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Chapter One


Harsh panting filled the cool night air, quick steps dodging and jumping over puddles from an earlier thunderstorm. Mischief filled blue eyes glanced around, a small teen observing the surroundings before taking a quick jump, pulling himself over a brick wall. Back pressed against the cold bricks, he tilted his head, hearing strained for anyone who might have been following him.

Seconds passed with no sounds but those of rain drainers and distant cars. Nodding to himself, the small teenager once again began his running, glancing around every few seconds until he was eyeing a black iron fence, eyes roving over it before narrowing. Placing his hand cautiously to the iron, and getting no response, the teen let out a quiet chuckle. "Not even electrified? Getting a bit complacent there, aren't you, Vlad?"

Body becoming translucent, the teen slipped through the bars as if they weren't even there. Green eyes looked to the extravagant manner that loomed in the distance, flood lights and windows giving the illusion of it being filled with people. The teen gave another chuckle, eyeing the security cameras that roved the ground, leaving no blind spot.

"Hm...not even infrared… Really, Fruitloop, there comes a point where you just make this too easy." Body disappearing in a blink, the teen reappeared next to one of the mansion corners, body once more becoming translucent as he pushed through the wall, now on the inside. "At least give me a challenge."

Danny Fenton gave a wide smile as he headed for a door that he knew led to the basement, as well as Vlad Master's secret laboratory. Finding it in seconds, he waved a hand over the keypad, holographic version popping up. "Gee, I wonder what the password could be!" Typing in the numbers that represented his mother's name, the teen rolled his eyes as the door opened with a hiss. "Predictable."

Bouncing down the stairs, Danny immediately began searching the area, rifling through papers and boxes until he finally pulled out a spherical green and silver device. "Someone, obviously, needs to watch pokemon! Honestly, thinking it was some new advanced tech." Slipping the sphere in his pocket, the teen turned to leave, distracted by the mess on one of the nearby desks.

"Huh...the neat freak leaving a mess before heading off to one of his fancy parties? Doesn't sound like him…" Stepping lightly, he spread out a few of the papers, doing his best to understand them. "Ghostspeak, huh? Weird...are these...inscriptions?" Inscriptions meant they had to come from somewhere, although whatever book or tablet had offered it's knowledge was obviously gone now.

"Let's see… Worldbreaker? Jeez, what is this, a video game? Hm...end of life and beginning of the after? Guess that means ghosts...why would Vlad care about ending human life, though?" Danny chewed his lip in thought, hissing at the sudden stab of pain that shot through his back, making his knees go weak as he quickly braced himself against the table. "Dammit...that's the third spike this hour…"

Shaking off the pain as best he could, Danny went back to the papers, eyes scanning for more information. Vlad didn't collect useless information, so something about this 'Worldbreaker' must be important. "Jeez, I just hope it's not another Pariah. Beating one ghost king was hard enough, I don't want to have to beat another- What's...this…"

An aged piece of parchment rested under most of the paper, Danny brushing aside the sheets and carefully pulling the parchment towards him. Twelve symbols were arranged in a circle, each with a design that looked minimalistic, yet...important. Shaking away the buzz in his head, Danny looked for any papers connected to the parchment, finally pulling out a copy of the symbol with notes scribbled across it. "The Council of Twelve?"

Hearing a door slam shut, Danny let out a hissed swear, pushing the papers back to where they had been as best he could. Scrambling for the stairs, he froze as he heard the hiss of the lab door, changing direction to a forgotten desk in the back of the lab, scrambling under it and pulling a chair in front of him to block his form.

Viciously cursing in his head, he froze at the buzzing coming from his phone, quickly pulling the device out and pressing a button at random, praying to whatever power was out there that Vlad Masters, recently returned, hadn't heard the buzzing. Glancing down to his phone, and seeing just who had called him, he had to restrain a groan. He was dead.

"Hiii, Andy. How are you?" Voice as quiet as he could make it, he flinched as Vlad paused in his steps, slowly continuing to the table Danny himself had been looking through. Letting out a breath of relief, Danny returned his attention to his phone. "Is there any chance you would be willing to call back?"

"I could, but then that would give you time to cover up whatever trouble you've managed to get yourself into." Danny pouted at the rather accurate assumption, shifting himself closer to the back of the desk. If he could just phase out and make it for the stairs… "Apparently, you were supposed to meet your friends twenty minutes ago."

"So, what? They called you to ask where I was? It's not like I spend that much time at Vidya!" It was a dirty lie, and they both knew it. Danny spent every second of time he could with his mate, who was widely known in the Ghost Zone as the Ghostwriter. "Yeah, okay, did you explain to them that I have a very poor sense of direction?"

"Mon cher, I used every cover up I could think of for you. Unfortunately, they are rather good at seeing through cover ups. Considering no one has seen you, however, it leads me to believe that you're doing something rather stupid."

"Wow. Way to show faith in your mate, Andrew." Even as he tried to make his tone reprimanding, the teen couldn't keep the smile off his face. "Back to my original question, though, is there any chance we can put this conversation on hold? I mean, I'd really appreciate this call being put on hold."

"What are you up to, now, Danny…" The words were less of a question, and more of a sigh, which Danny had to choke down a laugh at. It was hardly his fault if he got into trouble so much. His mate had known what he was getting himself into the moment they had started dating!

"Nothing...bad-" Blinking at the sudden light in his face, Danny slowly looked up. Vlad stared back, arms crossed and eyebrow raised. Giving a nervous smile and wave, the elder half ghost only narrowed his eyes. "Heeey, Andrew...I'm gonna have to call you back…" Cutting off his mate's protests, Danny hung up, phone cupped in his hands as he gave the other a nervous smile. " about them Packers?"

In retrospect, he should have seen the ectoblast coming.


"So, Andrew, my dear wonderful mate who I adore above all else-"

"What trouble are you in now?" Danny hummed at the question, looking at where he was lost in the Ghost Zone, charred papers clutched in his hands and ghostly aura dimmed, cuts and bruises covering his own body. He really should have seen that first ectoblast coming.

"So, okay, remember how you all told me not to go to Vlad's and get that pokeball back? Yeah...I kind of did the opposite of that." Hearing his mate's heavy sigh, Danny could almost picture the worn and tired look, coupled with a small smile. "I also may be slightly lost…"

"How slightly?" Danny looked around again, foot tapping an absent rhythm on the rock he had finally set down on. "Danny?"

"Well, to my left is some rock debris, ahead of me is some empty zone, to my right is more rocks, and behind me is an angry half ghost who probably wants to strangle me. And I think above is, yup, more rocks." It was a few moments of silence before he heard a quiet sight from over the phone. "Also, the pain's up to three spikes an hour-"

"And you still went to an enemy's house?! With limited energy and strength?! Danny!"

"Hey, I had good reason!" Danny argued back, setting the phone between his ear and shoulder as he held up the papers he had managed to steal on his way out, only the edges burned. "By the way, have you ever heard of something called the Council of Twelve and the Worldbreaker?"

"The what?" Oo, something his mate didn't know. That might be bad, then. Rifling through a few more pages, Danny scanned the words and notes, trying to make sense of them. "Why are you asking me of things I've never heard of?"

"Found some papers in Vlad's lab, looked important, so I might have taken them." Danny smiled at the groan he heard over the phone, shuffling out a paper that was more burnt than the others. "Ah, here we go, some kind of prophecy thing."

"Yes, because ancient prophecies are always so fun to learn about." Danny hummed, squinting his eyes at the words. "You're not wearing your glasses, are you?"

"Reading glasses, Andrew. I don't need them all the time," the teen grumbled, pulling the paper closer to his face. "Okay, okay, so, something about heroes rising and chains being broken and a battle for the worlds."


"Yeah, yeah, snark all you want. There has to be some reason why Vlad had all of this stuff, but, I don't doesn't look exactly like ghostspeak, it looks...older? It's kind of confusing and it's starting to hurt my eyes. So, dear wonderful mate, how do you feel like helping me translate ancient knowledge?"

"Mm, you know me so well. First, of course, you should probably try to find your way home. Are you sure there's no distinguishing marks or places around you?"

"Not that I- I...actually, um, yeah...there's something pretty distinguishing." At his mate's curious hum, Danny swallowed, trying to look as small as possible. "The Behemoth is right in front of me...and he might be glaring, I think…"

"...Can't you go one night without risking your life and causing trouble?! Just one night, mon cher!" Danny gave a nervous laugh, taking a step back and freezing at the rumbling growl he heard. Well, he supposed it was a rather good thing he was one of the fastest ghosts in the Zone.

"Aw, come on, Andy, where's the fun in that?"

Ready, Dear Readers? Cause here we go again...