Chapter 60

(20 minutes later the 6 of them arrive at a beautiful semi-detached house with a decent sized garden in downtown San Francisco).

Neelix: Wow!

Dexa: This is beautiful, thank you all of you.

Chakotay: You're welcome

Icheb: Brax, would you like to see your room?

Brax: You mean I get one all to myself

Icheb: Indeed, let us go

(Brax and Icheb head inside, as do Seven, Neelix, Dexa and Chakotay)

Neelix: And you bought this house for us?

Chakotay: Not exactly, this is my old house.

Seven: I'm sorry, but I assumed that the house we were living in was your house.

Chakotay: It is technically, it was passed down to me from my parents.

Seven: I see

Chakotay: So, what do you think?

Neelix: We'll take it

Chakotay: Great, there's a padd on the table, telling you all about the rental agreement and I took the liberty of programming the entire phone numbers of the Voyager crew into the phone.

Dexa: Thank you

Chakotay: You're welcome

Seven: There is also a padd that contains a map of San Francisco and I took the liberty of programming in some jobs that I thought you might want to apply for as well as some local schools for Brax.

Dexa: Thank you very much

(Icheb comes down the stairs with Brax)

Brax: Mum, I get a huge room all to myself

Dexa: That's fantastic sweetie

Chakotay: We'll leave you too it

Dexa, Neelix and Brax: Bye

Chakotay, Seven and Icheb: Goodbye

(The three of them leave. In the Wildman house Sam and Gresk are sat on the garden bench while Naomi is playing on the swing)

Gresk: What do you say we give Naomi a little brother or sister?

Sam: Are you serious?

Gresk: We always said we wanted at least two

Sam: I don't know

Gresk: You won't have to do this by yourself, not again, I will be here.

Sam: Ok

Gresk: What?

Sam: I said ok, let's do it, let's have another baby.

(The two hug)

End of Chapter