After the End

This story is the second in my Natural Adaptations saga and like the last story it will feature major appearances from all the principle cast of Star Trek: Voyager while also focusing on the growing relationship of Seven of Nine and Chakotay as well as how each crew member adapts to being home. BTW it will be longer than the last story.

Chapter 1

Tom: Oh my god...

Harry: We did it, we're home

Janeway: Well done everyone

Tuvok: Captain we're being hailed

Janeway: On screen

(A comm. Channel opens and Admiral Owen Paris, Lt Reg Barclay and all of the other working on the Pathfinder project)

Janeway: Sorry to surprise you Admiral, next time we'll call ahead.

(Everyone smiles)

Admiral Paris: Captain Janeway, what happened, how did you get here?

Janeway: It'll all be in my report sir

Admiral Paris: Okay, just one more thing

Janeway: Anything

Admiral Paris: Is Tom there?

Janeway He certainly is, Tom

(Tom stands up)

Tom: Hello dad

(Admiral Paris looks as though he is going to say something when...)

Doctor: Doctor to Lt Paris there's someone here who wants to say hello

(An image is shown of sickbay and the Doctor handing over a bawling baby to B'Elanna. Back on the bridge Tom and everyone else apart from Tuvok smiles)

Janeway: You better get down there

Tom: Yes ma'am

Admiral Paris: Wait, what was that sound?

Tom: That dad was the sound of your granddaughter

Admiral Paris: What?

Tom: I've gotta go, I'll explain later

(Tom leaves)

Janeway: Right then Admiral, we'll see you at Starfleet headquarters

Admiral Paris: Yes we will

Janeway: End transmission, set a course for home

(She sits down)

Janeway: Janeway to all crew members, start packing.

(A ship wide hooray)

End of Chapter