Author's Note; I was planning on a prequel to Criminal Offense (previously How to Fail Escape Attempts) first but I am still ironing out those details. Until then I decided to post this sequel first. Criminal Offense is not needed to understand but I do make a few references to it.

Please enjoy the Shep whump and humanization of Atlantis.

Carson wanted to bash his head on the table. He refrained from bashing his head, however, because he had suddenly started to hear the humming vibrations of the Ancient City much clearer now, after he'd had a frustrating bout of the inability to concentrate. Carson was currently trying to decide if the hum was going to give him a headache or not.


Carson looked around trying to guess who was calling. Dr. Cole was currently checking on Lt. Andrews who had bashed his head on a rock accidentally his last mission. Other than them the infirmary was quiet.


Who is that? Carson wondered.


Seeing no one else speaking Carson was understandably confused. Am I going insane?

Amusement not his own wafted over him like a sweet smell. No Carson. I assure you, you have not gone insane.

Who is this?

I am Atlantis, it has taken longer than I had hoped to connect with you.

Carson couldn't believe what he was hearing... thinking. He probably should ask how it was possible but all that came out was, You wanted to connect with me? Why not Colonel Sheppard or, or Major Lorne?

I already have. I tried to connect with you while you were imprisoned by Argrose but it was quite difficult when I was at the same time trying to help the Colonel and the Major prevent me from being overrun.

Okay. Carson didn't actually understand but he hoped the voice in his head claiming to be Atlantis would elaborate.

On top of that you work a lot and I didn't want to distract you so I have had to continuously build up the connection over the last few weeks.

Why did –

I need to connect with you?


Because with the amount of scrapes John gets into and the injuries he hides I thought it prudent to be connected to you.

That makes sense. Carson admitted. If, in fact, he actually was connected to Atlantis who was in turn connected to Colonel Sheppard it would relieve half the amount of stress from he shoulders. In that case, I'm glad to meet you.

Carson felt a warm wave of pleasure that he was pretty sure he could interpret as a smile.

Just then his radio clicked to life with Dr. Elizabeth Weir worried, "Medical team to the Jumper Bay!"

Carson's flash of worry mingled with his new friend.

I had hoped we wouldn't be testing this team work so soon.

Aye, well at least you got in soon enough, lass. Let's go see what's wrong with the Colonel this time.

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