The Puella Magi Chronicles
Volume: (unnumbered, uncategorized, private-paper)
Cosmos Secundum ad Madoka

Personal Forward

A Mother's Journey

It has been nearly 150 years since my beautiful and brave twin daughters descended into madness after exhausting their magic against the Walpurgisnacht that threatened this very City of Chicago on the evening of October 8th, 1871, having already laid waste the countryside of Wisconsin and Michigan. Despite the terrible fire which my fellow humans blamed on a hapless cow, the amalgam witch was defeated…at the price of my heart.

At least that's my original recollection of it, having been there. Ask any Incubator now and they'd tell you it was a peculiar accumulation of powerful wraiths fed by an unusual concentration of miasma…human despair from a city that was stressed during the aftermath of the American Civil War and from having grown more than 10-fold in 30 years. I'm not interested in arguing with the alien rats since I can remember their version too, and like the rest of Puella Magi history it's their version that is documented now in my Chronicles. I'm sure my girls, if they could be asked, would agree with the Incubators over their own mother.

Madoka works in mysterious ways.

On that devastating autumn morning, I swore I'd never get involved again. Forced to helplessly follow my noble girls as they reached and exceeded the limits of their endurance and sanity, living their last moments of despair alongside them until their blackened soul gems shattered, a part of me, the best part, died with them. I would continue my Chronicles, a duty which Audrey's wish will never let me shirk and Moira's wish guarantees I'll complete, but I wouldn't become invested. I would simply journal the experiences of the magical girls dispassionately, ensuring none of these gloriously remarkable and terribly tragic young women are ever forgotten.

My choice was reinforced every time one or more of these girls fought Gemina Venefica, the Twin Witch, the terrible and profane remains of my blessed children. Over and over again thanks to their free-ranging familiars, I had to live through the Puella Magi as they destroyed, or more often were consumed by (Audrey was always a calculating little bitch, even when herself), the fruit of my own womb…or at least the rotten remains of that fruit. It wasn't hard to entomb my heart, to just document the generally brief lives lived by each girl who made a contract with the weasels and leave my feelings locked away.

Then the world changed…literally in fact. A dying little girl in an industrial city in Japan made the most seminal wish in 150,000 years, since a starving little girl much like her had wished simply for rain, saving the huddled remnants of the entire human race, only a few thousand remaining emaciated souls strong, barely enough to fill a large modern high-school, before it was snuffed out by ice age induced drought in eastern Africa. I'll give the Incubators this- we wouldn't be here if not for them and that one remarkable - and like all her kind - tragic child.

But I digress. One dying little girl, like some kind of John the Baptist, anointed the dawn of a new age. I still don't know if I will ever be able to bring myself to document the 782 iterations I lived with her as she tried to save her best friend. I know for a fact I will never be able to do justice to Sagitta Luminis, despite how it is now the reference point for time in my head and for this particular private work. With Her wish, Kaname Madoka freed and embraced the thousand scores of girls who had gone before Her…my beloved daughters included.

Once again, nearly 400 years after Audrey's wish, I lost myself to time and in one instant lived the altered lives of the multitudinous Puella Magi, this time with a much happier ending. I don't know if it was my imagination or not given Her mind was already alien to me even before Her cosmic soul gem burst and She therefore transcended my purview, but I'd like to think She was blessing me too. Unlike my daughters however, who I know now are in a much better place in the arms of Magna Sagittariis, the Great Archer, my fate will not lie with Madoka. I'm not a Puella Magi, and in any case I'm certainly not worthy.

What I am, however, is a mother. And I cannot reject the anguished cries of a girl I now treasure no less than my own twins. I've been with her through tears and despair as she failed 781 times to save the very reason she continued living. I rode the waves of the universe with her and Madoka during Sagitta Luminis, bore witness through this girl to the most profound event in all of this new creation as Madoka acknowledged just what this girl had been to Her. Like any mother who lives for her children, I have come to live for this girl who lives for Madoka. In this world desperate for a savior, I feel certain she has a profound destiny to fulfill before passing from this existence, yet she is weighed to the point of falling by her accumulated burdens. Perhaps it is Madoka who moves me as the only one in this universe who knows of Her as anything but a pleasant dream.

I'd like to think so.

Tomorrow I fly to Japan on sabbatical for what can only be termed as a pilgrimage. I shall put aside my duties for a while, for as long as the echoes of my youngest daughter's insistent wish will allow me, and pursue a personal mission. Because I dare not share my heart on this matter with my alien colleagues, I have left this private history out of the official Chronicles, hence the lack of volume numeration and my use of good old-fashioned human-crafted paper. I choose, however, to document the events of their lives because these three remarkable children, who along with their fallen swashbuckling friend were the mid-wives of our current existence, must have their stories told, even if it's only those parts that happen after the baby is born.

Dr. Fiona Graham, MS (astrophysics), PhD (anthropology, history)
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Latin Lexicon

Cosmos Secundum ad Madoka (CSM) = Madoka's Universe/Cosmos
Cosmos Ante Madoka (CAM) = The pre-Madoka Universe/Cosmos
Sagitta Luminis = Arrow of Light (Madoka's final sacrifice, where She performs Her wish and the nexus between CAM to CSM)
Magna Sagittariis = Great Archer (Kaname Madoka transcendant (CSM))
Gemina Venefica = Twin Witch (remnant of Moira and Audrey Graham (CAM))
Puella Magi = Magician Girl

***Real-World Author's Note***

I tend to bounce around a lot timewise in my stories, so I usually timestamp each chapter and page break, the latter denoted by ***PGBR***. A simple break, denoted by /*/, means no or minimal break in time. All dates in my Puella Magi stories will be referenced upon Sagitta Luminis, which in Latin means 'Arrow of Light'- the day the Homura of 782 previous existances is placed back into the timestream of Madoka's new cosmos. Or alternately, in the 782nd iteration, the day of Madoka's wish and the remaking of the cosmos. The two differ by about a week in the two universes. Yes, it gets very confusing when you're following the story of someone who jumps existences...

A note on my facts. The Great Chicago fire indeed happened overnight Oct 8-9, 1871. That same night, massive fires burned north of that city in Wisconsin and Michigan, possibly caused by cometary fragments of all things. Seems like fertile soil for a Walpurgisnacht. As far as my reference to a little girl 150,000 years ago, there was indeed a "bottleneck" in human genetics around that time where we as a species were down to a few thousand individuals. We don't know for sure the reason why we were almost snuffed out, but current theories are focused on ice-age driven drought. What we do know with certainty is we almost bought it back when we were helpless at the whim of nature. Pretty humbling stuff, and in my mind the ideal time for the Incubators to make their first and greatest mark in human history. Our dear Fiona has a very warm place in her heart for this little girl, as I'm sure does Madoka.

Please review or PM if you would like to see more of this and the next chapter which will be posted at the same time as this one. Be aware the next chapter is VERY different from this one. This is a prologue, world building if you will; the next chapter starts to tell the actual story. Fiona won't play into the actual story for a while.

~Dr. Gwen (a.k.a. Dr Yuri Mom)