Chapter 49

(Data and Geordi are on the edge of the dance floor talking)

Data: Geordi

Geordi: Yes Data

Data: What is the point of this social function?

Geordi: Well it's like Lt Paris said, it's about all of us being thankful that we're home

(Tom and Harry come up behind them)

Tom: Lt Paris, please its Tom

Geordi: Oh hi, I'm Geordi

Harry: Harry

Data: And I am Data

Harry: Data?

Data: Yes, it is the name given to me by my creator Dr Noonien Soong.

Harry: Oh, hey so what do you guys do on the Enterprise?

Geordi: Well I'm Chief Engineer

Tom: That's like my wife B'Elanna

Geordi: Really!

Tom: Yeah

Geordi: What about you? Harry wasn't it?

Harry: Yeah, I'm Voyagers operations officer.

Data: I am operations officer for the Enterprise as well as being a science officer

Harry: Cool

Tom: Hey would either of you to like to come for a tour of Voyager, they're being done by different members of the crew over the next few days.

Geordi: That sounds good, what do you think Data?

Data: I would enjoy seeing your ship

Harry: OK, we'll meet you outside the Starfleet hangar at 13:00

Geordi: Deal

(Seven walks over to Tuvok)

Tuvok: So it is not only me that finds social gatherings and inadequate waste of time

Seven: I don't think I would go that far, these functions do allow humans to interact with each other and talk about their experiences

Woman 1: That is right, they do

(They turn around and find Guinan)

Tuvok: Guinan!

Guinan: Hello Tuvok, it's been a long time

Tuvok: It has, allow me to introduce ...

Guinan: Seven of Nine Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One, but was born with the name Annika Hansen

Seven: How do you know my name?

Guinan: Honey, I was at the Starfleet get together the night Voyager came back, anyway as Tuvok said my name is Guinan, it's nice to meet you

Seven: As it is you, may I ask how you two know each other?

Tuvok: Me met very briefly many years ago at Starfleet HQ, we were introduced by Hikaru Sulu who was my Captain aboard the USS Excelsior

Guinan: And an old friend of mine from when I was on the Enterprise B

Seven: Well it was nice to meet you, now if you excuse me I require nutrition.

(Seven walks off)

End of Chapter