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Yet another KH drabble, enjoy :)

Sora briefly touched on the thought of how it could have gone before he opened a piece of paper and started his letter.


I've been meaning to say that… these three words for the longest time. I mean there are lots of words but I always felt that I owed you these three. Ever since I drew that picture of us in the cave and then came back and saw that you added to it and the feelings it made me feel I knew that I could never live without you. And yet here I am, off on another crazy adventure and you're not here. You've never been allowed to be here, I tell myself I don't let you because I'm afraid you'll get hurt but really I know that it's because I was never able to say these words to you and having you there just seemed to make it harder.

So here goes, even when writing I'm finding it so hard to write these words down! What's wrong with me? You're not here to judge me, or shoot me down or anything and yet; I can't say these stupid three words! Why not! Look at me getting annoyed at a letter, words were never my friend. But you were. Okay Kari, here goes.

I love you.

And I miss you every day.

Love Sora

As he finished the letter he felt a tear come to his eye but wiped it away quickly before Donald or Goofy could see. He rolled it up and placed it in a bottle as he walked down the beach. He kicked his shoes off just to feel the sand between his toes "I know you won't get this, but I finally said it" Sora muttered as he stretched his arm back and threw the bottle into the water.

Tell me what you think, I'm not sure on this one.