"Emily Brown, are you listening to me?"

Startled, Emily dropped her head from her hands and sat up straighter in her chair. Looking around, she saw her best friend Mikaela looking at her. After blinking a few times and giving her head a quick shake, she began to focus on what was going on around her. The other students in the room were throwing paper and being noisy, things that they normally did on a Friday afternoon. In front of the room, the teacher sat leaning back in his chair with his fingers slowly massaging his temples.

"What? Sorry?"

Mikaela rolled her eyes and let out a loud sigh. When she was finished being dramatic, like Emily knew she was, she smiled. "Well I had asked if you were listening to me, but I guess it's clear that you weren't."

"I'm sorry. But can you blame me? This class is boring, especially since I already gave my presentation." Emily said before giving Mikaela her attention. "What were you saying?"

The raven-haired girl smiled, loving being the center of attention. "Well, there's going to be this party at the lake after school; you know, to kick off the weekend. And I was wondering if you wanted to come with me and Trent."

Emily had liked the idea of going and hanging out with Mikaela until she mentioned Trent being there. She didn't like her best friends' current boyfriend, thinking that he was a total jerk. Right away, she started to shake her head.

"You know, I think I'm going to pass. I have homework to do, tests to study for." Emily said, rubbing the back of her neck while she tried to avoid eye contact. When she finally did look over at her friend, she saw that she was on the receiving end of one of Mikaela's irritated stares.

"Really? You are going to blow me off for homework?" Mikaela asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Sorry." Emily apologized, raising her shoulders slightly.

"You know what? No." Mikaela said after a few seconds. "You are not going to blow me off to do homework, that's what the weekend is for. So Trent and I will pick you up at your house around four, and you better be ready." She ended with a smile.

Emily opened her mouth and was about to protest, but she wasn't given the chance. From up front, Mr. Barns seemed to be getting over his headache because he raised his stupid 'quiet' sign and called for everyone to be quiet. "Okay, we have time for one last presentation. Mr. Witwicky, you're up."

Frustrated, Emily turned away from Mikaela and leaned back in her chair. Crossing her arms over her chest, she watched as a boy from the back of the class made his way towards the front of the room, his arms full of things for his presentation.

"Sorry, I've got a lot of stuff." He apologized as he dropped all of his stuff on the table.

No one in the class was really listening as Witwicky gave his presentation. Some of the jocks were throwing paper balls and making fun, but that was about it. Emily caught bits and piece of what he was saying; something about a great-great-grandfather, a pair of glasses, and a giant iceman. But that was all she got because soon the bell rang and everyone was trying to get out of the room. Emily grabbed her bag and threw it over her shoulder. She stopped at her locker quick before heading out of the school. She was just stepping onto the sidewalk when she heard someone calling out to her. Turning around, she saw that it was Mikaela leaning out Trent's window.

"Don't forget Emily! Four o'clock!"

Rolling her eyes, Emily raised her hand and waved it at her friend before continuing on her way. A while ago, Mikaela had offered for her to ride home with her and Trent seeing as they lived close to each other; but Emily declined. She would much rather walk the couple of miles to her house then listen to Trent boast about his 'awesome' truck.

After about thirty minutes, she made it home. Once inside, she walked up the stairs and into her room where she dropped her bag in a chair before heading towards her small closet. She knew that it wasn't worth a fight with Mikaela so she started to pick out an outfit for the lake. She went with something simple; a white bikini with a blue tank top over it and a pair of dark wash short shorts. Her hair she left down with its slight waves. She was just putting on shoes when she heard a car honking from outside. Grabbing a towel and a small shoulder bag, she went down stairs and out the front door. Trent sat in the driver's seat of his truck with his arm hanging out the window.

"Come on!" He yelled as she walked down the front steps and over to his car. "Make sure you don't scratch the paint." He added as she opened the door. As a response, Emily rolled her eyes as she hopped into the backseat and closed the door.

The drive to the lake was a relatively short one seeing as Trent drove like a mad person, always going twenty miles over the speed limit. When they arrived, he parked his truck on the grass and left the keys in the ignition. The three got out and went their separate ways; Mikaela and Emily to go sunbath with some of the others girls, Trent to go do whatever with his friends. Everything was going fine until Trent drew the girl's attention.

"Hey, guys, check is out!"

Wanting to know what the heck was going on; Emily and Mikaela both put their cover-ups on and walked over to Trent's truck were a bunch of the guys were standing, watching as Trent stood in front of some guy a lot smaller than him. Emily knew right away that this was going to lead to trouble.

"Hey, bro. That car. It's nice." Trent said sarcastically, earning a few laughs from his friends. He laughed as well before turning back to the other boy. "So, what are you guys doing here?"

The boy, who Emily realized was Witwicky from class, looked up at the tree next to him with some guy hanging from it. "We're here to climb this tree."

"I see that. It looks…It looks like fun."


Trent then snapped his fingers and pointed at Witwicky. "You know, I thought I recognized you. You tried out for the football team last year, right?"

Emily watched as Witwicky shook his head. "No, no, no, that… No. That wasn't like a real tryout. I was researching a book I was writing." He stammered.

"Oh yeah?" Trent asked. "What's it about? Sucking at sports?"

At this, everyone standing around watching laughed. Emily shook her head; annoyed that Trent couldn't just leave the poor boy alone.

"No, it's about the link between brain damage and football." Witwicky answered, causing Trent's laugh to die in his throat. "No, it's a good book. Your friends will love it. You know, it's got mazes in it and, you know, little coloring areas, pop-up pictures. It's a lot of fun."

Emily found this to be funny, letting out a laugh only to be stopped by Mikaela elbowing her. And although she tried to hide it, Emily saw Mikaela smiling a little.

"That's funny." Trent said in a voice that meant he was angry. He quickly took a few steps toward Witwicky, his fingers balled up into fists.

Not wanting to see the kid get the crap kicked out of him, Emily pushed Mikaela towards her boyfriend. "Stop him!" She whispered before following behind.

Mikaela did what she was told, quickly stepping in between the two boys and pushing Trent away. "Okay, okay. You know what? Stop." She said, resting her hands on her boyfriends' chest. Trent looked down at her for a second before turning away from Witwicky.

"Hey, guys, I know of a party. Let's go, let's head." He called out before heading towards his car.

Emily turned toward Witwicky and gave him an apologetic smile for Trent's behavior before turning on her heels towards the truck. As she walked, she kicked her foot out and unknowingly sent a small rock that had been hiding in the grass into the air. It flew for a moment before hitting the back door of the truck with a faint 'ting'. At the sound, Trent stepped down from behind the wheel and glared at her.

"Did you just kick a rock at my truck?!" He asked angrily before bending down to inspect the damage. "You scratched the paint!"

Rolling her eyes, Emily came forward and started looking at the side of the car as well. She saw a very faint line that had been left behind by the small stone. "You're really getting worked up over a tiny scratch? You can barely see it!"

Trent turned to her, not happy with the way she had brushed off the scratch. "I just got my truck painted." He informed her, glare still in place. "And now you are going to pay to get the scratch fixed."

"Are you kidding me!" Emily was stunned. He couldn't possibly think that she was going to pay for such a tiny scratch to get fixed. "It was an accident!"

"Don't care." Trent straightened up and folded his large arms in front of his chest before leaning over her, going for the intimidation factor. "You're going to give me the money to pay for it now or you can walk home."

That was it, Emily couldn't take it anymore. "I guess I'm walking home then." She said, keeping her face expressionless and taking a step back. "Mikaela, I'll talk to you later." She called before starting off down the road.

Mikaela, who was already in the passenger seat, stuck her head out of open window. "Emily! Where are you going? You can't walk home!" A small pause before, "Trent!"

Emily didn't even bother answering; she just kept her eyes out in front of her. She had made it a few feet down the road when she heard a car coming up from behind her. Instinctively, she moved from the road and onto the grass. The car didn't pass her though; instead it just slowed and drove next to her. Turning, she saw that it was Witwicky with his yellow Camaro.

"Hey Emily! It's Sam. Witwicky." He yelled through the open passenger side window. "I was wondering if I could give you a ride home. It'll get dark soon and you really shouldn't be out alone. So can I give you a ride home?"

Emily stopped walking for a second and thought about it. Home was at least ten miles away and the sun was already starting to set. Not wanting to get caught out here in the dark, she decided that she might as well accept the offer. Opening the door to the passenger seat, she sat down in the seat and closed the door. Sam looked at her for a second before starting off down the road.

Authors notes: So that was the first chapter. It has been edited so I hope that it's better. I own nothing from the Transformers universe except for my OC Emily.