaristic system, the now magically grown up Vita Yagami has decided to take a most unusual career path...

"Hey everybody?" I have big news!" Shouted a young red haired male as he entered the classroom.

"What news could you have this early in the morning, Gene?" A blue haired male addressed his easily excitable friend.

"Come on, Yuki! For once, I'm serious!" Gene replied.

"For once? That's reassuring." Yuki said sarcastically. Anyway, what kind of news do you have to tell us?"

"Old man Opel suddenly retired and our new teacher is starting today." Gene announced.

"That's strange, shouldn't they have told us in advance?" Kyoko, the blonde haired friend of the two asked. "

That's not all! The new teacher is a female mage from the TSAB." The redhead male added.

"What! The Bureau!" Yuki shouted before the school bell rang, signaling the start of class.

A moment later, the classroom door opened, revealing a curvaceous, red haired woman as she walked into the room. She wore a simple dress shirt that seemed a little tight on her huge chest and a black mini-skirt with a plush dead bunny head chained to in from the side. Nearly all the boys and several girls stared at the beautiful new teacher that seemed to have come from Heaven.

"Alright punks, asses... in seats... now!"

The students sat at their seats, their image of an angelic redhead teacher crumbling.

"I'm Vita Yagami, as of today, I will be your new homeroom and Belkan history teacher. You may address me as Yagami-sensei or Vita-san. As long as you don't do anything stupid, we'll get along just fine. One more thing, I suck at remembering names, so don't count on me remembering yours anytime soon; of course, it's your parents fault for giving you such hard names in the first place."

The students stared at Vita, wondering what kind of strange teacher they just ended up with.

"Well I guess that's it, unless you guys have any questions?"

"I have one.' Said one of the male students. "What's your cup size?"

Nearly all of the female students stared angrily at him. "Who in the hell asks a teacher that kind of question!" Kyoko thought.

"F Cup." The red haired teacher said in a straightforward tone, leaving all of the girls shocked at how she could give out such personal information without hesitation.

After school, Gene, Yuki and Kyoko were on their way home.

"What is up with that woman?" Gene said angrily.

"She may be a female, but she doesn't exactly act like one." Yuki added.

"I think we should give Vita-san a chance. I admit that she's rough around the edges, this is her first time teaching at a school." Kyoko implied.

"But, wait a minute... If she's Vita Yagami, isn't she suppose to be a little girl?" The redhead male assumed.

"It is true that, as a magical construct, Yagami-sensei was physically a child and didn't age, but supposedly, she and Nanoha Takamachi came across a lost logia a few months ago and it ended up turning her into an adult." The blonde explained.

As the three continued on their way, they were stopped by three males around their age who were obviously trouble.

"Well, look what we have here boys; a hottie from St. Olivie High School of Magic." The lead delinquent addressed Kyoko. "How about you leave your two friends and have fun with us?"

"Sorry, but I have to turn down you invitation. Let's go guys." The blonde said before she, Yuki and Gene walked away.

However, Kyoko found her left hand being grabbed by the delinquent.

"I wasn't asking you, I'm ordering you to join us. He replied.

"Stop… You're hurting my arm.

Upon seeing their friend in harm, Yuki and Gene walked towards the delinquent.

"Don't you see that she doesn't want to go with you?" Yuki informed them before he and Gene were blasted by their magic blasts, sending them flying to the side of a building.

"Why are you doing this?" Kyoko asked.

"Those two were getting in our way, so we removed them." The Delinquent answered. "If you don't want them to get hurt anymore, then come with us."

Just a moment later, something crashed into the ground, the impact causing the delinquent to let go of blonde girl's hand. When the dirt cleared out, everyone looked to see a small crater with an iron ball in it.

"What in the hell was that!" One of the other two delinquents shouted.

"So, you guys like to get your kicks from harassing high school students, huh?" Said the mysterious female figure as she emerged from the shadows.

"Yagami-sensei?" Gene uttered as he and Yuki got up.

"Heh… You're pretty hot for a high school teacher... what do you say, come with us, and we'll leave you precious students alone." The lead delinquent offered her.

"No thanks, I make it a point not to hang out with little boys." Vita replied.

"Little Boys!" The delinquent shouted in anger.

"Looks like we need to roughen you up, sensei." The two other delinquents stated as they approached the red haired teacher.

"Heh! Just who in the hell do you think I am." Vita declared with a grin as Graf Eisen appeared before her hands.

"An Intelligence Device!" The delinquent uttered before his two lackeys were hammer smashed into the side of a building. With two targets down, Vita slowly walked towards the third and final delinquent.

"You... you bitch! I'll kill you!" He yelled out as he fired volleys of magic at the buxom redhead, but it didn't faze her as she continued to approach him. Once Vita was right next to him, she grabbed him by the neck with her left hand and lifted his body up into the air.

"Kill me? Listen, little boy, I fought the freakin White Devil, I survived an attack from an Security system in a warship powered by the clone of a magical martial artist king, compared to that, you're nothing but dog poop." The redhead stated.

"Please, teacher! Don't hurt me!" The lead delinquent cried as he urinated on his jeans, some of it dripping into the ground.

"Okay, I'll spare you, but if you mess with any of my students again; I will hunt you down, RIP YOUR BALLS OFF AND USE THEM AS CROQUET BALLS!" Vita yelled out before tossing him at his lackeys.

As the three delinquents got up, the redhead iron knight smashed the ground with Graf Eisen, creating a huge crater from the impact.

"Now, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SIGHTS!" The three males ran for their lives upon the rage filled glare of the insanely violent educator. Once the troublemakers were gone from their sights, Vita approached her students.

"Hey, are you three okay?" She asked.

"Yes, we're fine, thanks to you, Yagami-sensei, we owe you." Gene said thankfully to his new teacher.

"Don't worry about it, Geo. I wouldn't be much of a teacher if I didn't help my students out, besides, I hate idiots like those."

"Eh… my name is Gene." The red haired male corrected her.

"Your name is too hard to say." Vita replied.

"But it's just two syllables." Vita stared at Gene with a death glare. "Okay, I'll shut up now." He responded nervously.

"You're so cool, Vita-san, like a great teacher or something, I like to thank you." Kyoko said excitedly.

"Like I said before, it's not necessarily, it's my job." The former combat instructor stated as she walked away from her students.

"I see. I really wanted to treat you to ice cream or something."

Like someone rewinding a movie, Vita stopped after hearing the word ice cream and returned, walking backwards. Once she turned around, Gene, Yuki and Kyoko were treated to an expression on their teacher's face similar to that of a curious child.

"Did you say ice cream?" She asked.

"Eh… yes." Kyoko answered.

"Well, if you're offering, I guess you could treat me. Vita said in soft, somewhat shy tone, freaking Gene and Yuki out. Once they got their ice cream, Vita and her students went their separate ways. As she walked home, while eating her ice cream, Vita thought back on what Kyoko said.

"You're so cool, Vita-san, like a great teacher or something…"

"Great teacher, huh? I kind of like the sound of that. Maybe this job will be better than I thought." She thought as she continued her walk home.

To Be Continued